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Salesforce Chat (formerly “Salesforce Live Agent”) is a native Salesforce tool that enables customer service teams to communicate in real-time with your website users. We have all seen the little ‘chat to an agent’ buttons on company websites, usually when trying to find a way to contact a support team.Oct 4, 2021


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How would you like to contact Salesforce?

How would you like to contact Salesforce? Request a call. Give us some info so the right person can get back to you. First name Enter your first name. Last name Enter your last name. Job title Please enter your title. Email Enter a valid email address. Phone Enter a valid phone …

What are the pros and cons of Salesforce?

  • Low risk: Low acquiring cost and low-risk management as an organization tool.
  • Salesforce database helps in organizing and digitizing company sales records.
  • Allows customization of profiles for individual customers, and gives quick access to individual records.

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How to contact Salesforce support?

Support for Additional Products

  • Heroku and Commerce Cloud – Support for other Salesforce Products
  • Salesforce Anywhere – How to Log a Support Case, Salesforce Anywhere (Quip)
  • Slack – Support for Slack App
  • Social Studio – Contact Social Studio customer support

What is the customer service number for Salesforce?

Help and Support

  • Increase the return on your investment in Salesforce with Success Plans. …
  • Collaborate with specialists, consultants and other certified experts. …
  • Get trained and certified at the source. …

How does LiveAgent work in Salesforce?

0:001:26Service Cloud Live Agent Feature Demo – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSalesforce live agent chat lets any company deliver a personalized service experience to itsMoreSalesforce live agent chat lets any company deliver a personalized service experience to its customers. Or potential customers by engaging them at just the right moment on any device.

How do you implement a LiveAgent in Salesforce?

Step 1 – Enabling Live AgentFrom Setup Classic in Salesforce, in the Quick Find box, search and select Live Agent Settings.Select Enable Live Agent.Click Save.

Does LiveAgent integration with Salesforce?

LiveAgent has a Salesforce integration plugin available for customers. It can help you keep track of your customers, manage cases or add new leads.

Is LiveAgent free?

With unlimited free agents, emails, live chats, calls & contact forms you will be ready to keep your customers always happy and loyal. Your tickets no longer get lost or forgotten while having all communication from multiple support channels neatly sorted in one universal inbox.

Is Salesforce chat the same as live agent?

Salesforce Chat (formerly “Salesforce Live Agent”) is a native Salesforce tool that enables customer service teams to communicate in real-time with your website users. We have all seen the little ‘chat to an agent’ buttons on company websites, usually when trying to find a way to contact a support team.

How many chats can an agent handle at once?

An agent without prior chat experience can take only 1-2 active chats simultaneously, while an experienced agent can easily take 4-6 chats. If all your agents are new to chat you may need to lower the number of simultaneous chats they are expected to take.

What does a live agent do?

Simple yet powerful ticketing software Save time by managing all customer messages in one app. Keep track of all conversations, integrate your favorite tools, automate repetitive tasks, work as a team, and make better business decisions based on real data insights.

What is Omni Channel in Salesforce?

Omni-Channel is a flexible, customizable feature, and you can configure it declaratively—that is, without writing code. Use Omni-Channel to manage the priority of work items, which makes it a cinch to route important work items to agents quickly.

Who owns live chat?

After Naspers agreed in June 2011 to sell its entire stake, the founders teamed up with private equity firm Tar Heel Capital to finalize the buyout of the 60% stake. After the transaction was completed in September 2011, the founders own 60% of the stake, while Tar Heel Capital owns 40% of the company.

What is LiveAgent app?

LiveAgent offers a native Android app for your favorite mobile device so that you can also provide customer service on the go. Download the free Android LiveAgent app that lets you stay connected to your website visitors outside of the office.

How do I become a live chat agent?

Qualifications for a career as a chat agent include a high school diploma or GED certificate. You should receive additional training on-the-job. Some opportunities require additional knowledge of specific industries or software, and some employers prefer candidates with vendor-certification for the product.

Does live chat cost money?

LiveChat has four plans: Starter, Team, Business, and Enterprise. The entry level plan is $16 per agent per month when you pay yearly and includes 60-day chat history and basic chat customization. Higher plans allow for agent groups and more advanced reporting. These start at $33 per agent and go up to $149.

What is a live agent in salesforce?

Live agent in salesforce is tool that is used to connect with customer and real time website visitors. Using live agent we can chat with customers so that we can provide fast response and quicker solutions they need.

Do you need permissions to use live agent?

Necessary permissions has to be granted by administrator to use live agent feature license.

What is Salesforce Live Agent?

Live Agent is a chat function that lets Salesforce business org users connect to their customers and prospective buyers instantly. The Salesforce users can chat away with their clients based on how the clients’ behavior within the business website.

Features of Salesforce Live Agent

Salesforce Live Agent has a host of helpful features that can help create and establish excellent customer relationships with prospective and existing clients. These features can also help the agents answer customer queries with ease and professionalism.

Why Use Live Agent?

Businesses would like to ensure that their customers get the support that they look for. With the Live Agent feature on Salesforce Service Cloud, the business administrator can easily build and monitor a team of agents and subject matter experts who can go on stand-by 24/7 to attend to customer queries.

What is Salesforce Live Agent?

Salesforce live agent is a tool which enables real-time, online chat between an organization and its customers. In real life scenario you can see there are multiple sites which does have chat icon from where you can directly get support from support team, that is now possible by Salesforce live agent too. You can easily step salesforce live agent …

How to save live chat transcripts?

Click on enable live agent and hit “Save” button. After saving it you can see multiple objects have been created automatically into you org. For example, “Live Chat Transcript” which holds history of chatting.

Is Girikon a Salesforce partner?

Girikon’s Salesforce Consultants are suitably qualified to set up and configure Salesforce Live Agent for your company. The advantages of being a Salesforce Consulting Partner, Girikon has access to industry knowledge and the Salesforce Community to draw from to make the set up successful and highly efficient for your business.

Can you chat directly with agent?

Agent user needs to go to console app which you have created and can accept the request than customer will be able to chat directly with agent

Can you setup a Salesforce live agent for multiple sites?

In the real life scenario below our Salesforce Consultants demonstrate live agent setup for multiple sites without a chat icon meaning that this setup is complex. The following setup also uses new available features which further assist you to setup a Salesforce live agent.

What is LiveAgent plugin?

LiveAgent has a Salesforce integration plugin available for customers. It can help you keep track of your customers, manage cases or add new leads.

Where is the active plugin in LiveAgent?

LiveAgent will restart and after that, you can find the active plugin at the top of the list. Click on the configuration button (cogwheel icon) next to the activate switch and a new option window will open up.

Does Salesforce integrate with LiveAgent?

Salesforce integration for LiveAgent via Zapier let s you keep track of important information, such as new customers, contacts, events, objects, object types, campaigns, and closed opportunities.

Can you use Zapier with LiveAgent?

If you want to unlock more workflow capabilities of LiveAgent and Salesforce, you can try using the Zapier service. Zapier is a company that focuses on connecting any two apps with various integration results depending on their capabilities.

What is live agent?

With Live Agent, you can coach agents in real-time with private messages. You can also monitor agent queues to balance workloads and maximise productivity. But beyond that, you can tap into metrics on the full history of an agent’s performance and instant message sessions. Your team will be working faster and smarter.

What is a service cloud live agent?

Service Cloud Live Agent : Support your customers and prospects while they’re still on your site or in your app with real-time, live chat software.

What is live chat software?

Live chat software is an online tool that allows a customer to communicate with a company via the web. Live chat software allows for an immediate connection to a human. Customers and prospects alike overwhelmingly respond positively to real time interaction. With Service Cloud’s live chat software, you can have representatives standing by to chat 24/7.

How does live chat work?

By connecting each live chat with the complete customer profile, answers can be delivered both in context and with an eye toward the overall customer experience . Chats can be quickly routed to the right subject matter experts. And agents can provide answers faster with a sneak peek to customer chat and keyboard shortcuts to pre-written messages.

Can you chat with customers on Snap?

Initiate a personalised live chat, based on how a customer or prospect is engaging with your site. Now with Snap-ins, you can also chat with customers in your apps. Even better, with multilingual support you can deliver the same great enterprise chat support around the globe.

Get personalized, real-time help online or in your apps

Start personalized live chats, in-app or online, with your customers based on how they’re using your site. Deliver chat around the globe with multilingual support. And scale your customer support with AI-powered chatbots that help answer routine asks.

Connect your agents and increase productivity

By connecting each live chat with a complete customer profile for context, agents can move quickly using customer chat sneak peek, keyboard shortcuts, and prewritten messages. Plus, routing chats to the right agents is easy.

Improve your team, improve your customer service

Get the most out of your team by coaching agents in real time with private messages. You can also monitor their queues, balance workloads, tap into metrics, and use instant messaging sessions. That’s the power of Chat.

What is Salesforce Live Agent?

Salesforce Live Agent is a native tool of Salesforce, enabling businesses for real-time communication with their website users. Each one of us might have come across chat buttons while surfing the websites of different companies. This usually happens when the user is trying to contact the support team, avoiding the delay in the conventional process.

Why is Salesforce Live Agent important?

In a nutshell, Salesforce Live Agent is very useful for organizations and their business in multiple aspects including cutting down costs for customer support, automation of some manual processes, or offering extra customer support channels to stand out from rivals.

What is live agent?

Live Agent offers various features to qualitatively enhance real-time customer support. This online tool facilitates the agents or chats’ representatives conveniently to be on standby 24/7 to empower immediate connection and respond with real-time interaction.

Why is live agent important?

Live Agent is very useful for companies that want to get maximized returns and effectiveness from a limited support team. It empowers businesses, e asing out multiple client handling. Each service agent/user can handle numerous and simultaneous customer interactions from a single screen, unlike the traditional calling method …

How to find chat buttons in Salesforce Classic?

From Setup in Salesforce Classic, in the Quick Find box search and select Chat Buttons & Invitations.

What is live agent?

Live Agent is a communication tool, it can be used to power your customer service teams. Or if implemented incorrectly, could cause damage to your brand. What is the difference between the two? Planning…

When will live agents be available in Lightning?

Update (20th Sept): You will be able to setup and configure Live Agent via Settings in Lightning, once Winter ’19 is released in Oct 2019. Switch to Classic -> Setup -> Type ‘ Live Agent ’ in the Quick Find. Go to Live Agent Settings.

What is a button in a live chat?

A button, simply enough is an icon/button you embed on a webpage for users to click on to start a Live Agent chat session. Alternatively, you can setup an Invitation.

Does Salesforce have live agent?

Well the good news is, as of 2016 Salesforce have included Live Agent in the Lightning Service Cloud Unlimited license. And it is also available on Enterprise, but at an extra add-on. As an add-on, you will have to speak with your Salesforce Account Executive for a price.


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