What is chatter in salesforce


Chatter is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that lets your users work together, talk to each other, and share information. Chatter connects, engages, and motivates users to work efficiently across the organization, regardless of role or location.

What are the advantages of using Salesforce?

What Are the Benefits of Salesforce?

  1. Customer information. One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is the information it retrieves — both the quality and the quantity.
  2. Account planning. With all of the customer information you need right at your fingertips, you — and all of the reps at your company — can make plans for …
  3. Time management. …
  4. Team collaboration. …
  5. Accessibility. …

How to share Panopto videos in Salesforce Chatter?

  • A Groups dashboard for easily accessing and managing group permissions
  • Batch import and creation of new groups
  • Batch sharing of videos and folders
  • Automatic permissions inheritance for new folders
  • An intuitive new sharing interface for controlling access to videos
  • Unlisted videos, which are hidden videos accessible only by direct URL

What is standard controller in Salesforce?

Standard Controllers. A standard controller consists of the same functionality and logic that is used for a standard Salesforce page. Building a Custom List Controller in Salesforce. Extension controller is also used to leverage the functionality of another controller using our own custom logic.

What are actions in Salesforce?

You’ll find your standard and custom actions in Salesforce on:

  • The record highlights panel
  • Activity component
  • Chatter component

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What is chatter used for in Salesforce?

Salesforce Chatter is a social collaboration platform for businesses already using Salesforce. Designed to help employees connect and collaborate, Chatter comes from Salesforce.com. With Chatter, employees can exchange files, share data, and chat.

What is chatter in Salesforce lightning?

The Chatter tab gives you quick access to some useful feeds, like What I Follow, To Me, Bookmarked, Company Highlights, and My Drafts. Select a feed to place it front and center on the Chatter tab. The What I Follow feed shows post activity on all the people, groups, and objects that you follow.

Who uses Salesforce Chatter?

Companies using Salesforce Chatter for Collaboration include: AmerisourceBergen Corp., a United States based Healthcare organisation with 41000 employees and revenues of $189.89 billion, CIGNA Corporation, a United States based Healthcare organisation with 72226 employees and revenues of $174.27 billion, Barclays …

What is Chatter post in Salesforce?

Sharing lets you quickly copy a public post to your profile or a group. This feature is available in Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience.

Is chatter like slack?

Slack was designed for easy integration with other systems and is backed by over 1,500 built-in apps with a robust set of APIs for creating custom connectors. In contrast, Chatter has a very limited set of connectors, as it was designed to be used within the Salesforce ecosystem.

How do I create a Chatter in Salesforce?

Create Chatter GroupsFrom the App Launcher ( ), find and select Salesforce Chatter.Click the Groups tab, then click New.Fill in the details. Name: Bengal Interest. Access Type: Public.Click Save & Next, Next, and Done.Repeat steps 2 through 5 to create two new groups with these details.

How do you use Chatter?

4:4322:40Chatter Overview And Demo | Chatter In Salesforce | Simplilearn – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd you can get this as well from your home page so if you click on the Home tab you can see if yourMoreAnd you can get this as well from your home page so if you click on the Home tab you can see if your chatter feed is open you can see the chatter feed. There. About enabling chatter in Salesforce.

How do I send a chatter in Salesforce?

Open a person’s profile by clicking their name anywhere in Chatter, and then click Send a message. Click Send a message on a person’s hover. When viewing the full message history of a conversation, use the text box under the most recent message to send a reply.

How do I use Chatter group in Salesforce?

First, create the All Sales Chatter group.Click the App Launcher .Enter Groups in the Search apps and items… box and select Groups.Click New.Fill in the new group information: Group Name: All Sales. … Click Save & Next.Skip adding a group photo by clicking Next.Skip adding members for now and click Done.

Can workflow Post to chatter?

Now not only can you update a field, create a task, or send an outbound message, but with Process Builder you can also create a record or a flow, post to chatter, submit to the approval process, and invoke other processes.

What is chatter in trailhead?

When your users follow people and records, they see posts, comments, and updates about them in their Chatter feeds. Chatter feeds appear on profile and group pages, the Home tab, topic pages, and on record pages. Typically, people see feed updates for: Posts, comments, and files on Chatter groups they’re a member of.

Is chatter an object in Salesforce?

Chatter is a powerful tool. It enables information sharing, collaboration, visibility, general and record-specific conversations, feed tracking for specific records or individuals, and the option to create public or private groups.

What is chatter in Salesforce?

Chatter is the enterprise collaboration platform from Salesforce and a CRM vendor. It can be used as a Company intranet and employee directory. Each employee has a profile page where complete details for an employee is given with its image, reporting manager, job responsibilities, location, and how to contact the employee etc. Employees may follow page or document both to collaborate on sales opportunities, campaigns, tasks, projects, service cases etc.

Why use Salesforce chatter?

From sales to marketing and management departments, the entire Company may use Chatter to tear down communication barriers and succeed as a team. Salesforce Chatter is the major communication platform that connects departments that have never communicated in the past.

What is Salesforce chatter API?

Salesforce Chatter REST API is generally used to display groups, profile, status update, real-time feeds etc, especially in mobile applications. Chatter REST API also gives programmatic access to files, topics, notifications, recommendations and more. Chatter REST API is similar to any other API like Facebook or Twitter but it exposes Salesforce features beyond Chatter. It is generally used to create custom experiences in the Salesforce. Here are considerations when should you choose Salesforce Chatter REST API.

How to use chatter API?

What is Salesforce Chatter REST API? 1 Chatter REST API is good to build a mobile application. 2 It can be used to integrate a third-party web app with Salesforce to notify groups of users about events. 3 It helps to display a feed on the external system like intranet site, once users are authenticated well. 4 It helps to integrate actionable feeds with third-party sites. For example, one application posts Chatter items to Twitter whenever post include the #tweet hashtag. 5 It helps to create simple games to interact with feeds for notifications. 6 It helps to create a custom and branded skin for Chatter for your organization.

Why is Twitter feed important?

It helps to display a feed on the external system like intranet site, once users are authenticated well. It helps to integrate actionable feeds with third -party sites. For example, one application posts Chatter items to Twitter whenever post include the #tweet hashtag.

What is chatter group?

Chatter Groups. Chatter groups are created for the project members, direct team, or your entire business. It comes with multiple benefits with the most important collaboration among users with common interests for a particular subject.

What are quick actions in chatter?

Based on the org set up, you have multiple actions available on the chatter tab. The most popular standard quick actions are File, Link, Poll, Post, thanks, Questions etc. The best thing about these actions is that they are completely customizable and can be modified using Global Publisher Layouts. These options are available in Enterprise, unlimited, Database, and Developer editions.

Salesforce Chatter Features

Salesforce Chatter offers many features to boost collaboration between users. Chatter’s functionality mirrors that of a social media platform, with tagging, @mentioning, and more.

What is a Chatter Feed?

A Chatter Feed is a list of published posts. Chatter Feeds can be accessed from either:

Chatter Groups

Chatter Groups allow particular sets of users to collaborate on Salesforce. Groups have three visibility settings:

Chatter Email Digest

When you join a Chatter Group or decide to “Follow” a colleague, you will receive email notifications on their Chatter activity.

Chatter Feed Tracking

Chatter Feed Tracking on a record will display polls, posts, comments, and record updates. For record updates to appear, feed tracking must be enabled.

Attach Files

When a file is attached to a record, it is also added to the Notes and Attachment related list and stored in Files.

Salesforce Topics

You can create and add topics in Salesforce to Chatter posts or records; topics are added by including a Chatter post hashtag.

What is Salesforce chatter?

What is Salesforce chatter? Chatter in salesforce allows you to collaborate the people with each other in your organization. You can connect with your coworkers and you can share information securely in real time. You can create groups like Facebook groups such public groups and private groups and you can invite your coworkers to join those groups by using salesforce chatter. And also you share your comments, add images and you can like others comments/posts.

What happens when you enable chatter?

Once you enabled chatter, by default Global header will be enabled to your organization. And also by default you may fallow few users and records.

What is global header?

Global header will enable there you can search your sobject records, chatter feeds, Groups and users. – All users will automatically fallow when you enable this for organization with 15 or fewer users. – This functionality is automatically available for salesforce1 apps when you enable in your org.

Can you disable Salesforce chatter?

Salesforce Chatter:When you enable this functionality automatically this application permission will be enabled for all your profiles in slaesforce. If you don’t want to give this application permission to some profiles, you can disable this permission.

What is chatter in Salesforce?

Introduction to Chatter. Chatter is a Salesforce real-time collaboration application that lets your users work together, talk to each other, and share information. Chatter connects, engages, and motivates users to work efficiently across the organization, regardless of role or location.

What is chatter profile?

In Chatter, everyone has a profile page with a photo and work-related information. Easily discover which teams your coworkers are on, who their managers are, where they’re located, and how to contact them. One of the most useful communication tools in Chatter is following.

How to get email notifications in Salesforce?

To navigate to the Email Notifications page, users click the down arrow next to their name at the top of any Salesforce page and select My Settings. Under My Settings, they expand the Chatter node and click Email Notifications.

How many people do you follow on chatter?

When you turn on Chatter for your company, it sets up some “following” relationships automatically. For example, if your company has less than 16 Chatter users, all users automatically follow each other and up to 25 most recently used records. If your company has 16 users or more, they automatically follow up to 25 of their most recently used records. They also automatically follow up to 25 users in the company, including:

What is private chatter?

Private Chatter groups are a great way for product teams to collaborate and share confidential information. Private groups can also have external members. For example, create a private group to collaborate with customers or subject matter experts outside the company.

Can you unlist groups in Chatter?

Unlisted groups and group records are disabled by default. We enable them under Setup on the Chatter Settings page before we create our groups.

Is Salesforce a public group?

Salesforce provides various group types for different purposes and audiences. Public groups are visible and open to all employees. Anyone in the company can join a public group and post, comment, and add files to it. Private groups are open only to group members. People must request to join a private group.


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