What is approval process in salesforce


Approval Process in Salesforce is an automated process that an organization uses to approve records in Salesforce. Records submitted for approval are approved by the users in the organization. These users are called as Approvers.


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How many types of approval processes are there in Salesforce?

Salesforce approval process. Salesforce approval process is an automated process and your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce, An approval process is combination of steps for a record to be approved and person has to approve it each step.A step can apply to all the records to that object or just record that meets the certain criteria.

How to implement Salesforce successfully?

  • Prioritize data hygiene. Your business may need to clean up and standardize existing data to improve its quality and resolve or prevent duplicate data. …
  • Integrate your data. Next, your organization will need to connect all existing Salesforce apps to Customer 360. …
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers. …

How to be successful with Salesforce?

  • Analyze what the needs of the users are, then design, test, and develop software that meets those needs
  • Design Salesforce solutions and create effective project plans. …
  • Suggest new software upgrades for the customers’ existing apps, programs, and systems

More items…

What is the best Salesforce implementation process?

  2. Recommendations
  3. Feeds

What is approval process in Salesforce with example?

An approval process also specifies the actions to take when a record is approved, rejected, recalled, or first submitted for approval. For example, when an employee creates a time-off request, have Salesforce automatically sends an approval request to the employee’s manager.

What is a approval process?

An approval process is a type of workflow which comprises a series of steps that a work must pass to be approved. The steps typically involve different departments and employees who review the work and either approve or reject it.

What is the difference between workflow and approval process in Salesforce?

The major differences between workflow rules and approval processes in Salesforce lie not only in the purposes of their use but also in when and how they are triggered. As such, when a user manually presses the “Submit for approval” button on their request, the approval process activates.

What is an approval request in Salesforce?

Approval Request. An approval request is an email, Salesforce app notification, Lightning Experience notification, or Chatter post. The approval request notifies the recipients that a record was submitted for them to approve. Approval Steps Approval steps define the chain of approval for a particular approval process.

How many approval steps Salesforce?

Required EditionsPer-Org LimitValueActive approval processes1,000Total approval processes2,000Active approval processes per object300Total approval processes per object5007 more rows

What is two step approval process in Salesforce?

On the second approval step “Automatically assign using the user field selected earlier. (Manager)” is selected. The problem is that the approval goes to the person’s manager who approved in the first step. Not the Manager of the person who submitted the record to be approved.

What is the difference between process builder and approval process?

Hi Sushant, In Process Builder You submit record for Approval. You need to specify the name of Approval process to which you want to submit the record. Approver and other details will be defined on Approval process.

What is difference between workflow and approval process?

An approval process is triggered by explicitly clicking the “Submit for Approval” button. Workflow consists of a single step and single-action Approval process consists of multiple steps.

Can we update parent field in workflow?

For updating related records, Process Builder can update any field on any related record, where Workflow can only update some fields on a parent record of a Master-Detail relationship.

Can approval process send email?

You can dynamically choose the record owner’s email address to send an email alert. Below is the example of Approval Process for an opportunity record. 1.

How do I submit approval in Salesforce?

Submit a Record for ApprovalGo to the record that you want to submit for approval.Make sure it’s ready to be submitted. Before you can submit a record for approval, it must meet the criteria for an active approval process. … Click Submit for Approval.

What is queue in Salesforce?

Salesforce queues are lists of records that have no owner. The records that are not assigned to anyone are added to a queue, and any queue member can take ownership of those records. One with queue authority can go through the records in the queue and take responsibility for the ones they wish.

Why do you need an approval process?

Without approvals then your content can never be officially finished. But with an approval process-flow, you can remain productive and keep your project chugging along. It also helps to keep things on budget, which every organization can appreciated.

What is document approval process?

A document approval workflow is the strategic sequence of steps and tasks a team needs to complete to review and approve internal and external deliverables. A typical document approval workflow might look something like this: Document sent for review. Document either approved or rejected.

What is application to approval process?

An approval process is a type of business process that includes steps to formally approve work from different levels of the organization. The work can include budgets, invoices, project outlines, marketing initiatives, or any other items that need a series of approvals from different departments.

Why is approval process important?

Miscommunication and mistakes are also greatly decreased when everyone’s part in an approval process is clear and defined. Forms, documents, and information are automatically sent to the right person(s) every time. No more approval delays as emails are forwarded around the company in search of the right person.

What is Salesforce approval process & How to Create Approval Process in Salesforce

In our previous Salesforce Training we have learned about Salesforce Workflow Rule and Workflow Actions. In this Salesforce Tutorial we are going to learn about what is Salesforce Approval process and also we learn how to create Salesforce Approval Process with an example.

How to create Salesforce approval process?

Now let us consider an example where all invoices which are greater than 10000 rupees the invoice must be approved by the Supervisor. While creating Salesforce Approval Process we there are 8 steps involved.

What is Salesforce approval?

As mentioned, the Salesforce approval process extends workflow functionality. When defining an approval process, keep in mind that the organization needs to specify who must approve the record and in what order the approval flow must go. This allows the organization to set up initial actions, actions on various steps in the process, and even actions for after the record has been fully approved (or rejected).

What is a sales rep’s incentive?

Let’s say that a sales rep is able to offer discounts to clients and potential clients. This is a great incentive to obtain and retain sales, and the sales reps have a certain degree of autonomy and discretion in offering these discounts.

Basic Approval Steps – What would you like to do Now?

We have 3 options below as mentioned in the image. We will go with the first option → Go. (Why we have selected the first option only?, It is that we need to create the step soon after the basic approval process steps are completed or else it is useless until we create a step on the above of the Basic Approval Steps)

Field Update- Step – What would you like to do Now?

We have 3 options in which, what if the Approval Process is Approved/Rejected. And, to perform which action (Filed Update / Email alert / Task / Outbound Message) will be decided on approved or rejected status.

Output For Approval Process Created

The output for the approval process created is explained in the below video.

How to provide approval access to multiple users?

log into Salesforce → Setup → Build → Create → Workflow & Approvals → Approval Process → Create New Approval Process → Use Standard Setup, Wizard →

What Is the Approval Process in Salesforce Needed for?

Dwelling on the reasons why such approvals are beneficial, it is more than safe to state that when using automation tools wisely, companies (including nonprofit organizations using Salesforce) can optimize their work processes and save both time and money. Having well-working Salesforce approval procedures based on outlined rules can help to:

Salesforce Approval Process Use Cases

One of the top ways you can make use of the approval process in Salesforce is for offering discounts. While salespeople are used to giving out generous, rounded up discounts, qualifying each of such offers through the approval cycle will set specific boundaries and eliminate excessive spending.

Before You Start Your Setup

When certified Salesforce admins set up the approval process, they should take into account many factors. Thus, it makes sense to roll out a “blueprint” of your expectations prior to starting your setup process and to use the best practices of other companies. Often, this can be carried out in a Salesforce Scratch Org that’s used as a playground.

Salesforce Approval Process Guide: Approval Process Case Description

GBN Motors is a car dealership with a team of 15 sales representatives. Using Salesforce, they’ve decided to set up an approval process that would help to coordinate and organize the procedure of client giveaways.

2. Create and Manage the Salesforce Approval Process

Now that all the preparation work is finalized, it’s time to proceed to the actual setup.


So, to summarize, we’ve learned that the opportunities for applying Salesforce approval processes are boundless. With clearly set up rules, roles, and workflows, problems such as overlaps in employees’ paid time off requests become history.

Is approval process easy to understand?

Approval Process can be incredibly complex processes, but the builder tool, and the way it’s displayed, make it very easy to understand, even for a beginner Administrator. In this guide, I’ll walk through a very simple example, because Approval Processes can be extremely varied.

Is Salesforce approval offline?

The most important part of the Approval Process isn ’t in Salesforce at all, it’s offline, with the person who is making this request. Schedule an information gathering session, and determine the details you’ll need to get started.

What is Salesforce approval process?

An approval process automates how records are approved in Salesforce. An approval process specifies each step of approval, including who to request approval from and what to do at each point of the process.

What is the approval process?

Approval steps define the chain of approval for a particular approval process. Each step determines which records can advance to that step, who to assign approval requests to, and whether to let each approver’s delegate respond to the requests. The first step specifies what to do if a record doesn’t advance to that step. Later steps specify what happens if an approver rejects the request.

What is Salesforce record locking?

Record locking prevents users from editing a record, regardless of field-level security or sharing settings. By default, Salesforce locks records that are pending approval. Only admins can edit locked records.

When is a new process instance created?

A new process instance node is created each time a record enters a step in an approval process. No process instance node is created when the record doesn’t meet the step criteria or if the approval process instance is otherwise completed without entering the step.


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