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What is call deflection?

Call deflection is one of several forms of call diversion (also known as call forwarding) defined under the H.450.3 specification.

What is call deflection and how does it improve customer experience?

With call deflection, the customer remains in control. He has the opportunity to switch to digital channels, but he can proceed with the call if he prefers. After understanding the concept of call deflection, you may be wondering how it improves customer experience. There are a number of benefits, both for customers and companies.

What are the requirements to initiate call deflection?

The requirements to initiate call deflection are as follows: Text/SMS is a channel often used for call deflection because it is versatile. SMS is reliable, fast, can integrate text and links, and does not require consuming mobile data. Facebook Messenger is one of the most widely used messaging channels for businesses.

How does chatdesk shift improve call deflection?

Chatdesk Shift improves call deflection by automatically detecting if a call is coming from a cell phone and then automatically offers to send the caller a link to a faster digital channel via text message or self service. These messages are: Customizable with your brand’s copy


What is call deflection?

Call deflection is a feature of voice over IP (VoIP) that automatically redirects a call from the called endpoint to another endpoint (usually a voice mailbox) when the called endpoint is busy. Call deflection is one of several forms of call diversion (also known as call forwarding) defined under the H.

How do you measure call deflection?

Once we know the number of calls deflected, we need to assign a value to these calls. This can be calculated by dividing the total cost of the current customer service call center (people + technology + overheads) by the total number of calls received during this period.

What is case deflection Salesforce?

The Case Deflection component searches text as it’s being entered into the Contact Support Form component, and returns relevant articles and discussions. If users don’t get the answer they need, they can continue with their request for support.

What is deflection strategy?

For this effort, we define deflection as a strategy to bounce action or responsibility away from oneself and toward another person, time, or place.

Which solutions can be used to improve call deflection?

Create Low-Touch Customer Support Channels Another method of call deflection that also enhances brand loyalty is to create an online community where customers can support one another. Social media groups are a low-resource way of offering these interactive spaces where people can help each other in real-time.

What is deflection in customer service?

Call deflection is a technique of re-routing a customer’s call to an alternate channel of customer care. Contact center executives have argued over the years that call deflection is the most effective way to reduce costs by moving customers to lower cost ‘digital’ channels.

What is a case deflection?

Case deflection is the rate at which customers are able to find their own answers to issues that they would have otherwise called support. Essentially, they intended to submit a case, but helpful resources or content made available to them eliminated the need for live customer service assistance.

How do you increase case deflection?

Here’s how you can do that.Make Relevant Content Available From Different Channels. … Evolve and Improve Community Content With Rich, Actionable Insights. … Predict Issues Proactively to Deflect Cases. … Infuse AI-Fueled Intelligence in Chatbots for Maximum Benefits. … Convert Your Agents Into Superagents to Propel Case Deflection.

What is an example of deflection?

Say someone hit you in a traffic accident and they say, “Well, you shouldn’t have been in the lane I wanted to be in!” This is an example of deflection, as being in a lane is not wrong, but you being there caused the other person to do wrong.

What causes deflection?

Different types of load can cause deflections. These include point loads, uniformly distributed loads, wind loads, shear loads as well as ground pressure and earthquakes, to name but a few. When a load produces a deflection that is too great, the component may fail.

What is chatbot deflection rate?

Deflection rate is calculated by taking the total number of chat conversations during customer service hours and dividing it into the number of conversations transferred to an agent, subtracting the result from one, and multiplying the figure by one hundred for a percentage of chatbot-deflected conversations.

What is Call Deflection 302?

Use Call Deflection (302) is simply unconditional forwarding on 3CX Server (extension level). So you don’t have to do it on deskphone itself.

How do you measure self-service?

6 steps for measuring self-service successStep 1: Set goals for your Help Center. … Step 2: Choose your success metrics. … Step 3: Retrieve the data. … Step 4: Build a reporting dashboard. … Step 5: Take action following your analysis. … Step 6: Make ongoing improvements.

What does Case deflection mean?

Case deflection is the rate at which customers are able to find their own answers to issues that they would have otherwise called support. Essentially, they intended to submit a case, but helpful resources or content made available to them eliminated the need for live customer service assistance.

What is call deflection?

Call deflection is simply the strategy of encouraging customers to text or message instead of call. Call deflection has a number of benefits, including: Each of these benefits improves both team efficiency and also customer satisfaction.

How to encourage customers to text rather than call?

The easiest way to encourage customers to text rather than call is to publicize your textable number or messaging platforms on your website. Add your textable number to the front page of your website, any other relevant pages, and your contact page . If you have the data, mention the average response time of your messaging team;

Is call deflection logical?

Call deflection may seem logical, but understanding a concept and applying it to your business are two different things. Here are three examples to help you brainstorm ways to apply call deflection to your business.

What is call deflection?

Call deflection is a technique that aims to temporarily reduce inbound call volume to a contact center, call center, or help desk by routing callers to alternative digital or self-service channels.

Use call deflection strategically to provide a better customer experience

Often, call deflection is thought of as a strategy aimed at reducing costs for businesses. This is a key benefit of call deflection, but nowadays it’s all about creating the best customer experience.

What is Call Deflection?

Call deflection or IVR deflection is any mix of techniques to stop call center calls, manage high call volume, and reduce wait time by giving customers the option to switch to a faster channel, like self-help or chat.

Advantages of Increasing Call Deflection Rate

Increased customer satisfaction with 90%+ Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter (NPS) scores

Old Fashioned Call Deflection

The most common technique for call deflection is to pre-record a message about other channels that plays while customers are waiting on hold in your phone menu or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu. Have you heard this before?

Call Deflection Use Cases

Some brands receive a large number of inbound calls about delivery and order status. One of our customers, Living Spaces, ships furniture nationwide. They have a self-serve tool on their website, where their customers can check their order status. Living Spaces uses Chatdesk Shift to deflect some of their inbound calls to the self-help tool.

See the difference for yourself

We’ll show you how Chatdesk can supercharge your customer support team, helping them drive more revenue, achieve greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What is call deflection?

Call deflection is a technique used to transfer an incoming customer call to an alternate channel such as messaging. It can be more cost-effective for the business and more convenient for the customer.

Why is call deflection important?

Easier management of interactions for companies . Call deflection also brings several benefits to companies. Phone calls are generally more expensive than digital channels: according to McKinsey, adopting digital channels can reduce costs by up to 40%.

What does asynchronous call deflection mean?

Even if the reply is not instantaneous, the asynchronous character of digital means that they do not need to stay focused on the interaction, like it’s the case on the phone. Call deflection also allows customers to run some specific actions more simply and safely.

Is cost reduction the main objective of call deflection?

Cost reduction is an appealing aspect for companies, but it should not be the main objective of a call deflection strategy. When deploying call deflection, the priority should be the customer’s experience, like any initiative concerning their journey.


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