What is one responsibility of the salesforce admin


A Salesforce administrator often performs the following duties:

  • manage and maintain the Salesforce implementation for an organisation
  • customise the Salesforce platform as per the requirements of the users
  • train the new employees on the platform’s capabilities and features
  • keep the Salesforce implementations updated with the latest releases as per company requirements

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Salesforce adminsistrators are responsible for tasks ranging from helping users develop reports and reset passwords to maintaining data quality, adding fields, and running backups, among many others.Feb 20, 2018


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Why should you hire a Salesforce admin?

What You Need to Know to Hire the Best Freelance Salesforce Administrator

  1. Know Your Budget As a small business, you need to start with your budget. …
  2. Know What Areas You Need Help In Salesforce is an amazing, all-encompassing CRM software. …
  3. Know What Skills You’re Looking For

What are the duties of a Salesforce admin?

Sample Job Description: Nonprofit Salesforce Administrator

  • Summary of position. The Salesforce Administrator will be responsible for the day-to-day configuration, support, maintenance and improvement of our database.
  • Key Duties & Responsibilities
  • Skills Required
  • Experience

How to hire a Salesforce admin?

How to hire the right Salesforce Admin for you You need to make sure your Salesforce admin is not only detail-oriented but also process-oriented. They should have excellent communication skills, as they need to clearly communicate with leadership in addition to their daily interactions with end users.

How do I become a Salesforce administrator?

Salesforce Administrator Resumes

  • Worked with Service Cloud technology and on-premise infrastructure integration for Salesforce.com.
  • Created and worked on various custom objects.
  • Created tabular, summary and matrix reports and set up report email schedules for higher management.
  • Worked on Service Cloud, focusing majorly on cases and solutions.

What is one responsibility of the Salesforce admin quizlet?

Controls the position and organization of the fields and related lists that are visible to users when viewing a record. Control visibility and edit ability of the fields on a record. In page layouts, can set fields as read-only or hidden, can control which fields require users to enter a value and which don’t.

What are Salesforce admin roles and responsibilities?

Salesforce Administrator Responsibilities: Ensuring optimal performance of Salesforce systems and products. Upgrading and configuring Salesforce systems for optimized integration. Managing Salesforce roles, profiles, sharing rules, workflows, and groups. Importing sales department leads, contacts, and other data.

What is one responsibility of the Salesforce admin trailhead?

Security – Protect the business and its data by making sure the right users can work with the right data. Train users to keep data safe. Reporting – Create and manage access to visual representations of data. Change management – Guide users through updates or changes to previous processes.

Which of these are key responsibilities of a Salesforce admin at a nonprofit?

The Salesforce Administrator will be responsible for the day-to-day configuration, support, maintenance and improvement of our database. Working closely with fundraising, program management and marketing staff, the administrator will identify, develop and deploy new business processes.

What makes a good Salesforce administrator?

A Salesforce administrator should be able to constantly communicate with their team about problems, updates, and processes. The admin needs to communicate with employees, managers, users, and with other teams of the organization.

What a Salesforce admin should know?

A thorough understanding of reports and dashboards is an absolute must for admins. You’ll need monthly, weekly, and even daily reports to get the most out Salesforce. You should be able to expect your admin to do some analysis as part of their essential knowledge.

What is Salesforce used for?

Salesforce is a company that makes cloud-based software designed to help businesses find more prospects, close more deals, and wow customers with amazing service.

What does a junior Salesforce Admin do?

Your duties include working with the software to design new applications for organizations to help them improve and analyze customer relations. You also train leaders and employees on how to use the Salesforce dashboard, customization options, and analytics and create customer relations reports for business leaders.

What is Trailhead in Salesforce?

Trailhead Is the Fun Way to Learn Learn In-Demand Skills. Get hands-on and learn the Salesforce, digital, and soft skills you need to succeed from anywhere for free. Earn Resume-Worthy Credentials. Prove your skills and earn globally-recognized credentials that demonstrate your expertise to current and future employers …

What is the role of Salesforce business analyst?

Salesforce business analyst is a project-based, business-improvement role. Business analysts help guide businesses to improve business processes and efficiency in Salesforce. They elicit, document, and analyze requirements around business challenges, and then produce data-driven solutions.

Is Salesforce admin job easy?

No, Salesforce admin jobs are not easy. These jobs are challenging because the person in the role must navigate the needs of the end-user in order to provide the best experience with both the system and the company they work for as possible.

What is the difference between Salesforce administrator and developer?

Admins usually carry out minor declarative changes and have the responsibility of managing releases into production. A developer would typically build functionality including Apex/Visualforce in a sandbox before handing it over to the administrator to schedule deployment.

Real-time Salesforce admin tasks

Administrators will occasionally need to resolve user problems in real time. A report may not run this week, or a process may break in mid-stream. Expect to devote two hours per week to these activities for every 100 users you have:

Weekly Salesforce admin tasks

Many duties seem to follow a weekly cycle. A lot of things that were working fine last week will go wrong Monday morning-don’t ask me why. A couple of tasks also need to be done once a week on the day of your choice. Overall, these tasks require two to six hours per week.

Monthly Salesforce admin tasks

A few activities can only be done once a month but nonetheless need to be done more often than once a quarter. In all, this monthly cycle will take one or two days’ effort.

Quarterly Salesforce admin tasks

There are a lot of items in the following list that will occupy you for one to three days per quarter. However, the first two are mission critical, and the resulting files should be kept forever. You’ll thank me when a pesky plaintiff attorney goes into a discovery process on Salesforce.com data.

Annual Salesforce admin activities

The main responsibility here is to capture data that will fall “over the horizon” or need to be archived for compliance reasons. These tasks will take three to six days per year.

How the chores need to be done

This is where the art comes in, because there are too many ways to blow it over the long term, even though you’ve done the details above according to the schedule. You have to start with a perspective that might seem a little self-contradictory:

What is Salesforce admin?

A Salesforce Admin is considered as a business leader who has in-depth knowledge on how his organization functions; he assists in making all the departments successful with the help of process automation. Salesforce admin works a lot against inefficiency and improves productivity.

What does Salesforce administrator need to know?

A Salesforce administrator must have excellent knowledge of the structure of the administration and several business activities related to it to make sure that he can maintain good relationships with essential groups.

What skills are needed for a salesforce administrator?

Project Management Skills, along with analytic skills, is essential for salesforce administrator for making desired changes and structured customizations. Having Good Management and Communication skills is beneficial for the career of a salesforce administrator.

What should Salesforce administrators do before designing the CRM?

So before designing the CRM, he should study the sales process. Salesforce administrator continuously imparts concerns, modifications, explanations through a large number of concerned parties.

How to work with CRM?

To work with the CRM tool and make the tool accomplish its goal, the salesforce administrator should have the ability to think himself like a computer. If the CRM Implementation is successful, then it can end up as software on which your enterprise and your executive team depend.

What are the factors to consider when hiring a Salesforce administrator?

When hiring a Salesforce Admin, technical complexity, team size, budget and responsibilities can all be factors in deciding whether to hire a Junior, Mid-Level or Senior Salesforce Administrator.

Who is responsible for managing a team of two junior Salesforce administrators?

For example: “The Senior Salesforce Administrator will be responsible for managing a team of two Junior Salesforce Administrators and will report directly to the VP of Sales.”

What is a mid level Salesforce administrator?

For the purposes of this template job description, a Mid-level Salesforce Administrator is anyone that is not a Senior Administrator and has at least 1-5 years of Salesforce Administrator experience.

How many years of Salesforce experience is required for a junior level admin?

Junior/Entry Level Salesforce Admins will have 0-2 years of Salesforce experience and be comfortable doing basic Salesforce administration tasks such as user management, configuration and building reports and dashboards.

How much does a junior administrator make in Salesforce?

For example, according to the Mason Frank salary survey, the average salary for a Junior Administrator is $97,350 in the US and £38,150 in the UK. The salary bandings indicated in this job description are based on our real world experience and verified by members of the Salesforce community. One single figure without context can be misleading – there will be a significant difference in the salaries based on certain factors. Our salary guides aim to explain the influencing factors behind the numbers, such as experience, location, certifications, and others.

Who will the Junior Salesforce Administrator report to?

For example: “The Junior Salesforce Administrator will work alongside two other Admins, reporting to the Senior Salesforce Administrator. There will be the opportunity to shadow more experienced members of the team as you work towards Salesforce certifications.”

Who is Christine from Salesforce?

Christine is the Salesforce Evangelist at Salesforce Ben. She is a 5 x certified Salesforce MVP, a regular speaker at Salesforce events, and leads the Bristol Salesforce Admin group.

How does Salesforce work?

Salesforce makes the process of marketing and sales simpler for the employees by considerably reducing the time and effort they would otherwise put in undertaking all sales-related activities. However, a business would require reliable authorities in charge of the activities pertaining to the platform of Salesforce.

What skills do you need to be a Salesforce administrator?

For a Salesforce Administrator to execute these responsibilities, they need to possess the following skills: They should have unparalleled management skills. They should be proficient in interacting with employees belonging to all levels of a business organisation.

What is the role of SFDC administrator?

They are in charge of managing all the executive functions pertaining to SFDC administration, such as maintaining all records, dashboards, user accounts and all additional conventional tasks in an efficient and timely manner.

What is Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce Developer would take charge of all the programming that goes behind providing Salesforce development services. A Salesforce Consultant would provide effective solutions and would solve all relevant issues pertaining to the platform of Salesforce.

Is Salesforce an easy task?

Salesforce administration is not an easy task. An administrator needs to be thorough with every tool and platform pertaining to Salesforce CRM and should be able to leverage the same to an optimum level. Here are some of the most essential Salesforce Administrator responsibilities that should be shouldered by the individual in charge:

Why Remote Salesforce Administrator?

Your Salesforce admin should be process oriented and logical: He should think like a computer to understand your CRM tool deeply and knows how to make the CRM tool to achieve the target.

Why should a manager be a quick learner?

He should be a quick learner to understand the company culture. As he needs to automate the process, so before implementing any process he should learn the company manual processes.

Do you need Salesforce admins?

There is a high demand for Remote Salesforce Administrators in the market. As mostly all the businesses are now moving their CRM to Salesforce so these businesses would need Salesforce Admins or we can say Remote Salesforce admins. Salesforce admins have great potential to make the business grow. And all the top companies are hiring certified Salesforce admins.

Salesforce Administrator Job Description Template

We are looking for a highly capable Salesforce administrator to ensure that our corporation capitalizes on the benefits offered by the Salesforce CRM system. In this role, your duties will include creating user accounts, maintaining our sales databases, and training staff on the effective use of Salesforce products.

Salesforce Administrator Requirements

Salesforce certified administrator or Salesforce advanced administrator certification.

Who is a Salesforce Administrator? What are the Salesforce Admin Roles and Responsibilities?

They are the go-to person in a company who guides management, stakeholders & users about the use of Salesforce’s suite of products. Basically, they guide end-to-end about Salesforce products & helps remove any doubts or queries regarding the use & deployment of products.

What is the role of admin in Salesforce?

You as an admin would be required to understand & analyze the needs of business & its different departments at wholesome. And based on those analytics, you would be required to pose certain recommendations or latest practices to implement effective Salesforce CRM solutions.

What is Salesforce admin?

As a Salesforce Admin, your role is to ensure that each department has educational documentation & resources to further their knowledge base around the usability of Salesforce tools, features, functionality for the effective production org.

What does Salesforce administrator need to know?

You as an administrator would require understanding the need of integrating the business systems with other important business tools that could give holistic solutions to Salesforce users. While working with different departments, you would need to understand what additional tools & systems would be required to be integrated or configured for enhancing the work efficiency of each department, be it sales, marketing, customer, development or so.

How many years of experience is required to be a Salesforce admin?

As entry-level, below or equal to 1 year of experience, generally you will be working under a senior-level Salesforce admin or consultant, and your junior Salesforce Admin Job Description would be:

How many admin roles are there in Salesforce?

While getting employed in any virtual yet standard office setting of any business niche, working a week at an amazing salary package, you would have 4 core Salesforce admin roles and responsibilities as follows, to honor:

What is foresightedness in Salesforce?

Foresightedness is another must-have trait, you should hone while entering this role. Based on new Salesforce releases regarding tools, features, methods announced, you would require to do proper research, update the business system, and make it more effective, sustainable & problem-solving for a successful Salesforce production org.


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