What is not a type of macro in salesforce


Is there a macro feature in Salesforce?

Well, there is! There is a macro capability and, it is available for all standard and custom feed based objects. A macro can include actions like sending email, updating status, selecting templates, and creating tasks. In a single click, multiple actions can be performed on single or multiple records.

Why can’t I share macros or quick text in Salesforce classic?

If you shared macros or quick text in Salesforce Classic, those settings are ignored after folders are enabled. After you enable folders for quick text or macros, we recommend that you move all existing items into folders and share those folders with your users. If an item isn’t in a folder, only the owner, creator, and admin have access.

How to use macros for opportunities object in Salesforce Lightning?

Once the above tasks are completed we are all set to use Macros for the Opportunities object. Now in order to set up Macros, go to the Lightning App where the Macros tool was added to its Utility Item. In that Lightning App, you will notice a Macros button located at the footer of the page.

How to use email action in macros in Salesforce?

If we need to use an Email action in macros, then we need to add Email action to the Opportunities page layout. Go to the page layout that has been created and add the quick actions by dragging and dropping to the quick actions section as in the screenshot below.


What are the types of macro in Salesforce?

A single macro can perform multiple actions on different parts of the case feed at the same time.Prerequisites for Macros. … Irreversible Macros. … Bulk Macros. … Create a Macro. … Run a Macro. … Manage Macros. … Things to Know About Macros. … Keyboard Shortcuts for Macros.

What is a macro object in Salesforce?

Macro is another productive tool for Salesforce users when working with repetitive tasks, such as send an email with the same content, create a task and etc. It works for both Console or Standard Lightning app but on Desktop only. Here is the step to enable and set up macros in Lightning.

Can macros create records in Salesforce?

0:005:04Hi I’m Xander Mittman I’m a product manager at Salesforce working on lightning console. We know yourMoreHi I’m Xander Mittman I’m a product manager at Salesforce working on lightning console. We know your agents and reps often do the same thing over and over again which is tedious and takes time macros

How do I view macros in Salesforce?

Open the Macro Widget.From the Service Console, click Macros in the lower right corner of the screen or press M.From the Salesforce Console or the All Tabs page, click the Macros Tab.

How do you make a macro for lightning?

In Lightning Experience, macros are supported on all standard objects except Campaign, and on custom objects that allow quick actions and have a customizable page layout.In your Lightning app, open a record.In the utility bar, click Macros. … Click + or Create Macro.More items…

How do I create a macro folder in Salesforce?

Click + or Create Macro. Enter a name, description, folder, and select the object that the macro applies to.

What is a bulk macro?

A bulk macro is a macro runs on multiple records at the same time. Bulk macros let support agents quickly address spikes in customer cases involving the same issue. Macros must meet certain criteria to run as bulk macros.

What do record types control in Salesforce?

Record types determine the business processes, page layouts, and picklist values users have access to. Setting up record types will ensure that when Noah’s Consulting Team views customer accounts, they won’t also see the partner accounts.

How do I run a macro in Salesforce?

Required Editions Open the record you want to perform the macro on. Open the Macros widget or utility. Search or navigate to a macro, and select it from the list. Optionally, review the macro’s description and instructions to make sure that this macro does what you expect.

Can macros be used in sales cloud?

0:492:19From this utility bar you can open up macros. And here we can see the macros that have already beenMoreFrom this utility bar you can open up macros. And here we can see the macros that have already been created if. I click on the information icon next to a macros.

How do I edit a macro in Salesforce?

Edit a MacroClick the macro in the list.Click. to edit the macro name or description.Click Add Attributes to add or change attributes in the macro.Click Save.

What is quick text in Salesforce?

Quick text saves users time and helps you standardize your company messaging. With quick text, you can insert predefined messages, like greetings, answers to common questions, and short notes. You can insert quick text in emails, chats, events, tasks, Knowledge articles, and more.

What is bulk macro?

Bulk macros are used to perform instruction/action (s) on multiple records. To do this you first need to grant “Run Macros on Multiple Records” option (available only in Salesforce Classic). Bulk Macros are created as follows:

How to create macros in Lightning?

In your Lightning app, open a record. In its utility bar click on “Macros”, and then click + or “Create Macros”. Now just enter the name, description, folder and select the object the Macro applies to then click save

Can macros be undone?

Some actions performed by Macros can’t be undone, such as sending outbound emails, updating a case status. These Macros are called Irreversible Macros. For these Macros you must enable User Can’t Undo permission to create, edit, and run macros that contain instructions for performing irreversible actions.

Why use macros in Salesforce?

Macros can be a huge productivity booster for your end users and can provide a great user experience in using Salesforce. If you have used macros in Microsoft Excel, you already know what it is. Macros in Salesforce also works in the same manner. It helps users perform common, repetitive tasks in a single click.

What is irreversible macro?

Irreversible Macros. These refer to the actions once performed can’t be undone. e.g. If a Macro has an instruction to send an email then once that Macro is run successfully the send email action cannot be undone.

Can you run macros on multiple records at the same time?

As the name suggests you can run Macro on multiple records at the same time so you can save even more time from your routine tasks an be more productive. Unfortunately, this feature is still in Classic and may soon get upgraded to Lightning Experience

Can you organize macros in folders?

Introduced in Winter ’19 release, you can now organize Macros in folders. Create separate folders for different divisions and then share the folder with a user or group of users in that division. Also, you can set the folder access level and delegate some of your responsibility to your users.

How to create a macro in Service Console?

You can’t create macros from the list view. From the Service Console app, open a case. Then click Macros in the utility bar to launch it. Click Create Macro to get started. Give the macro a name and description, then select the object the macro applies to.

What happens if an item isn’t in a folder?

If an item isn’t in a folder, only the owner, creator, and admin have access. Also verify that your macro and quick text page layouts include the Folder field so that your agents can actually assign items to a folder. For detailed steps on enabling folders, see the previous unit. Salesforce Classic.

What is merge field in Quick Text?

Tip: Merge fields within quick text can supercharge agent productivity. They let you insert the value of a field for a specific record. With merge fields, quick text becomes record-aware, letting agents avoid the dreaded copy and paste from the record’s details. Select a category. Maria selects Closings.

Can agents see Maria’s macros?

By default, sharing settings for macros and quick text are set to private. That means agents can’t see the macro or quick text that Maria created until it’s shared with them. To share macros and quick text, you have a few options.

What is bulk macro?

A bulk macro is like an irreversible macro that agents can run on multiple records at the same time. One must have the “Run Macros on multiple records” user permission to create or edit Bulk macros.

Does Salesforce have a macro?

Salesforce already has a series of standard functionalities in its bucket to automate day to day processes to save time and work of its users in a real time scenario, like, Workflows, Process Builder, Flows, Approval Processes, etc. Along with this, Salesforce provides one more feature that helps the Support agents by increasing their consistency while communicating/interacting with customers, thus, maximizing their productivity effectively and efficiently which is known as Macros.

Can macros be reversed?

As the name suggests, there are some macros actions which cannot be reversed or can’t be undone, like sending an email or updating a case status. Though, an agent can always change the status of the case which was earlier changed by a macro, but the field update performed by a macro will be recorded in the case history and this is why the agent cannot pretend it never happened. One must have the “Manage Macros Users Can’t Undo” user permission to create, edit, and run macros that contain instructions for performing irreversible actions.


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