What is field service lightning in salesforce


Field Service Lightning (FSL), as you might know, is a Salesforce product that connects customers, workforce and products on a single platform to deliver exceptional on-site services. It also provides customer support team a chance to intelligently delegate work to Field Service technicians and monitor them constantly.


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Why you should use Salesforce field service lightning?

They are:

  • User Interface Development Considerations
  • Use Visualforce in Lightning Experience
  • Use Lightning Components in Lightning Experience
  • Salesforce Partners, Packaging, and AppExchange

How to create a custom field in Salesforce Lightning?

  • Some data types are available for certain configurations only. …
  • Custom settings and external objects allow only a subset of the available data types.
  • You can’t add a multi-select picklist, rich text area, or dependent picklist custom field to opportunity splits.
  • Relationship fields count towards custom field limits.

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What are the benefits of Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning vs Classic: The benefits of Lightning

  1. Enhanced customer engagement. There’s no denying that a significant number of Salesforce customers have been blown away by the look and accessibility of Lightning experience.
  2. A sleeker way of working. The new tools and features available on Lightning make Classic look somewhat outdated in comparison and trickier to stay connected with the rest of …
  3. Easy for Salesforce newbies to use. If you’re new to Salesforce, you shouldn’t bother familiarising yourself with Classic edition. …

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What is lightning component in Salesforce?

Why is the lightning component Framework is used?

  • lightning component Framework provides the components to build applications faster. …
  • Lightning component Framework tacks browser vents when a user click a button, scrolling and many more.
  • Our own components can be published and shared with other Salesforce users.
  • It used JSON to exchange data between the server and the client.

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What are the three parts of Salesforce Field Service lightning?

Field Service has three main parts that work together to give you a complete field service management solution.Core Field Service features.Scheduling and optimization from a managed package.A mobile app for your mobile workforce.

Is Field Service lightning the same as lightning?

Formerly known as Field Service Lightning (FSL), Salesforce Field Service (SFS) has a new name, but its purpose and value remain the same. It is Salesforce’s field service solution. In other words, it’s an onsite job management platform with real-time collaboration capabilities.

What is the use of field service in Salesforce?

When Field Service is enabled, you gain access to a suite of standard objects that you can find in Setup and as tabs in Salesforce. These objects make up the core Field Service features, including work orders and service appointments.

What does field service mean?

Field service refers to services provided outside of a company’s office or grounds. In field service, workers are dispatched to off-site locations in order to perform their tasks, which commonly include repairs, sales, customer support or inspections.

Is FSL part of service Cloud?

Salesforce Field Service, formerly known as Field Service Lightning (FSL), is the extension of Service Cloud that provides a comprehensive view of workforce management.

What is FSL dispatcher?

The Field Service dispatcher console is the main working space for dispatchers. It features a dynamic map and a highly customizable Gantt chart showing upcoming appointments, active team members, and more.

Why do we need field service software?

Field service software can help bridge the communication gap between field employees and back office employees. By leveraging web applications and mobile applications, employees can collaborate on managing jobs, processing purchase orders, reporting delays, and other critical business activities.

How do I install FSL in Salesforce?

Open an incognito browser window in Chrome. In the incognito window, paste this link https://fsl.secure.force.com/install into the address bar to install the managed package. Click the link to install the most recent managed package to your Trailhead playground production org.

How do I enable field service lightning in Salesforce?

Enable Field Service LightningFrom Setup, enter Field Service Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Field Service Settings.Click Enable Field Service Lightning. … Click Save.More items…

What is the main idea of field services?

Field services refers to any work conducted at a customer site where your products are installed. For example, in the enterprise IT, industrial equipment, and healthcare technology industries, field services involves managing the installation, maintenance, or repair of hardware or equipment installed “in the field”.

What is field service automation?

What is Field Service Automation? Freshdesk helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences by simplifying processes and automating routine steps in executing field service tasks. Organizations that provide field service have dedicated teams to manage several tasks and workflows to ensure excellent service delivery.

What is field force Salesforce?

FieldForcePro provides greater collaboration between Contact Center Agent, Dispatcher Agents and Field Technicians by leveraging on the Salesforce platform, Lightning components, and Salesforce1 mobile application.

Is the terminology for Salesforce Field Service & Salesforce Field Service Lightning the same?

Yes, Field Service Lightning was previously recognized as Field Service. Salesforce has changed the terminology, but the functionality and tools ar…

What is a Field Service Mobile App, and how does it work?

For mobile workers, the Field Service app has become a necessary asset. This enterprise-class mobile experience makes use of Salesforce in a lightw…

What is Schedule Optimization in Salesforce Field Service?

Schedule optimization is a technique in Salesforce Field Service for fine-tuning the operations of any business. Also, creating an effective field…

What are Salesforce Field Service’s three major components?

Field Service comprises three major components that work in tandem to provide you with a comprehensive field service management solution. So, the t…

What is Field Service Lightning?

Field Service Lightning is SalesForce’s Field Service management software. Until its discharge, SalesForce had no application to relay client record data straightforwardly to service teams in the field. Third-party programming like ServiceMax was used to fill that particular gap. Development of SalesForce Field Lightning is an attempt to close the void that was prevailing in their system for a very long time.

What is field service in Salesforce?

Field Service Salesforce is intended to associate your workforce and empower them to convey intelligent and efficient onsite service . It enables them to attain quicker delivery and smarter and progressively customized service from the mobile phone to the field on one platform. The Field Service management Salesforce programming helps you resolve Field Service calls quicker, increases worker productivity in the field, computerize the appointments scheduling as well. In short, field service salesforce helps in many ways that you can’t even imagine.

What is a FSL dispatcher?

Dispatcher: The FSL Dispatcher should deal with the records, their work orders, appointments in coordination with the field professionals. Dispatcher Console is set up over the Service Cloud Console inside SalesForce. The thought is to guarantee the ideal use of field resources while giving astounding service.

How many executives trust their organization to put resources into field service?

SalesForce’s very own Service Executive Survey found that 87% of executives trust their organization ought to put resources into Field Service technology. About 92% believe organizations need to adjust service models in accordance with client needs. Thus, there is a strong case for interest in the Field Service technology for SalesForce and thus it made the leap.

What are the features of field service?

Basic Field Service Lightning features: 1 It provides accurate time recommendations for clients on the basis of existing schedules and travel time 2 It can assign/delegate work on the basis of abilities and accessibility 3 It permits fields service representatives to finish work orders while staying on the job site 4 It catches electronic signatures for work requests or service reports 5 It underpins somewhere in the range of 3 – 3,000 (and that’s just the beginning) Field Service representatives, including contractual workers 6 It enables Supervisors to see and manage work from either a Gantt graph or map view. 7 It helps administrators to manage and configure explicit work guidelines to manage the domains, service level understandings, or business needs.

How many employees are in the field service?

It underpins somewhere in the range of 3 – 3,000 (and that’s just the beginning) Field Service representatives, including contractual workers

Is Field Service Lightning still in beta?

The catch for field specialists here is that the Field Service Lightning mobile application is still in beta on Android through version 2.0 has like wise been released for iOS. The Summer ’17 Release states that most of the good features from the iOS application edition has been transferred to the Android application. But it’s still in the beta phase. FSL is a part of the SalesForce Platform Service however it is offered as a standalone solution for employees and contractors. It empowers you with tools and techniques to get a real-time perspective into the majority of your operations, optimize the mobile workforce distribution, and keep clients updated at each progression. You’ll have the capacity to manage your jobs in the field with an offline application for Android and iOS and manage your contractual workers and other representatives on the same platform.

What is field service lightning?

Dispatchers can use Field Service Lightning to fill in schedules, respond to emergencies, and coordinate any type of mobile resource (and better yet, do so all from the same view).

What percentage of Salesforce employees use Salesforce Field Service?

According to Salesforce, 68% of service executives say that field service is an important part of their customer experience strategy, and almost three-quarters of them (72%) use field service management software to resolve cases more quickly, which makes Salesforce Field Service Lightning right up their alley.

What is field service lightning?

The Field Service Lightning is actually an extension of the service cloud whose function is to offer a detailed view of workforce management. Essentially, it helps the organizations keep a better track of the customer service calls from the call center agent to the dispatcher console and then finally to a full-fledged service appointment by …

How many features does Field Service Lightning have?

There are five main features offered by the field service lightning and we will be discussing them one after another:

How does Salesforce help with dispatching?

In this case, the managers can help in dispatching the field executives by allowing them to access real-time data on the go. As Salesforce is the central hub for all the service needs, it is possible to easily optimize the operations and dispatching process. From scheduling to getting customer service history and even resolving the case, everything can be done in one platform empowered with Service Cloud capabilities.

What is FSL Salesforce?

When the FSL Salesforce is enabled, one can gain access to a suite of standard objects that can be found in the Setup and as tabs in Salesforce. These are the objects that are responsible for making up the core field service features including the service appointments and work orders as well.

What is the purpose of the FSL app?

This mobile app connects the field crews with in-office service teams. Through this app, field crew members can access all the work order details and assist the technical resources, get directions to client locations, and correspond with team members.

What is field service record?

Creating records that represent a field service worker, agent, and dispatcher while adding details about the worker’s skills, availability, and location.

What can field technicians do?

The field technicians can also manage routes, access the available appointments, and get a detailed understanding of all the issues that must be addressed. This considerably helps in increasing productivity and work efficiently.

Reduce in-person visits by providing virtual support

Scale your field service with remote assistance. Allow customers to instantly book phone and video appointments through a customer portal.

Prioritize essential projects and intelligently assign jobs, from anywhere

Leverage automation to prioritize essential jobs — and save employees time — by intelligently assigning the right workers to the right projects based on skills, location, and business rules. Increase efficiency by giving dispatchers full visibility into the mobile workforce and every job on a single screen.

Harness the power of Einstein AI to increase first-time fix rate

With Einstein Vision, mobile employees can use image recognition to immediately identify assets and parts in images. Ensure the right product part is fixed or replaced to eliminate confusion and additional trips back to the office.

Manage jobs and safety protocols from any mobile device

Help your team efficiently manage essential work, even when they’re offline, with the Field Service mobile app.* Keep your mobile workers up to date on the latest policies and procedures with step-by-step instructions and safety checklists.

Make data-driven decisions faster

Use Field Service Analytics to give your managers and dispatchers easy, real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs, from any location. Drill into all your data from multiple systems and even track safety protocols, all in one app.

What is Salesforce Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a robust and highly customized tool within the Service Cloud, a Salesforce product that offers speedy, efficient, and personalized services from the phone to the field, all within a single platform. It empowers the customer support teams to handle customers’ records and data in the field within the Salesforce.

How does Field Service Lightning work?

Field Service Lightning can help your team in making customer service our first priority. It enhances customer loyalty by reducing and resolving errors before they happen and providing personalized service.

What is a FSL technician?

Field Service Technician – The FSL technician makes use of the FSL mobile applications on their cell phones to get service orders, update them accordingly, and even ask for client signatures. They can view client records and all related data individually.

What is Salesforce integration?

This platform performs integration of work orders with accounts, assets, contacts, and cases that you import as data within Salesforce. Employees can be more flexible and fruitful with the ability to work using their own mobile phones. You can easily modify work orders and assign job schedules accurately.

What is a dispatcher in Salesforce?

Dispatcher – The Dispatcher deals with the records, work orders, and appointments with the coordination of field professionals and experts. The Dispatcher Console is built upon the Service Cloud Console inside Salesforce.

What is the importance of communication in field service?

Efficient and streamlined communication – Communication is a very critical part of the field service business. The process of moving data within the platform needs to be tracked and managed correctly to fruitful customers’ requirements.

Can work orders be created in Salesforce?

Appointments and work orders can be created from the Service Cloud Console on Salesforce and can be integrated into existing records, accounts, contracts, etc.


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