What is an activity in salesforce


Activities are the events and tasks that your sales reps manage in Salesforce. Lightning Experience helps reps get prepared for any meeting and know which task is the highest priority right now.

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What are Salesforce activities?

Salesforce activities include standard objects like tasks, events, and calendars.These activities help Salesforce event monitoring, scheduling meetings, and prioritizing tasks and workforces. These activities are similar to those of outlook and are used to invite people for certain tasks, events, and so on.

How to monitor user activity in Salesforce?

User Activity Monitoring in Salesforce

  • Security. The average cost of a data breach is $3.92 million. …
  • Compliance. Regulated industries like healthcare and financial services follow compliance frameworks that require user activity monitoring.
  • Usage and Adoption. User activity monitoring insights can also reveal how users interact with Salesforce. …
  • Performance. …
  • Salesforce Shield: Event Monitoring. …

How to train your users on Salesforce?

Train users to do their jobs in Lightning Experience so they’re comfortable and productive from day one of your launch. A good starting point is self-paced training. Direct your users to Trailhead and the Learn to Work in Lightning Experience trail. The two modules in this trail are designed to show Salesforce Classic users how to switch …

How to use Salesforce everyday?

Salesforce is extremely user friendly and once you get familiar with it, you can start getting creative in using some of the more advanced capabilities. 1. Check out Trailhead. Salesforce offers modules that are accessible and free to anyone who visits the Trailhead website. These modules are fun, interactive, and extremely informative for anyone that wants to learn Salesforce for the first time; or even long time Salesforce users who want to learn a new feature or brush up on their skills.


What’s an activity in Salesforce?

Activities include tasks, events, and calendars. With Salesforce, track tasks and meetings together in lists and reports to easily prioritize your time and keep up with your accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads, and opportunities.

What is difference between task and activity in Salesforce?

Activities is the term for both Tasks and Events. There is no “Activities” object, there is a “Task” and “Event” object in the API. You can think of Tasks and Events as “Types of Activities”. In the UI these records for both objects show up in the “Open Activities” and “Activity History” related lists.

Is activity an object in Salesforce?

First there are 2 primary “native” Salesforce activity objects. Task and Events. These can be queried individually OR via a “View” called ActivityHistory. These Activities can be reported against in Reports both Classic and Lightning.

How do I create an activity in Salesforce?

Beta ProgramEnter a name in the Search bar for the record to which you want to link the task and click the Search button. … Click the name of the record you want. … Select Create New Task from the sidebar or click the New Task button on the Open Activities related list of a record, as shown. … Fill in the relevant fields.More items…•

How long do activities last in Salesforce?

In order to provide an optimal reporting system, Salesforce automatically archives activities Events with an end date greater than 365 days ago. For Tasks, Salesforce will archive anything with a due date greater than 365 days ago or anything with no due date created 365 days ago.

Is log a call a task or event?

Log a Call just creates a Task, but it gives you a chance to use a different layout for creating Tasks right after calls.

What is difference between task and activity?

Most people think these two words to be similar as they appear to have similar meanings. However, these are two words that come with different meanings. While the term “task” means “a piece of work to be undertaken or done” or simply “work,” “activity” means “some event or some happening.”

How do I count activities in Salesforce?

While this may not be accomplished with standard functionality, you could create an Apex Class and two Apex Triggers (one for Events and one for Tasks) in order to count the number of Activities on a given Record.

How do I see activity in Salesforce?

In the account menu, select Account Analytics. Click the User Activity tab. Note If you don’t see the User Activity tab, in Account settings, uncheck Hide Account Analytics User Level Data. View the total number of unique active users [1] based on the time period.

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What is activity management in Salesforce?

Activity Management in Salesforce, when utilized properly, can provide so much insight into whether or not the team is performing the right activities, and if they are doing enough of them. They key, of course, is in getting your team to act accordingly and comply with recording their key activities. Not always easy. But where Salesforce Training has provided hundreds of clients with guidance on how to do it properly.

What is Salesforce training?

Salesforce Training is a professional training firm with trainers in the UK, Canada and the US, that specializes in helping companies and their sales teams get more out of Salesforce. Our Sales Manager Game Plan is designed to provide sales leaders with a road map to leverage Salesforce as a proper management tool.

Why don’t salespeople log activities?

And yet another key reason that salespeople won’t log activities is that they fear being micromanaged from above. Interestingly this same fear is often shared at the leadership level, as they don’t want to be perceived as micromanagers. But none of these reasons, frankly, hold much water.

What does “log a call” mean?

Perhaps our favorite activity of all. Log a Call is so versatile that it can be used to capture any significant interaction between our users and our prospects or customers. Log a Call is super easy to use, provided the user understands a few basic concepts. And the very first concept is this – Log a Call, even though it is implied, does not have to mean a “phone call”. Log a Call can simply mean any interaction we’ve had. It could be an email, a completed task that we didn’t actually have logged into Salesforce previously, likewise a Salesforce Event that we didn’t have logged, a chance encounter at a Starbucks…the possibilities are endless.

What does “log a call” mean in Salesforce?

Log a Call can simply mean any interaction we’ve had. It could be an email, a completed task that we didn’t actually have logged into Salesforce previously, likewise a Salesforce Event that we didn’t have logged, a chance encounter at a Starbucks…the possibilities are endless.

What is a new task?

A New Task, any activity for that matter, can, and should, in fact, be related to numerous objects. For example – when a sales rep is working on an Opportunity, and creates a New Task, that Task can be related to the Opportunity, as well as the Contact, or Contacts that they are working with, and lastly the Account.

Can you send emails from Salesforce?

Plain and simple, the user can choose to send emails right out of Salesforce. There are all sorts of standard template options as well and users can create all sorts of branding to go along with their emails, and of course, when they send an email within Salesforce it gets recorded as a Past Activity.

What is platform event?

Platform events are used to integrate Salesforce business operations and are an important part of Salesforce’s enterprise messaging platform. Learn more about Platform Events in this blog.

What is subject field in activities?

The subject field in activities is a combo box that can be described as a picklist that looks like a lookup field and behaves like a text field.

What is a checkbox in a calendar?

It is a checkbox which if checked, disables the End Date/Time field for the event.

What is task in business?

Task is an object in itself that is used to assign a business activity such as making a phone call or other TO-DO items which have a target end date.

Where are tasks assigned to users?

Tasks assigned to users are visible on My Tasks related list on their homepage and events scheduled for in which a particular user is an invitee is visible on calendar related list on the home page.

Can you add a field to an activity field list?

Both of these objects come under Activities in the user interface but they are completely different objects in terms of API. Even in the setup menu under Activities, they both have their own field list, validation rules, buttons & links, page layouts, etc. Yet we can add a field to the activity field list which will get added to both Task & Event’s page layout.

Is there a tab for activities in Salesforce?

There is no tab for Activities (Tasks or Events) in Salesforce. Activities can be created on Contract, Order, Campaign, Account, Opportunity, Product, Asset, Case, Solution, Coaching, Goal, and Metric standard objects. Also, the custom objects whose “Allow Activities” checkbox is checked can have activities on them.

Why is user activity monitoring important in Salesforce?

User activity monitoring – tracking user actions in a digital environment for information security – is critical for protecting sensitive cloud-based data.

What is Salesforce monitoring?

Salesforce admins can utilize user activity monitoring to gain deeper visibility into the health of their Salesforce org, covering four critical areas: security, compliance, usage and adoption, and performance . With these insights, you can analyze your workforce, make adjustments to boost performance, and take Salesforce from a simple tool to a beacon of productivity, trust, and success.

What is set up audit trail?

If you’ve entered Setup Audit Trail to see the log of administrative actions occurring in your Salesforce org, you’ve engaged in user activity monitoring. Setup Audit Trail provides a log of user-generated actions – such as new fields created or permissions changed – to identify who made the changes, when, and from where. Monitoring user activity helps you proactively safeguard your Salesforce org by identifying suspicious actions and addressing them, reducing your technological attack surface.

What is user activity monitoring?

Instead, user activity monitoring tools can show you, at a user-centric level, details about who changed what permissions, when, and from where.

Is Salesforce a regulated industry?

Regulated industries like health care and financial services follow compliance frameworks that require user activity monitoring. As a Salesforce user in a regulated industry, meeting compliance standards is crucial for multiple reasons: You want to reinforce trust, and you don’t want to receive hefty fines. Non-compliance with GDPR, for example, can incur fines of as much as €20 million or four percent of annual global turnover (whichever is greater).

Can you assess Salesforce performance based on Apex events?

You can also assess performance based on Apex events and Community performance. User activity monitoring reports reveal areas that need to be addressed, which is critical because the performance of your Salesforce org is directly tied to productivity and ROI .


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