What is salesforce customer portal


A Salesforce Customer Portal provides an online support channel for your customers—allowing. them to resolve their inquiries without contacting a customer service representative. With a Customer. Portal, you can customize and deliver a visually stunning user interface to your customers, and use.


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What are the available portals in Salesforce?

  • Determine which pages and fields customers see with page layouts and field-level security
  • Manage customers with profiles, roles, and sharing rules
  • Provide and organize documents via Salesforce CRM Content or the Documents tab
  • Create a knowledge base for your customers using Salesforce Knowledge

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How do I log into Salesforce?

How do I access Salesforce for the first time?

  • Check your email for your login information.
  • Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.
  • The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

How to run your customer service on Salesforce?

Train your customer service team to go the extra mile

  1. Always follow up
  2. Listen to the customer
  3. Collaborate within the team
  4. Stay transparent
  5. Be human
  6. Be empathetic
  7. Respond quickly and accurately
  8. Prioritize relationships
  9. Get better as you go
  10. Always ask questions. Consider common friction points customers encounter. What can your customer service team do to improve these issues?

How to create a complete customer profile in Salesforce?

  • Using Profile we can assign CRUD permissions to objects and determining the user’s ability to create, read, edit, and delete records.
  • Using Profile we can set user view to standard apps, custom apps and tabs.
  • We can assign specific page layout the user sees per object.
  • Field-level security settings can be made using Profiles in Salesforce.

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What are Salesforce portals?

Salesforce Portals and Communities in Salesforce empower your customers and partners by providing a social forum directly related to your internal business processes so that they can connect with the right information and the right people at the right moments.

What are the features of customer portal in Salesforce?

Customer Portal Features. Self-service functionality with case management, Salesforce Knowledge, Solutions and Answers. Allow users to run customisable reports. Provide access to documents and Salesforce CRM Content. Access to a knowledge base for customers using Salesforce Knowledge.

What does a customer portal do?

A customer portal is a personalized website offering customers a single point of access to relevant company information and self-service options.

How do I open a customer portal in Salesforce?

How to Enable Customer PortalFrom Setup, enter Customer Portal Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Customer Portal Settings.Click Edit.Select Enable Customer Portal.Click Save.Continue setting up the portal.View of Customer Portal after Enable.Click Edit.More items…•

What are the types of portals in Salesforce?

Portals overview in Salesforce :- There are 3 types of Salesforce.com Portals.Self-Service portal.Partner Portal.Customer Portal.

What is Customer Portal and Partner Portal?

Partner / Customer Portal Partner portal is for your, well, Partners, who need to work with Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, etc. Customer Portal is more focused on support needs, so your customers can interact with cases. Partner licenses, having more access to the core CRM features, were significantly more expensive.

What do customers want from a customer portal?

A great customer portal serves as a central location for your customers to access all the tools and information they need to manage their accounts and products. Bring everything together on a unified platform not only for the ease of customers, but also for internal teams by streamlining management.

How do you implement a customer portal?

How to create a customer portal on your websiteStep 1: Initial setup. … Step 2: Configure and customize. … Step 3: Enable the submit ticket and chat options. … Step 4: Manage content. … Step 5: Integrate the portal into your website.

What is the difference between portal and community in Salesforce?

Whereas portals essentially gave external users (partners, customers, etc.) the ability to access Salesforce, Communities is aimed at connecting the right people (whether internal users, partners, or customers) together within Salesforce.

How do I create a customer community portal in Salesforce?

Create a Customer UserFrom the contact record page, click the account name in Related Accounts.Select Manage External User > Enable User.From the New User page, in the General Information section, select the following: … Save your changes.From the contact record page, select Manage External User > Enable User.More items…

What information can a user see in their customer portal hubspot?

When your visitors log in to their customer portal, they can view all of their open and closed tickets on the ticket listing page, and filter and search for existing tickets.

What is high volume portal users Salesforce?

Salesforce high-volume portal users are users with limited access to objects, record or accounts. This feature is the sharing function of the software, and is intended for organizations with millions of users.

How do I create a customer role in Salesforce?

In Salesforce Classic:Click on Setup.Expand the “Manage Users” by clicking the arrow beside it.Under Manage Users, click on “Roles”Click on “Set Up Roles”Click “Expand All”Select “Edit” after the Role name.Edit the information you want to change.Click Save.

How do I create a partner portal in Salesforce?

Enable Partner Accounts and Create Partner UsersFrom the App Launcher, select Accounts.Select the All Accounts list view.Click Edge Communications.Click the dropdown menu to see all the quick actions available for the page.Click Enable as Partner.In the confirmation dialog, select Enable As Partner.

How to enable Salesforce Customer Portal?

If you are willing to offer personalized and wholesome customer support to the clients you cater to, you can enable Salesforce Customer Portal by following these simple steps: Step 1. Firstly , go to Setup and look for Customer Portal Settings in the Quick Find Box. Step 2.

What is the difference between Salesforce Customer Portal and Partner Portal?

While Salesforce Customer Portal is dedicated to resolving customer problems by the experts, Partner Portal is a platform developed for Salesforce partners to interact with each other.

What is the purpose of Salesforce Partner Portal?

The primary purpose of the Salesforce Partner Portal is to show leads, opportunities, cases, and other relevant details to the Salesforce partners. On the other hand, the primary purpose of the Customer Portal is to provide personalized solutions to the problems faced by the clients.

Which is more expensive, the Partner Portal or the Customer Portal?

The Partner Portal is more expensive than the Customer Portal. This is primarily because the Partner Portal provides more CRM access to the users as compared to Salesforce Customer Portal.

What is a partner portal?

The Partner Portal allows you to provide specific role-based access to other partners on the portal. On the other hand, no such access can be provided to other customers on the customer portal.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

Over time, it has successfully occupied the position of one of the most reliable and efficient CRM platforms in the world. Salesforce is a pretty vast platform with several components. On getting Salesforce implemented, you will be provided with an array of different tools, platforms, add-ons, and applications.

Turn self-service into satisfied customers

Most customers actually prefer to access information and find answers on their own over waiting on hold. Go figure. Customer Community allows them to perform business actions, and access knowledge articles, integrated from multiple back-end systems.

Build a community, and your brand, fast

It’s easy to create a stunning branded self-service community or portal with in Lighting Community Builder using drag-and-drop tools. And it’s accessible on any mobile device, tablet, or desktop, so you can deliver seamless self-service across channels, and your customers can connect with your business anywhere, anytime.

Reduce agent case volume and costs

Customers can find the information and resources they need without a call. So your service agents can spend less time answering redundant questions, and more time concentrating on more complex issues. And higher case deflection for agents results in a better bottom line for your business.

Faster, smarter customer service starts with a free trial. (Yep, free.)

You can start delivering lightning-fast customer service in a few easy steps. Plus, access our Success Community to learn from other users, and more.

Call Center Software: Call Center Management by Service Cloud

The Service Cloud is a call center software, built on a SaaS model, that empowers your company to manage customer service in the cloud. Manage all aspects of your customer call center with Service Cloud by Salesforce.

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What is customer portal?

With customer portals, everything from placing an order, to tracking it and giving feedback is one login and a few clicks away for customers. With a custom client portal, you can make sure that you can customize the available functionality on the portal so customers can choose from specific options that cater to your specific business features. This makes doing business with you very convenient for your customers and, thus, encourages them to come back for more!

Do you need human intervention to update Salesforce portal?

When customers, employees, and partners are all directly updating information on the portal, there is no need for human intervention in the maintenance of records since the portal is built on top of the main Salesforce database. This means that these portals allow accurate, up-to-date and, in the case of custom portals, relevant information to always be easily available.


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