What is custom index in salesforce


Two-column custom indexes are a specialized feature of the Salesforce platform. They are useful for list views and situations where you want to use one field to select records to display and another field to sort them.


What does indexing mean in Salesforce?

In the modern cloud application with a large data set like Salesforce, indexing is very important to allow an application to search and return results to users at a minimum time and cost. Indexing will also be used by query optimizer to gather the statistics of each index.

How do I index a custom field in Salesforce?

If it is a custom field you have added, you can self-service an index on a field by making it an “External ID” – click through the setup menu to customise the field and select the option from General Options.

What are default indexed fields in Salesforce?

The following fields are indexed by default: primary keys (Id, Name and Owner fields), foreign keys (lookup or master-detail relationship fields), audit dates (such as LastModifiedDate), and custom fields marked as External ID or Unique.

Which field Cannot be added to a custom index?

A Custom Index can’t be created on these types of fields: Multi-select Picklists. Currency fields in a Multicurrency Organization. Long text fields.

What is index in SOQL?

When a field is indexed, its values are stored in a more efficient data structure. This takes up more space but improves performance when at least two filters with indexed fields are used in a query. Fields that are indexed by default include: Primary keys: Id, Name, Owner, Email (contacts, leads)

How is indexing done?

Indexes are created using a few database columns. The first column is the Search key that contains a copy of the primary key or candidate key of the table. These values are stored in sorted order so that the corresponding data can be accessed quickly. Note: The data may or may not be stored in sorted order.

Where should a developer store a custom index definition?

All customized and custom index definitions need to be stored under /oak:index . The filter for the package needs to be set such that existing (out-of-the-box indexes) are retained.

Which fields are automatically indexed?

Fields that are automatically indexed in Salesforce are:RecordTypeId.Division.CreatedDate.Systemmodstamp (LastModifiedDate)Name.Email (for contacts and leads)Foreign key relationships (lookups and master-detail)The unique Salesforce record ID, which is the primary key for each object.

Can formula field be indexed?

Formula fields are only evaluated when the record is actually opened and cannot be indexed for that reason. You can populate a lookup field from another object or using workflow you can populate a text field.

Can we create index on duplicate values?

Yes, you can create a clustered index on key columns that contain duplicate values.

What is the primary purpose of creating an index?

Indexes are used to quickly locate data without having to search every row in a database table every time a database table is accessed. Indexes can be created using one or more columns of a database table, providing the basis for both rapid random lookups and efficient access of ordered records.

How do I increase SOQL query performance?

The performance of the SOQL query improves when two or more filters used in the WHERE clause meet the mentioned conditions. The selectivity threshold is 10% of the records for the first million records and less than 5% of the records after the first million records, up to a maximum of 333,000 records.

Can we index formula field in Salesforce?

Yes, you can request to have indexes created on custom formula fields provided that they are deterministic – generally speaking, that they don’t have cross-object references, dependency on the current date, or references to fields that have some special built-in functionality.

How do you check if a field is indexed or not Salesforce?

Identifying Salesforce fields that have an index When you’re designing filters for a report, list view, or SOQL query, you can confirm that your filter condition fields have indexes by checking the field lists on an object’s detail page. Notice that the Indexed column clearly indicates whether a field has an index.

What is deterministic formula field Salesforce?

Custom Indexes for Deterministic Formula Fields. Formula fields are custom fields that can help you dynamically calculate the value of a field based on other fields, expressions, or values. As you can with any other field, you can use formula fields to filter SOQL queries.

What is Salesforce external ID?

An external ID is a custom field that has the External ID attribute, meaning that it contains unique record identifiers from a system outside of Salesforce. When you select this option, the Data Import Wizard detects existing records in Salesforce with external IDs that match those values in the import file.

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