What is an advantage of the salesforce platform


The Salesforce Platform lets companies have all customer data together in one place. This means companies can take full advantage of wherever the next generation of technology takes your customers and business.

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What are the benefits of using Salesforce?

During this month’s Continued Professional Development (CPD) programme focus we will be discussing the benefits of adding Images into your Salesforce Instance, the different use cases where it can value and a demo of Sharinpix to understand how it could …

What are the pros and cons of Salesforce?

  • Low risk: Low acquiring cost and low-risk management as an organization tool.
  • Salesforce database helps in organizing and digitizing company sales records.
  • Allows customization of profiles for individual customers, and gives quick access to individual records.

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What are the opportunities in Salesforce?

  • Opportunities may have quotes, proposals and orders.
  • Using Opportunities we can forecast sales in an organization.
  • Opportunities are one of the most widely used and heavily customized objects on the platform.

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What is so unique about Salesforce?

  • If you have the budget to pay for the subscription, you are ready to use Salesforce. Why? …
  • You can use Salesforce with 1, 10, 100 or 10,000 Employees. It’s completely up to you! Salesforce certainly does not impose any minimum user count.
  • Salesforce integrates with some amazing software such as Yesware (The implementation took us around 5 minutes).

What is an advantage of the Salesforce platform quizlet?

You can view and manage your data model, create apps, modify the user interface, and deploy new features to your users.

What are advantages of Salesforce?

Salesforce provides you the incredible flexibility to run your entire business from a single mobile app. Salesforce’s mobile app interface helps employees be more productive- close more deals, track marketing, serve customers, and collaborate and share files on any device- all using a single, integrated mobile app.

What’s one advantage of building on the Salesforce platform?

We build the applications that make up the Customer 360 on the Salesforce Platform. With the platform, you can scale quickly and build customizations at unprecedented speed, taking advantage of services that are built into Salesforce, such as AI, mobile, and integration.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Salesforce?

Salesforce Pros and ConsCustomization. Advantages. … Cloud-Based Functionality. Advantages. … Salesforce Technical and Training Support. Advantages. … Overall Cost and Pricing. Advantages. … Many Products for Many Organizational Needs. Advantages.

What is Salesforce platform?

Salesforce Platform is the app development platform that extends your CRM’s reach and functionality. You do not have to be a developer to build apps using the Salesforce Platform.

What is Salesforce competitive advantage?

It’s a huge competitive advantage that allows Salesforce managers to make significant new investments in artificial intelligence and other connective tissue that embeds the platform deeper into the corporate world. For example, at the end of 2018, Salesforce had business relationships with 83% of the Fortune 500.

What is the main purpose of Salesforce?

Salesforce, Inc. is a famous American cloud-based software company that provides CRM services. Salesforce is a popular CRM tool for support, sales, and marketing teams worldwide. Salesforce services allow businesses to use cloud technology to better connect with partners, customers, and potential customers.

How do customers benefit from Salesforce?

Data organized and presented by a CRM platform leads to a better understanding of customers. This leads to better messaging and outreach, much of which can be done with automation, which helps you offer better, more efficient customer service.

What are the advantages of Salesforce for the field Salesforce?

Using customer data to understand cross-sell and up-sell opportunities are one of the key benefits of Salesforce. On average, the ROI of Salesforce translates to an increase of 25% in cross-sell and up-sell activities; a 23% increase in deal size, and a 30% increase in sales productivity.

What is the disadvantage of salesforce?

Disadvantages of salesforce are: Overly simple user interface that is quickly outgrown by experienced users. Lots of screen refreshes and scrolling up and down; the transition between multiple screens to process transactions can deliver a tedious experience. Marketing management functionality is extremely limited.

What is salesforce features?

Salesforce features covers all the aspects of a business such as Lead Management, Email Integration, Sales Collaboration, etc. In this topic, we will discuss the popular features of salesforce.

Who are salesforce competitors?

The list of top Salesforce competitors include:Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales. … Sugar Sell. … Insightly. … HubSpot Sales. … Pipedrive. … Oracle CX Sales. … Pipeliner. … SAP Sales Cloud.More items…

Sales and Service: the Perfect Power Couple

Far too often, sales and service function separately within organizations. Sales brings in new customers and hands them off to service teams, with little-to-no communication or follow-up between the two departments.

Salesforce Platform Advantage

So you can see the benefits of having your sales and service teams operate as one. But historically, uniting these teams hasn’t been simple. That’s because sales and service solutions are often built on separate systems, which means customer information is also separate, and they feel impossible to integrate.

What is Salesforce platform?

The Salesforce Platform lets companies have all customer data together in one place. This means companies can take full advantage of wherever the next generation of technology takes your customers and business.

Why do sales departments need to see their service departments?

Sales departments require a view into their service departments in order to glean new customer insights. And service agents need information, such as transactional history, so they can answer customer questions about every sale. These connections work to make the customer’s experience as easy and seamless as possible.

What is the conventional wisdom of sales?

The conventional wisdom is: Sales brings in new customers. Service helps retain customers by solving their problems. Never the twain shall meet (except maybe for lunch!). However, (and this is key) today’s connected customers are anything but conventional.

1. Customer information

One of the biggest advantages of using Salesforce is the information it retrieves — both the quality and the quantity. When you use Salesforce, you can look at every individual account, contact, task, event, and opportunity that’s tied to a lead, which gives your company a lot of information before approaching potential customers.

2. Account planning

With all of the customer information you need right at your fingertips, you — and all of the reps at your company — can make plans for accounts independently. That gives you the hands-on approach that you need to really make a connection with clients, and it also lets your reps modify their plans to achieve better results.

3. Time management

With comprehensive customer information and a wealth of planning resources at your disposal, you naturally get the benefit of outstanding time management. You have all the information you need to prioritize work for your clients, and that means you can also organize tasks for different accounts according to that same criteria.

4. Team collaboration

Salesforce also lets you easily communicate with the other members of your team. The “Chatter” feature lets you talk with individuals or groups about work-related information, like clients, territory, and other essential details.

5. Accessibility

Salesforce is a cloud product, and that means it’s available wherever you have Internet access. This also includes mobile — Salesforce has an app that you can use to stay in touch with your business and your team at all hours.

WebFX offers all of these benefits and more

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The video below will give you an impression of Salesforce’s vision of the changing market and the client and consumer approach.

Want to find out more?

Keen to find out more about the options Salesforce offers for recruitment? We will be happy to tell all by way of a personal chat or demo.

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Salesforce is a solution for Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) which connects corporations and customers together irrespective of requirements with the help of different Salesforce tools.


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If you are a fresher, joining the Salesforce Online Training program will allow you to operate on live projects and obtain industry knowledge. They give you various materials about live projects that are related to the industry you want to develop in and be employed in.

What does Salesforce do?

Salesforce is cloud based CRM software, developed to make organizations function efficiently and profitably by reducing the cost of managing hardware infrastructure. Salesforce offers a wide range of features in all the functional areas of a company:


According to Gartner, the overall value of the Global CRM Software Market was 20.4 billion USD by the end of 2013 – which is anticipated to increase by 13.7 % every year, making the global CRM software market a billion dollar space.


With a complete long term vision and its high capability to execute, Salesforce CRM Software claims the highest position in the Customer Relationship Management software market. The ability to execute this vision on ground has helped Salesforce reach the top.


Salesforce has a smart acquisition policy to increase enhanced capabilities. As part of their long-term vision, they were successful in numerous strategic acquisitions from the year 2006. Strategic Acquisitions have helped the Salesforce CRM Software build highly broadened marketing eco system referred to as the Marketing Cloud.


Salesforce is the innovator of the SaaS approach in the enterprise space. Its proficiency in on-demand software helps reduce the costfor customers as it provides a common networking, hardware and software platform.

5. Dawn of Salesforce1

Gartner has stated that by 2015, an overwhelming 60% of Internet users will have a preference for mobile customer service applications, with various devices and applications being available on a single platform.

What are the benefits of Salesforce?

Being a cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has a number of benefits that stem from its cloud nature: 1 Cost-effectiveness of Salesforce solution in comparison with on-premises CRMs since you need fewer IT resources to launch CRM (no need to purchase any physical infrastructure and hire a development team). 2 Salesforce CRM is accessible round-the-clock from anywhere worldwide. 3 The cloud deployment substantially simplifies Salesforce configuration and administration, which means you can do with a smaller IT department. Even a single admin can be enough to address the needs of your end users, and Salesforce will see to planned downtimes, upgrades and releases.

What systems does Salesforce integrate with?

To provide smooth and aligned business processes for multiple departments, Salesforce can be integrated with a number of external systems, like DMS, ITSM, ERP, accounting systems, ecommerce platforms, and social media.

How often does Salesforce release JavaScript?

Another point is that after each Salesforce release (taking place 3 times a year), the layout of certain UI components, like tabs and dashboards may change drastically.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

Pros. Salesforce isn’t simply a sales CRM, it includes key products (known as Clouds) and applications to provide extensive support for customer service and marketing processes too. What’s more, you can build your own app or portal for customer and partner communication using the Lightning Platform or create a website with …

Is Salesforce a cloud based CRM?

Being a cloud-based CRM, Salesforce has a number of benefits that stem from its cloud nature: Cost-effectiveness of Salesforce solution in comparison with on-premises CRMs since you need fewer IT resources to launch CRM (no need to purchase any physical infrastructure and hire a development team).

Is Salesforce a self service company?

Salesforce provides comprehensive self-service opportunities with their Trailblazer Community. Salesforce customers can share their experience there, get answers to their questions on the technical aspects of Salesforce use, and share their ideas on Salesforce improvements (and even see some of them considered in the upcoming releases). Lots of knowledge articles, reports, and podcasts are available on the Salesforce official blog. Salesforce also has an online training resource called Trailhead and a separate web page with release notes, which describe the details of the upcoming and past releases since 2014.

Is Salesforce pricing scalable?

The Salesforce pricing model is scalable. Your subscription fees directly depend on the number of Salesforce users in your organization, and you can easily purchase more user licenses or upgrade your Salesforce edition if the number of users increases.


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