What is ant migration tool salesforce


Salesforce Ant Migration tool is a command-line tool that allows users to utilize sets of metadata changes from one platform to another by creating code packages manually. The developer builds the packages and organizes them into a single folder which is then utilized using the ANT Migration tool.

The Ant migration tool is a free tool provided by Salesforce. It is a Java/Ant based command line utility for moving metadata between a local folder and an org. It’s also known as the Force.com migration tool.


Is the Ant Migration Tool included in the Salesforce Master subscription?

Note The Ant Migration Tool is a free resource provided by Salesforce to support its users and partners, but is not considered part of our Services for purposes of the Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement. Was this information helpful? Let us know so we can improve!

What is the Ant Migration Tool?

Ant Migration Tool. The Ant Migration Tool is a Java/Ant-based command-line utility for moving metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce org. The Ant Migration Tool is especially useful in the following scenarios.

What is the Salesforce migration tool?

The Force.com migration tool is a Java/Ant based command line utility that let’s Salesforce developers access the Salesforce metadata API indirectly to move Apex and configuration changes between Orgs. The Salesforce metadata API is a SOAP API that allows you to push and retrieve some metadata types (see below).

What is Apache Ant in Salesforce?

Apache Ant is a Java library and command-line tool. Ant was originally used for building Java applications, but Salesforce.com supplies extra libraries to enable Ant to move metadata between a local directory and a Salesforce org. The Ant-Salesforce Libraries are known as the Force.com Migration Tool.


How do I do ANT migration in Salesforce?

Using the Ant Migration ToolEnter credentials and connection information for source Salesforce organization in build. … Create retrieve targets in build. … Construct a project manifest in package. … Run the Ant Migration Tool to retrieve metadata files from Salesforce.More items…

How do I use ANT deployment in Salesforce?

Using the Ant Migration Tool to Deploy ChangesVerify that the JDK and Ant are installed correctly by opening a command prompt, and entering ant –version . … Download the . … Unzip the downloaded file to the directory of your choice. … The Ant Migration Tool uses the ant-salesforce.More items…

How do I set up an ANT tool in Salesforce?

ANT setup for Salesforce MigrationDownload Apache Ant version 1.6 or newer to a directory of your choice: http://ant.apache.org/bindownload.cgi. … Add the bin directory to your path. … If you are using a Windows operation system, create an ANT_HOME environment variable and set the value to where you have installed Ant.

What is data migration in Salesforce?

Salesforce data migration aims to verify your data once it is compiled into a singular location to guarantee comprehensive data integrity. Understanding and trusting your data is an important part of knowing how to use it. Your system data needs to be cared—especially if the information contained is sensitive.

How do I set up an ant migration tool?

Install the Ant Migration ToolDownload the . zip file of the Spring ’22 Ant Migration Tool. (You can also download a . zip file containing a preview version of the Summer ’22 Ant Migration Tool.) … Save the . zip file locally, and extract the contents to the directory of your choice.

What type of tool is Apache Ant?

Apache Ant is a software tool for automating software build processes which originated from the Apache Tomcat project in early 2000 as a replacement for the Make build tool of Unix. It is similar to Make, but is implemented using the Java language and requires the Java platform.

What is Ant Maven?

Maven is a build automation framework based on the concept of a project object model(pom) Ant is a Java library and command line tool whose can be used to compile your code, fetching dependencies and for packaging. 2. Tool/Framework.

What are the deployment tools in Salesforce?

7 options for deploying Salesforce changes(1) Salesforce Setup (Free)(2) ANT Migration Tool (Free)(3) First Generation Packaging (Free)(4) Change Sets (Free)(5) Third-Party release management tools (Paid)(6) Salesforce DX (Free with limits)(7) DevOps Center (Developer preview)

What is gearset in Salesforce?

Gearset is a cloud-based DevOps app that works as a release management solution enabling Salesforce teams to easily deploy between Salesforce environments, back up data, and monitor changes.

What are the three data migration tools available?

Open source data migration toolsApache NiFi.CloverETL.Myddleware.Pentaho.Talend Open Studio.

What is data migration tools?

Data migration tools are used for moving data from one storage system to another. They do this through a process of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data to ensure that its form is compatible with its new storage location.

How do I migrate data in Salesforce?

Go to Admin Settings > Data Import > Salesforce migration . In the Import Data from Salesforce overlay, fulfill these activities before clicking the checkbox….CSV files from the downloaded Salesforce zip file,Leads.Contacts.Accounts.Deals (Opportunities)Tasks.Appointments (Events)Notes.

What is ANT in Salesforce?

ANT is a tool to help you move Metadata (information such as Objects/Reports/Apex Classes/Visualforce Pages) between different Salesforce environments. Once configured, ANT allows you to easily move configuration from one Salesforce environment to another with a series of simple text commands that you enter into a Terminal window on your computer.

How do I get ANT?

If the flexibility of being able to move your Salesforce configuration between environments quickly and via a single command via your terminal has piqued your interest, have a go at setting up ANT and see if you can move a single item of your choice from environment A to environment B.

Can ANT deploy from a production org?

For example, you can only deploy a change set from a production org and its sandbox, or two sandboxes created from the same org can send or receive change sets. ANT can deploy configuration from one Salesforce environment to a completely unrelated second environment.

Can you use ANT with Salesforce?

If each developer worked independently, you may not know whether their work will be compatible with the other. ANT helps with this by giving you a powerful way to keep 2 (or more) Salesforce Orgs synchronised throughout your development process.

Can Salesforce developers package up changes?

A Salesforce developer can also package up changes to an unmanaged package. This would allow you to take some code from Salesforce Environment 1 and deploy it to an unrelated Salesforce Environment 2.

Where is the lib directory in Ant?

The lib directory is located in the root folder of your Ant installation. You don’t need to copy the new jar file to the Ant lib directory. If you plan to run the tool from a directory other than its installation directory, modify the build.xml file to indicate the location of the ant-salesforce.jar file.

Does Winter 22 Ant Migration require authentication?

Download the .zip file of the Winter ’22 Ant Migration Tool. The download link doesn’t require authentication to Salesforce. If you’re logged in to Salesforce, we recommend you log out before accessing the link in your browser.

What is an Ant Migration Tool?

Ant Migration is a tool provided by Salesforce. It’s used to migrating metadata between local files and Salesforce environment (org).


package.xml file contains a list of components, which we want deploy to org or retrieve from salesforce environment (org).
Partially list of components (metadata type) we can use in package.xml:

What is Salesforce Ant Migration?

The Ant migration tool is a free tool and a Java/Ant-based command-line utility that is provided by Salesforce. It’s also known as the Force.com migration tool. This tool defines that all interactions that take place within it are managed via the Command Line Interface (CLI). Salesforce Ant Migration tool allows retrieving the metadata XML locally, deploying to the various environments by just running a few commands in the command prompt. Furthermore, it allows users to deploy sets of metadata changes from one environment to another by building code packages.

What is ANT migration?

ANT Migration tool is a command-line utility to retrieve, deploy or delete metadata from a Salesforce Org. With the Salesforce Ant Migration tool, you can migrate metadata between local files and Salesforce org. It helps you migrate Metadata information such as Objects/Reports/Apex Classes/Visualforce Pages/Aura components between different Salesforce environments. After the configuration, ANT allows you to move Metadata from one Salesforce environment to another quickly.

What is ant deployCodeCheckOnly?

Issue the command: ant deployCodeCheckOnly This will Validate the deployment without actually deploying it on the Destination org, just like your standard Change Set validation. You can see the validation result on the Destination org as well on the Command Prompt.

Can ANT migration be automated?

4. The deployment process can be automated and controlled more accurately with the help of ANT Migration.


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