What is demandware salesforce


Why should I use Salesforce?

  • Salesforce Knowledge transfer
  • Lightning Console
  • CTI Implementation
  • Call Center Management
  • Customer Communities
  • Live Agent
  • Wave Analytics
  • knowledge base Maintenance of customer self-service
  • Improved productivity
  • Automated phone support

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What does Salesforce.com’s acquisition of Demandware mean?

Salesforce’s acquisition of Demandware, a recognized leader in the space, extends the company’s CRM leadership and positions it to capture this multi-billion dollar digital commerce market with what will be the new Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

What exactly does Salesforce do?

salesforce is basically a CRM Platform which is used to make a good customer relationship management. it is totally work on cloud. it has many cloud like service, sales, marketing, commerce.

What makes Salesforce unique?

  • Salesforce is championing social CRM and delivering the technology for its customers to achieve social CRM business objectives.
  • Leading the CRM industry in terms of cloud integration, software customization, third party extensibility and ecosystem.
  • Salesforce is CRM application provider as well as a platform and cloud infrastructure company

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What is Demandware in Salesforce?

Salesforce Demandware is a Cloud platform that helps organizations follow and implement the B2C Marketing Model by delivering a consolidated platform and a unified experience for their customers. This platform can be installed within your organization if you have a huge customer base and sales.

What is the difference between Salesforce and Demandware?

Both Demandware and CloudCraze are components of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Demandware is a platform designed for online sellers following the B2C approach of marketing and selling. On the other hand, CloudCraze is a platform designed for online sellers following the B2B approach of marketing and selling.

Is Demandware part of Salesforce?

SAN FRANCISCO—July 11, 2016—Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), the Customer Success Platform and the world’s #1 CRM company, today announced it has completed its acquisition of Demandware, the global cloud leader in the multi-billion dollar digital commerce market.

Is Demandware the same as commerce cloud?

After launching in 2004, Demandware experienced extraordinary growth and became a leader in enterprise cloud commerce solutions. In 2016, Demandware was purchased by Salesforce in a transaction valued at $2.8 billion, and the company was rebranded as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

What is Demandware called now?

Founded in 2004, Demandware was acquired by Salesforce in 2016 for $2.8B. The company was subsequently renamed Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

What language is Demandware written in?

See I want to start learning Demandware Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital Platform (previously Demandware) is a SaaS ecommerce platform, that uses server-side JavaScript for creating customizations on the site logic.

Who owns Demandware?

SalesforceDemandware, Inc. / Parent organizationSalesforce, Inc. is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer relationship management software and applications focused on sales, customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Wikipedia

When was Demandware founded?

February 2004Demandware, Inc. / Founded

Why is Salesforce commerce B2B?

0:041:46Salesforce B2B Commerce Demo – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSalesforce b2b commerce helps companies grow sales and lower costs by quickly launching digitalMoreSalesforce b2b commerce helps companies grow sales and lower costs by quickly launching digital ordering to give business buyers an easy way to make purchases.

What is SFCC Demandware?

Formerly known as Demandware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is an e-commerce platform used by large-scale businesses. The software’s roster currently includes Adidas, Columbia, Pacsun, Ralph Lauren and Callaway Golf, among many other midsized e-commerce retailers.

What is Sfra Salesforce?

The Storefront Reference Architecture (SFRA) is just that–a reference architecture– or a departure point that combines industry best practices and expected out-of-the-box commerce functionality in a web storefront that can serve as the foundation of your new Salesforce Commerce B2C site.

What is commerce cloud Salesforce?

Salesforce B2C Commerce is the industry-leading, cloud-based commerce solution for transforming shopping experiences across all digital channels. It provides a rich set of capabilities, including marketing, merchandising, content, promotions, customer service, fulfillment, and artificial intelligence.


Demandware was founded in February 2004 by Stephan Schambach to provide a hosted service that would enable companies to develop and manage easy-to-use, customizable e-commerce websites, rather than building a site from scratch. The service was launched in the first quarter of 2005.


Demandware is headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts. The company also has offices in Salt Lake City, Utah; Deerfield Beach, Florida; the United Kingdom; France; Denmark; Germany; the Netherlands; Australia; Hong Kong; China; and Japan.


Initially Demandware was developed by a software company based in Burlington, Massachusetts specialized in a cloud-based e-commerce solutions.


Reusable code – the code is organized in reusable modules called cartridges. Salesforce itself provides ready to use cartridges for different purposes – payment integrations, customer services, skeleton e-commerce app and etc. Also, you can think of cartridges as packages you can share between projects.


Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) is not cheap. You will not find a cost-effective solution with official systems integrators – 3rd party companies providing customization, integration and support services. The percentage “fee” charged on each sale is negotiable and can range from around 2% to almost 3%.

Technology Stack

Demandware’s core framework is build in Java and uses a very efficient HTTP caching system based on Cloudflare technologies. The core framework is closed to third parties and is exposed via the Demandware script and REST API’s as well as Demandware’s own pipeline and pipelet system.

Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud

At Techila Global Services, we understand the importance of ultimate customers for business organizations. Every plan, strategy, and business process is formulating keeping customers at the core. The platform of Salesforce is essentially built to allow you to provide personalized services to your customers.

Why Choose Our Services?

Our team at Techila Global Services is comprised of dedicated professionals that will assist you right from scratch. You can start your B2C e-commerce journey with us and we are certain that you will see favourable results.

Optimizing Your Conversion Funnel

A conversion funnel is essentially the journey your customers take right from discovering your website to making the final purchase. Our services are dedicated to optimizing this funnel by helping you provide personalized, quick, and efficient services to your valuable customers.

Improved Social Presence

We understand the importance of social media in recent times. Apart from helping you set up and manage your storefronts, we would also assist you in building and managing a favorable image of your business across suitable social media platforms.

Seamless Mobile Customisation

We would also help you in taking your storefronts to mobile devices to improve flexibility and increasing your reach. As the majority of online customers today make browse and make purchases from their mobile phones, such customization is sure to bring in fruitful results.

Providing A Unified Experience

Our team of experts will help you simplify the process of online merchandising by providing your customers with a unified view of your products and pricing across multiple websites, platforms, currencies, and languages.

Personalized Marketing

Our services are focused on helping you provide a personalized experience to your customers by keeping a track of their interactions on your site and using such information to improve your services.

What Is The Need Demandware Management Service?

Because of this technology now people trust the online-stores the same way they trust local physical stores. Retailers can also expand the reach of business with this technology. As it allows them to offer their service to the entire country or world (in some cases).

Your Demandware Management Solution

Here at Apporio Infolabs, we got a team of experienced Demandware developers who knows how to implement and customize the Salesforce commerce cloud solutions efficiently. By using all the modern technologies we make sure to offer the best in class Demandware management service to our clients.

Salesforce Automation Features

Development Of E-commerce Site Based On Demandware Tech Creating an e-commerce website from the ground using Demandware technology for our clients.

Demandware Integration

To attain the best performance your Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform needs to be optimized, which requires skillful Demandware integration. Our team professional Demandware developers can help you with the integration of the following Demandware platforms:

Demandware Certification Questions

A) Demandware is a software technology that provides a cloud-based e-commerce platform and related services for retailers and brand manufacturers around the world.

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