What is an object in salesforce give examples


What is Object in Salesforce?

  • Instance (instance is a mechanism of allocating sufficient amount of memory space for data members of a class) of a…
  • Class variable is known as an object.
  • Grouped item (grouped item is a variable which allows us to store more than one value) is known as an object.
  • Value form of a class is known as an object.

1. Standard Objects: The objects provided by salesforce.com is called standard objects. Examples of standard objects are accounts, contacts, opportunities, Leads, products, campaigns, cases, users, contracts, Report, and dashboards, etc.


How do I create a custom object in Salesforce?

Upload Your Spreadsheet

  • Open this spreadsheet and save it. …
  • Click the setup cog and select Setup.
  • Click the Object Manager tab.
  • Click Create.
  • Select Custom Object from Spreadsheet .
  • Click Log in with Salesforce.
  • Enter your Trailhead Playground username (listed in the email you just received) and password that you reset in the previous section.
  • Click Log In.
  • Click Allow.

More items…

What are Salesforce standard objects?

  • Checkbox —for fields that are a simple “yes” or “no,” a checkbox field is what you want.
  • Date or DateTime —these field types represent dates or date/time combinations, like birthdays or sales milestones.
  • Formula —this special field type holds a value that’s automatically calculated based on a formula that you write. …

What is an external object in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, go to Build, click the drop-down arrow next to Develop.
  • Next to the orderID field in Custom Fields & Relationships, click Edit and then click Change Field Type.
  • Select External Lookup Relationship as the data type, and click Next.
  • For the Related To value, select Orders and then click Next.

How do I create a case in Salesforce?

How to Create a Case in Salesforce

  • Overview. During the lifecycle of an interaction with a customer, partner, or even employee, you reach a point where you need to open a case in Salesforce.
  • Build on the Past. …
  • Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery. …
  • Case Requirements. …
  • Gather Your Data. …
  • Creating Your Case. …
  • Continue Your Flow. …

What are objects in Salesforce?

Salesforce objects are database tables that permit you to store data that is specific to an organization. Salesforce objects are of two types: Standard Objects: Standard objects are the kind of objects that are provided by salesforce.com such as users, contracts, reports, dashboards, etc.

What are different types of objects in Salesforce?

Salesforce supports several different types of objects. There are standard objects, custom objects, external objects, platform events, and BigObjects. In this module, we focus on the two most common types of objects: standard and custom.

What is objects and fields in Salesforce?

Salesforce objects and fields are analogous to database tables and the table columns. Objects and fields structure data. For example, the central object in the Salesforce data model represents accounts—companies and organizations involved with your business, such as customers, partners, and competitors.

What is an example of a custom object in Salesforce?

For example, a courier company can create a custom object to store the schedule and dispatch details for every week. So these objects store the data that is unique to the business. The custom objects can also have custom fields along with the standard fields available in Salesforce.

What is the difference between object and field?

A field is one data point within an object (e.g. “First Name” on the lead object). A record is row of field data within an object (e.g. the lead “John Smith”). An object is comprised of its field definitions and records.

What is an object and what does it do?

An object is an abstract data type with the addition of polymorphism and inheritance. Rather than structure programs as code and data, an object-oriented system integrates the two using the concept of an “object”. An object has state (data) and behavior (code). Objects can correspond to things found in the real world.

How many objects are in Salesforce?

There are three kinds of Salesforce objects. Standard Objects − The objects already created for you by the Salesforce platform. Custom Objects − These are the objects created by you based on your business processes. External Objects − The objects which you create map to the data stored outside your organization.

Is API an object?

Object APIs main purpose is to provide basic information about one or all clients objects. Object API can request either for one specific object, or if no objects are specified, the API will return clients’ all existing objects.

What is difference between Tab and object in Salesforce?

Tab in Salesforce is a User Interface to build records for objects and view records in objects. Objects are the database tables that permit us to store data specific to the organization. … Standard Objects are provided by salesforce.com like users, contracts, reports, or dashboards etc.

What is Sandbox in Salesforce?

A sandbox is simply a copy of your database you can use to test new ideas. Oftentimes, when you work with a consultant on new functionality for your database they will build and demonstrate it for you in a sandbox before it becomes part of your actual database.

What are record types in Salesforce?

“Record types let you offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. You might create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different picklist values for each.

What is Account object in Salesforce?

Salesforce Account Objects signify an individual or an enterprise to which the Salesforce platform provides its services. These are standard in Salesforce and can store all the relevant information related to the enterprise e.g., Market Segmentation, Competition, Customer Base, etc.

Difference between standard and custom objects in Salesforce

The following table describes the differences between the standard and custom objects:

External objects

External objects are similar to custom objects. They allow you to map the data which are stored outside your Salesforce organization. Each external object trusts on an external data source definition such as Salesforce Connect or OData to connect with the external system’s data.

What are the different types of Salesforce objects?

There are three popular types of objects in Salesforce, let us salesforce objects definition for your knowledge. Standard Objects – These are the objects already created by Salesforce for your project. Custom Objects – As the name suggests, these custom objects are created by you based on your business needs.

What is a lead in Salesforce?

In simple terms, A lead is the sales prospect who has shown interest in your product. This is necessary to get the complete details of the Lead with different fields like Name, Company name, Designation, Contact details, interests etc. When a lead is converted, accounts, contacts, and opportunities records are created. Here are the few popular lead objects completely suitable for your organization –

What is the second most important standard object?

Account. After Lead, the second most important standard object is Account that you should master. This could be an organization, industry, or business name. Your current customer may the individual or it may be the Company interested in buying your products or services.

Can you have multiple contacts in an account object?

Unlike Lead Object, you can always design hierarchies with Account object. An account object could have multiple contacts, cases, locations or opportunities associated with it. Here are a few Account object fields that you should know. These are the Name, Industry, and the Type etc.

Is Salesforce easy to understand?

As soon as you will log in to the Salesforce, you can quickly check the list of available objects for your project. Luckily, Salesforce is not complex and easy to understand with the right training and certification program.

How to look at objects in Salesforce

Practically, in Salesforce, you’re looking at these ‘spreadsheet tabs’ in the UI at the top of the page. So if I want to see my company data, I’m clicking the Accounts tab. At which point, I see my list view. If you ever wanted to visualize these relationships, you can have an admin look up the Schema Builder in the Setup tab:

Object design is architecture design

It may seem to be overthinking things, but being a stickler for “object-oriented” architecture, where we are very thoughtful about where data belongs, is truly the foundation for clarity, organization, and data completeness.

What is an object contact?

The standard object Contact indicates a person who is associated with an account. For example, an employee would be the contact while the company the employee works for would be the account. Some of the important fields in this object include the following:

What is an account object?

The Account object is probably the next most important standard object you need to know. An account is an organization. This can be just about any kind of organization that is somehow involved with your business–your current customers, companies that wish to buy your goods/services, businesses that you’ve partnered with, competitors, or non-profit entities. Unlike with the Lead object, hierarchies can be created within the Account object.. This is very important, as an Account may have multiple contacts, locations, cases, or opportunities attached to it. Here are some of the important fields to track in the Account object:

What are Salesforce objects?

Objects already created for you by Salesforce are called standard objects. Objects you create in your organization are called custom objects. Objects you create that map to data stored outside your organization are called external objects.

What is a big object in Salesforce?

Big Objects. A big object stores and manages massive amounts of data on the Salesforce platform.

What is a record in Salesforce?

The term “record” describes a particular occurrence of an object (such as a specific account like “IBM” or “United Airlines” that is represented by an Account object). A record is analogous to a row in a database table. Objects already created for you by Salesforce are called standard objects.

What is API object?

Generally speaking, API objects represent database tables that contain your organization’s information. For example, the central object in the Salesforce data model represents accounts—companies and organizations involved with your business, such as customers, partners, and competitors.


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