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How to register your Domain in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, enter Sites in the Quick Find box, then select Sites.
  • If enhanced domains are enabled in your org, your Sites domain includes your org’s My Domain in the format MyDomainName.my.salesforce-sites.com.
  • If enhanced domains aren’t enabled in your org, select your Salesforce Sites subdomain. …

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How to create Salesforce custom domain?

Setup Our Salesforce Custom Domain

  1. Login to your developer account.
  2. Click the Gear wheel icon and then click the “Setup” to open our setup page.
  3. In the setup page, search “My domain” in the quick find search box and then click “My domain” from suggestions.
  4. In my domain page, first enter your name or company name. …

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How to change domain name in Salesforce?

Test and Deploy Your My Domain

  • From the email you receive, click the link to get back to the My Domain wizard.
  • The link takes you to your Salesforce org. Notice the URL in the browser address bar shows your new My Domain name. …
  • Click Log in to continue setting up My Domain. …
  • Pretend that we’ve completed testing links. …
  • Click Deploy to Users, and then click OK. …
  • Click OK.

How to enable my domain in Salesforce Lightning?

such as :

  • You can highlight your business identity with your unique domain URL.
  • You can Brand your login screen and customize right-frame content.
  • Set custom login policy to determine how users are authenticated.
  • After enabled custom domain, you can work in multiple Salesforce org’s at the same time.

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Enforcement Timelines

My Domain is required in all Salesforce orgs in Winter ’22, starting in August 2021 for sandboxes and October 2021 for production orgs. For information about when My Domain is enforced in demo, free, trial, and Developer Edition orgs and their sandboxes, join the My Domain and Enhanced Domains group in the Trailblazer Community.

Determine Your Recommended Adoption Path

The adoption paths in the next section outline your options for adopting these two required features. Your recommended adoption path depends on whether your Salesforce org has a deployed My Domain, whether you are running a Hyperforce org, and whether your org uses (or qualifies for) Salesforce Edge Network.

Enable the Features

Deploying a My Domain and enabling enhanced domains can both require updates to your Salesforce org, third-party apps, and end-user bookmarks.

What is a policy in my domain?

When you have a My Domain, a section appears in your My Domain Setup page. It’s called Policies, and it gives you more control over how your My Domain is used.

Why do I need to brand my login page?

Brand your login page to help your users recognize your site without having to look at the URL in the browser bar. You can brand your login page to add a company logo, change the background, and replace the right side with your own picture or message.


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