What is salesforce backend database


The Salesforce Database creates records for leads, tasks, opportunities, accounts, and notes. This is where the actual data is stored. There are a variety of record types that allow linking different business processes to users, customers, and admins based on their user profiles.Dec 13, 2021

What backend database does Salesforce use?

OracleWhat is the Salesforce Database? Salesforce uses Oracle to power its databases. That may seem strange since Salesforce and Oracle are direct competitors. But, like Apple and Samsung, they have a semi-symbiotic relationship.

Is Salesforce an SQL database?

However, Salesforce uses slightly different SQL. It performs similar functions to standard SQL, but in a manner that is simpler. Salesforce calls its own query language known as SOQL.

What is Salesforce database called?

The Salesforce Database Salesforce runs on the Force.com platform, which provides a powerful relational database. In a relational database, data is stored in tables. Each table is made up of any number of columns that represent a particular type of data (like a date or a number).

Is Salesforce a backend?

Salesforce is a Backend platform for those who want to develop Salesforce applications. In this case, Developers need to learn programming languages used in Salesforce, such as Lightning Component Framework, Apex, and Visualforce.

Is Salesforce an Oracle database?

The Salesforce Database is powered by Oracle. This employs a variety of features that makes it self-secure and improve the repairing functionality. There are a number of languages that are used for the Salesforce Database including SQL.

What type of SQL does Salesforce use?

SOQLUnderstanding Salesforce SQL (SOQL) Salesforce SQL is also known as the Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL). We can use SOQL to search for the organization’s Salesforce data for some specific information. Both SQL and SOQL allow you to specify a source object by using the SELECT statement.

Does Salesforce use MySQL?

While Salesforce is a great platform in its own right, Salesforce to MySQL integration allows you to simplify and streamline your CRM process throughout your organization.

What is CRM database?

A CRM (customer relationship management) database is a resource containing all client information collected, governed, transformed, and shared across an organization. It includes marketing and sales reporting tools, which are useful for leading sales and marketing campaigns and increasing customer engagement.

How do I create a database in Salesforce?

About SalesForce ObjectsLog into your Salesforce Account and click “Setup”.Click the “Object Manager”.After clicking the Object Manager, click “Create” and select “Custom object”.After clicking the “Save” button, set the Tab style and click the “Next” button.More items…•

What is front end and back end in Salesforce?

Below is a basic list of the Salesforce platform stack that a developer will find themselves working with quite regularly. Front End – Lightning Web Components, Aura Framework, or Visualforce. Backend – Apex, Triggers, Web Services, REST/SOAP API. Database – Salesforce Objects and Fields.

Where does Salesforce host data?

In addition, we have instances served from Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud infrastructure in the United States, Canada, India, Japan, Singapore, Brazil, Germany, and Australia. These instances are located in two or more separate Availability Zones within each respective country.

Is Salesforce a database management system?

Best Web Based Customer Database Management Software – Salesforce.com.

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