What is customer portal in salesforce


A Salesforce Customer Portal provides an online support channel for your customers—allowing. them to resolve their inquiries without contacting a customer service representative. With a Customer. Portal, you can customize and deliver a visually stunning user interface to your customers, and use.

What does a customer portal do?

A customer portal is a website designed to give current customers access to services and information they need. It’s usually private and secure, requiring log-on.

How do I create a customer portal in Salesforce?

How to Enable Customer PortalFrom Setup, enter Customer Portal Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Customer Portal Settings.Click Edit.Select Enable Customer Portal.Click Save.Continue setting up the portal.View of Customer Portal after Enable.Click Edit.More items…•

What is customer portal in CRM?

Empower customers to get the help and information they need, when they need it — so you can minimize repetitive tasks for support reps and increase customer trust.

What are the types of portals in Salesforce?

There are 3 types of Salesforce.com Portals: Customer Portal. Partner Portal. Self Service Portal.

What is the difference between customer portal and partner portal in Salesforce?

– Purpose: Partner portal shows leads and opportunity to partners whereas customer portal is useful for solving issues independently without interacting with representatives. – Audience: Partner portal is useful for channel salespeople or other third-parties, whereas customer portal is for end users.

What is tab in Salesforce?

A tab is like a user interface that is used to build records for objects and to view the records in the objects. There are three types of tabs in Salesforce: Custom object tab. Web tab. Visualforce tab.

What should be in a customer portal?

Search for relevant information easily Centralize all the information customers may need into the customer portal through FAQs, knowledge bases, chatbots, and virtual assistants. Canva, an online design tool, offers its customers with a unified knowledge base to answer commonly asked questions.

What are portal roles in Salesforce?

The Portal Roles box in the system overview page shows the usage data and limit for total partner portal, Customer Portal, and Communities roles. The system overview page displays a message when your organization reaches 75% of its allotted portal roles.

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