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Can you use Apttus on Salesforce?

As Salesforce has its own Cloud offering, the tool can be used on-premise or on the cloud (just as the need demands). What is the role of Apttus in Salesforce? Apttus Omni is built atop of Salesforce, which is one of the most scalable and most secure platform clouds.

What is Apttus software?

Apttus, in simple words, is a quote-to-cash software provider that drives important business processes between a potential buyer’s purchase and the revenue realization. It is also the Organization dealing with leading Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software, E-commerce, and Contract Management software.

Who are the rivals of Salesforce and Apttus?

Salesforce & Apttus CPQs are the two big rivals when you plan on taking up a quote-to-cash solution for your company. Both of them are big players of the platform and operate effectively. But you still need to choose the ideal one that would deliver you as per your expectations.

Is Apttus CPQ a competitor to Salesforce CPQ?

That means Apttus Quote-to-Cash solutions inherits Salesforce innovations like mobile access, advanced analytics, and the ability to run business in multiple currencies and languages. It is a competitor to Salesforce CPQ itself. If you have other questions, let me know!


What is apttus software?

Apttus’ software was originally developed to leverage the Salesforce customer relationship management platform, but it has since been integrated with Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud as well. In September 2018, private equity firm Thoma Bravo purchased a majority stake in Apttus.

How much did Apttus get in 2018?

By the time of its 2018 buyout, Apttus had received a total of $404 million in investment capital from five rounds of fundraising, which gave the company a valuation of approximately $1.3 billion, as of September 2016.

Why did Krappe leave Aptus?

In July 2018, Krappe departed Apttus with little warning, a move later reported to have been driven by accusations of sexual assault and misrepresentations of the company’s financial performance . The allegations, which became public on November 1, 2018 with the publication of a Business Insider investigative piece, highlighted a company sales retreat at the One&Only Palmilla resort near Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, during which Krappe reportedly sexually assaulted a 26-year-old female business development employee. Other allegations accused Krappe of presenting misleading data on Apttus’ size and financial health, and at the time of the report, there were “several” sexual harassment claims underway, as well as three lawsuits over the financial misrepresentation issues.

Who is the founder of Apttus?

Apttus was founded in 2006 by Kirk Krappe, Neehar Giri, and Kent Perkocha. The three co-founders reportedly developed the company from ideas written down on napkins in a laundry room. Krappe served as the company’s first CEO, with Giri as Chief Solutions Officer and Perkocha as Chief Customer Officer.

Is Apttus a violation of Wikipedia?

Apttus. This article may have been created or edited in return for undisclosed payments, a violation of Wikipedia’s terms of use . It may require cleanup to comply with Wikipedia’s content policies, particularly neutral point of view. (December 2020)

What is Apttus Omni?

The Apttus Omni is built on top of Salesforce and it is the most secure and scalable cloud platform for enterprises. This means Apttus Quote-to-cash solutions include Salesforce’s amazing features that it provides to its customers. Such as mobile access, analytics, run business in multiple segments and areas, etc. Furthermore, Salesforce CPQ drives the organization by application acquisition, productivity, and acceleration with an intuitive and flexible architecture.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

Salesforce CPQ is software offered by Salesforce itself and it is a sales tool for the companies that provide accurate pricing for the given product. Moreover, Salesforce CPQ provides the sales team easy to use software compatible with any device during their sales process.

Does Apttus CPQ use standard platform products?

The tool Apttus CPQ doesn’t use standard platform products such as Price Book Entry. It utilizes custom order objects, order products, contacts, etc. It also stores the iterations of the cart well. Moreover, Apttus CPQ is flexible in usage for its users. Users can able to rapidly test and deploy new pricing models using this tool.

What is Apttus Max AI?

Apttus has released Max AI, a fascinating application of artificial intelligence that can be used by salespeople to build effective quotes based on instant comparisons to your company’s top reps.

What is Salesforce AI?

Salesforce’s AI, Einstein, also gives recommendations based on quote scoring and can be used for predictive offerings. Salesforce CPQ does everything that you need a quote-to-cash platform to do, including guided selling, rule configuration, orders/renewals, automated and subscription billing, among many other tasks.

Does Apttus have integrations?

Apttus does offer integrations with their partners, but it’s at a much smaller scale. More of the onus of development falls to Apttus itself, and it’s less likely that, if the base product can’t do what you need it to, you’ll be able to find an integration or a partner that can bridge that functionality gap.

Does Apttus have a quote to cash?

In addition, Apttus offers the full gamut that your quote-to-cash process requires, like CPQ, e-commerce, and contract management. Salesforce has based its quote-to-cash offering off of the same powerful, easy-to-use design language that has made it an industry leader in CRM.

What is apttus CPQ?

Apttus CPQ. 1. Apttus CPQ has multiple quoting functionality, you can draft and save quotes with pricing features. 2. It proposes to upsell or cross-sell recommendations. 3. You can change the price of your product or service offerings with Apttus CPQ. 4.

How to reach out to Apttus CPQ?

You can reach out to the Apttus CPQ team through phone, online chat, or video tutorials, whereas Salesforce CPQ is available over the phone and has a knowledge base to let the customers find solutions for all their problems.

How much does Salesforce CPQ cost?

There are three pricing plans of Salesforce CPQ that include CPQ Plan at $75 per month, CPQ Plus Plan at $150 per month, and CPQ+Billing Plan at a custom pricing plan. The Salesforce CPQ pricing plan breakdown is as follows:

What is CPQ in Apttus?

Apttus CPQ is a sales tool that operates as a multi-channel remedy for medium and large enterprises to avail their price quoting, quote dealings, and configuration services. There is no such estimated pricing info mentioned by Apttus as you need to reach out to them for a demo and then request the price quote based upon your business requirements. As per the reviews are concerned, the services are not too costly.

What is the best tool for configuring prices and vendor quotes?

1. It is the best tool for configuring prices and vendor quotes.#N#2. It is a perfect outsourcing tool for NetSuite.#N#3. It is easy to track and improve sales metrics with the use of Apttus CPQ.#N#4. The developer guide is truly intuitive, and you will find it easy to follow.#N#5. It comes with the community & partner portal for additional help.

Does Apttus have AI?

Apttus is equipped with Max-AI, which is the sole efficacy of its CPQ used by the salespeople to generate effective quotes as per the requirements. The AI also chats with the salespersons to give recommendations based upon the quotes. Moreover, Apttus CPQ also offers to cross-sell & upsell opportunities for giving out optimal pricing strategies.

Does Salesforce help with expansion?

Every business undergoes expansion at some point in time. Therefore, the software they use and the platforms they rely on must also contribute positively to the expansion phase. Both Salesforce, as well as Apttus CPQ, are coming up to assist the expansion phase of the businesses.

What is the pivot back to Salesforce?

The Apttus pivot back to Salesforce does several things. First, it acknowledges that Salesforce is a powerhouse in the market . Second, it also acknowledges that CPQ should be an integral part of your sales platform, not functionality that is bolted-on in the middle. Finally, it re-ignites a competitive environment where both companies must realize their respective visions in order to differentiate. By executing their roadmaps, both Apttus and Salesforce will be able to clearly define the cases and subsequent markets that are best suited for their own strengths.

Is Apttus still in Salesforce?

Apttus is looking to more actively compete in the Salesforce ecosystem again. As we said above, Apttus never abandoned Salesforce. However, their focus over the past few years has been on building a multi-platform approach (Salesforce, Microsoft, and IBM) and in eCommerce, AI, and behavioral apps. Apttus also appears to be focusing product development primarily on CPQ and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) and limiting development on products such as billing and incentive compensation.

What is Quote to Cash (CPQ)?

CPQ stands for Configuration, Pricing, and Quoting. It is used in the quote to price process that helps businesses in generating quotes in a seamless manner and rapidly. The CPQ process helps the sales team of a business in many ways and manages the entire cash process as per the requirements.

What is Salesforce CPQ?

It is a platform that helps businesses manage & organize customer lifecycle with its impeccable capabilities with Sales Cloud integration.

What is CPQ Apttus?

It is also one of the most popular CPQ platforms in the world. Built on Salesforce’s Force.com platform, Apttus CPQ claims itself to be an end-to-end CPQ platform. The tool is compact with X Author technology that enables seamless generation of price quotes. Businesses can excellently manage even the most complex pricing rules.

Comparison Between Salesforce CPQ and Apttus CPQ

Support Platforms – Both platforms have a strong web-based support platform. However, Salesforce CPQ additionally has iPhone app support, whereas Apttus CPQ gives support to the Windows Phone app.


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