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Desk.com is basically Software as a Service (SaaS

Software as a Service (SaaS
The software industry includes businesses for development, maintenance and publication of software that are using different business models, mainly either “license/maintenance based” (on-premises) or “Cloud based” (such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, MBaaS, MSaaS, DCaaS etc.).

) on the Salesforce platform.Nov 8, 2019


How do I log into Salesforce?

How do I access Salesforce for the first time?

  • Check your email for your login information.
  • Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.
  • The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

What are the benefits of using Salesforce?

During this month’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme focus we will be discussing the benefits of adding Images into your Salesforce Instance, the different use cases where it can value and a demo of Sharinpix to understand how it could …

How to use Salesforce everyday?

Salesforce is extremely user friendly and once you get familiar with it, you can start getting creative in using some of the more advanced capabilities. 1. Check out Trailhead. Salesforce offers modules that are accessible and free to anyone who visits the Trailhead website. These modules are fun, interactive, and extremely informative for anyone that wants to learn Salesforce for the first time; or even long time Salesforce users who want to learn a new feature or brush up on their skills.

How to train your users on Salesforce?

Train users to do their jobs in Lightning Experience so they’re comfortable and productive from day one of your launch. A good starting point is self-paced training. Direct your users to Trailhead and the Learn to Work in Lightning Experience trail. The two modules in this trail are designed to show Salesforce Classic users how to switch …


Is Desk com part of Salesforce?

Desk.com now forms part of the Salesforce 1 Service Cloud, but can also be used as a standalone app.

What happened to desk com?

If you keep up with the latest news in business, you should know that Salesforce decided to retire Desk. com. Since March 13, 2018, the help desk is not available for new clients; and on March 13, 2020, Salesforce will shut down the platform completely.

What is Salesforce Com used for?

Salesforce is a popular CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams worldwide. Salesforce services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with partners, customers, and potential customers.

What is CRM desk?

CRMdesk is a very efficient web-based help desk software for knowledgebase management and customer support automation over the Internet.

What is Chatter Salesforce?

Salesforce Chatter is a free social collaboration tool similar to Facebook and Twitter, but for organizations on the Salesforce.com platform. Chatter allows users to collaborate securely at work to establish networks, share files and status updates.

What is service cloud lightning?

Lightning Service Cloud Basics Among these applications is Service Cloud. Unlike focusing on sales activities in Sales Cloud for example, Lightning Service Cloud lets you provide and track customer service activities. Service Cloud uses records called Cases to track customer issues and requests.

Does Google use Salesforce?

In fact, our team at Google Cloud uses Salesforce as our preferred CRM provider to engage with our customers in meaningful ways. As for availability, several integrations between G Suite and Salesforce are already in market, including Lightning for Gmail and integrations with Calendar and Google Drive.

Who is using Salesforce?

Top 12 companies are using Salesforce CRM in USASpotify.Amazon Web Services.U.S. Bank.Toyota.Macy’s.T-Mobile.Aldo.The New York Post.More items…

Why is Salesforce so popular?

One of the reasons that Salesforce is so popular is that it is packed with features like no other CRM software; features such as contact management, workflow creation, task management, opportunity tracking, collaboration tools, customer engagement tools, analytics and an intuitive, mobile-ready dashboard.

Is CRM same as ticketing system?

The two systems seem to be quite similar theoretically, but they are different in many ways. A CRM system holds customer information while a ticketing system uses the information to deliver better customer service. A general-purpose CRM is not a complete solution for customer support requirements.

Is CRM a ticketing system?

The CRM Software comprises a ticketing system that empowers businesses to manage their customer database and the tickets raised in a single solution. Tickets are cases that are submitted by customers requesting a particular service or seeking a solution to their grievance.

What is freshdesk and Salesforce?

Agent Productivity Freshdesk for Salesforce helps you keep your sales and support teams in sync by letting them share information between their CRM and their helpdesk solution.

Desk.com from Salesforce.com

Desk.com, from Salesforce.com, provides case management, account management, and knowledge management capabilities across assisted-service, self-service, and social customer service channels for very-small, small, and mid-sized businesses. The product is easy and fast in its initial deployment and in its ongoing management.

Customer Service for Small and Growing Businesses

Desk.com, from Salesforce.com, provides case management, account management, and knowledge management capabilities across assisted-service, self-service, and social customer service channels for very-small, small, and mid-sized businesses. The product is easy and fast in its initial deployment and in its ongoing management.

What is help desk software?

The help desk on your website is usually the first place customers and employees go when they’re trying to solve a problem. Help desk software powers the site and directs customers to where they need to go. The software in turn helps employees organize, process, and resolve support issues through the use of support tickets.

What is a help desk?

Generally, help desk is used to refer to how companies help their users with any technology-related issues. Help desks can support customers in their use of a company’s apps, tech-driven products, and web sites. Internal-facing help desks support employees using technology as part of their jobs.

What is the importance of help desk software?

1. Accountability. Good help desk software helps your support team prioritize and assign support requests, so every member of the team knows what to focus on, and accountability is built into your culture. 2.

What is a ticket in a help desk?

A ticket — call it a help desk ticket, support ticket, incident ticket, or just plain ticket — is a record of a support request. In the context of a help desk system, though, they become the keys to unlocking efficiency and customer satisfaction. Tickets are issued and recorded electronically whenever a request comes in.

What does “help desk” mean?

Sometimes help desk means the people who work at the help desk, but sometimes it means the software those people use. And it only refers to helping people with technical problems. At least in our context.

Is help desk software good?

But the right help desk software can be a huge asset to any service organization, in terms of both helping customers find answers faster and helping your teams work more efficiently. Learn more about how help desks can benefit your entire organization.

Is a help desk a boon?

Help desk support can also be a boon to efficiency across your entire organization . A great help desk makes things easier for your customers and employees, as we’ve discussed. But the other internal benefits can also be game-changing, starting with your support team and radiating out from there. Here’s a quick list:

What is a desk?

Desk collects all customer interactions from all channels–phone, email, social networks, chat–that your agents can easily monitor and respond to. It allows you to skip reading each email by categorizing them with Case Filters using labels or custom fields. Tracking status and priority cases is also made easier.

How to speed up customer support?

Create rules to speed up customer support, including auto assignment of tasks, set case’ status, role associations, and priority setting. Use Macros to issue standard response or perform simultaneous actions. Select all cases to change status or owner with one action. Use badges to reward performance and motivate employees.

What is a Help Desk Ticketing System?

When customers have problems with a product or service you offer, they contact your business looking for a resolution. Help desk software makes it possible to provide direct support to an almost unlimited number of clients.

What are the key features of an effective help desk ticketing system?

Small businesses depend on satisfied clients and repeat customers. With that in mind, there are certain tasks that an effective help desk solution needs to be able to perform, beyond simply managing support requests.

Desk.com is Customer Support Upgraded

Salesforce Desk.com takes customer support to the next level. As a completely cloud-based, online help desk ticketing system, Desk.com can be accessed on any authorised platform or device, and users can access the same, up-to-the-minute data, automatically synced in real time.

Support Your Customers with Desk.com

This is the age of the empowered customer, and those customers expect powerful service and support. In fact, 56% of customers have higher customer service expectations than they had even a year ago. Meet those expectations, and give your customers a reason to come back again and again.

Likelihood to Recommend

Desk.com is well suited for teams that need to deal with lots of ingoing and outgoing communications. It would be less appropriate for extremely small teams, or for customer service teams that do not need to deal with high volume communications


Desk.com makes tracking customer inquiries easy. A ticket is created for each customer email by linking to our main customer support email address, and we can create tickets manually for logging phone calls.


Internal knowledge tools are clunky and annoying to access, outside the regular workflow of everyday staff

Likelihood to Renew

I chose an 8 because it is easy to use and integrate we are working to make improvements and our support team has bought in. We are able to track soon to close opportunities in it as well as give good feed back to upper management on headcount and other issues


The UI is clean, well organized, and extremely functional. They don’t waste any pixels on fluff and window dressing. When you’re in Desk, you’re there to Get Stuff Done.


Fast, responsive, gorgeous, and fun. It’s always run like a thoroughbred for me.

Support Rating

For simple questions, their support is extremely responsive but for some more complicated topics it can drag for days. Also I reported bugs a couple of times and they told me it would be updated but that never happened.

What is a standout feature in a business?

A standout feature is the ability to support multiple products and brands on the one system, perfect for more complex businesses and different facets of your company’s personality.

Is Desk.com easy to use?

Generally, people seem to be so impressed by Desk.com that they don’t have a harsh word to say. It’s considered a very easy tool – easy to set up, easy to use and easy to maintain, even without dedicated IT staff! It covers the basics you would want in a tool dedicated to improving your customer experience, all wrapped up in a nice, easy to access package.

Is Salesforce a service cloud?

Salesforce 1 Service Cloud is a powerhouse of a tool. It’s extremely comprehensive and powerful, which makes it great for larger companies that have time, money and expertise to dedicate to setting up and maintaining a complex piece of software. Once you have the capacity to implement Service Cloud in your business, there’s a steep-ish learning curve, and staff will have to make an effort to get to grips with it all.


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