What is a salesforce technical architect


A Salesforce Architect is a trusted advisor and leader who partners with business stakeholders and executives to design a vision and architecture for a solution to a business problem. Often in the position of the technical team leader, they help educate the team with technical best practices.Dec 2, 2021


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How do I become a Salesforce architect?

What skills do I need?

  1. Love Salesforce. Firstly, you must love Salesforce! …
  2. Understand Best Practices. It is relatively easy to propose a solution but you need to be following the best practice. …
  3. Teamwork. Especially for big projects, it is obligatory to work as a team. …
  4. Leadership. …
  5. Communication. …
  6. Personable. …
  7. Trust. …
  8. Problem Solving. …
  9. Mentoring. …
  10. Keep Calm. …

How to become Salesforce certified?

  • You need to be a certified Sharing and Visibility Designer
  • You need to be a certified Platform Developer 1
  • You need to be a certified Data Architecture and Management Designer
  • You need to be a certified Platform App Builder
  • You should be extremely well versed with the native features and functionality pertaining to Salesforce CRM

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What are the certifications for Salesforce?

  • Goals: Work out a plan of where you want to get to with your Salesforce certifications. …
  • Grasp the concepts: I’ve found that grasping the concepts before getting into any configuration is the most beneficial way for me to successfully progress. …
  • Get hands-on: This part is really, really important. …

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What is a Salesforce certification?

The Salesforce B2C Solution Architect certification is designed for those that have experience architecting and driving multi-cloud solutions in the B2C sector. You should generally have 2-3 years working as a Solution Architect, acting as a liaison between business and technology.


What does a technical architect do?

A Technical architect also referred to as an IT Systems Architect, is a systems logistics specialist who creates, maintains, and implements IT systems for a growing business or IT firm. You will need the right mix of IT knowledge and managerial skills to succeed in a technical architect career.

How do I become a Salesforce technical architect?

Before becoming a fully certified technical architect, one can first achieve 2 domain architect certifications: Certified Application Architect, and Certified System Architect. These 2 certifications are offered upon completion of the required prerequisites and do not need additional exam.

What is the difference between Salesforce solution architect and technical architect?

Solution Architects Vs Technical Architects Technical Architects usually go a lot deeper into the architecture of the solution and understand the implementation from a technical level, whilst a Solution Architect sits at a higher level, but still with an understanding of the solution.

How much do Salesforce technical architects make?

The average salesforce technical architect salary in the USA is $156,000 per year or $80 per hour. Entry level positions start at $134,200 per year while most experienced workers make up to $190,000 per year.

Is it hard to become a Salesforce architect?

Most (but not all) had some experience working as a Salesforce Architect. The average work experience was 10 years, pure Salesforce experience was around 5 years, going as low as 3 years. Working experience is necessary, even more than solely Salesforce experience.

How many Salesforce technical architects are there?

Certified Technical Architect Introduction Even though certification has been around since 2011 only +300 professionals (as of April 2020) have earned their Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Credential.

Does Salesforce architect need coding?

While expert coding skills are not strictly necessary to be an architect, it’s a MASSIVE advantage as it opens up the doors to work on very complex scenarios. And if you’re going to be the technical lead of teams of developers, you should at least be able to speak their language.

What are the four kinds of Salesforce architect?

There are 5 possible types of architect roles….They will oversee:Data modelling.Data migration.Data sharing.Multi-component solutions*Salesforce configuration (and the consultants working on the configuration)Connected apps.Declarative automation.User experience (UX)More items…•

Which is better solution architect or technical architect?

Compared to the solution and enterprise architect, technical architects take the most hands-on approach during the execution of IT projects. Most technical architecture specialists focus on one single implementation and specialize in a particular domain where they also define best practices.

What is the difference between salesforce developer and architect?

Developers are concerned with just the development phase while architects are concerned with the design, development, testing and releasing phases. Developers need to have in-depth knowledge of all the concepts being used while for architects it’s okay if they don’t have the in-depth knowledge.

Which certification is best for salesforce?

7 Best Salesforce Developer CertificationsSalesforce Certified Platform Developer II. … Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I. … Salesforce Certified Administrator (SCA) … Salesforce Certified Sales Cloud Consultant. … Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant. … Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder.More items…•

What does a salesforce consultant do?

What Does a Salesforce Consultant Do? A Salesforce Consultant works to help companies meet their missions by driving client-specific implementation as well as ongoing system improvements on the Salesforce platform.

What is a CTA in Salesforce?

A Certified Technical Architect (CTA) is the pinnacle credential holder. Someone who demonstrates the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to design and build high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce platform across all domains. They are still quite rare gems.

When did the architect get their stickers?

Fun fact: The Architect program got their first official stickers in 2018, including one from our first ever, exclusive CTA Summit at Dreamforce ’18.

When was Ladies Be Architects formed?

The community also embraced this idea and the Ladies Be Architects group was formed in October 2017. Founder, Gemma Emmett, describes it as, “Just a bunch of WiT (Women in Tech) believing in ourselves and doing the Salesforce Architect certs together.

What is an architect’s specialty?

An architect’s specialty is designing, not building. But if your company is massive and you have teams of people implementing Salesforce, an architect is your best friend! They’d make sure everyone is building according to grand design.

What is the job of an architect?

An architect’s job is to make sure the right tools and processes are in place to prevent these issues!

Why are architects different from designers?

Architects are different because they mostly just focus on the design. An architect’s design includes diagrams such as: The Data Model, aka “ERD” – What objects will be used and how they’re related. The System Landscape – Where Salesforce fits in the overall tech stack, and when to integrate.

What is the highest contributor position in Salesforce?

Most consider Technical Architects to be the highest individual contributor position in Salesforce.

Why do people choose architect?

In fact, the two positions are somewhat opposites. People choose the architect career path specifically to stay close to the technology and avoid managing people.

Do Salesforce orgs need an architect?

Architects are masters of scale. The smaller the Salesforce org, the less it needs an architect. If you were the CEO of a company and you could only hire one person to build your Salesforce org, you wouldn’t want to hire an architect. An architect’s specialty is designing, not building. But if your company is massive and you have teams …

Is Salesforce an ecosystem?

In bigger companies, Salesforce is a small piece of the ecosystem . Architects must know: Commonly used enterprise systems such as Active Directory. What these systems are not capable of doing, and why Salesforce is a fit. What enterprise tools can be used to integrate it all, such as an ESB.

What is technical architect?

A Technical Architect is extensively trained and experienced in the Salesforce products and they work with the business analyst (s) to design the system architecture and specification.

What is Salesforce certification?

The Salesforce Consultancy certification is the qualification which gives you the springboard into a Salesforce Consultancy role and is a must alongside the Salesforce Administration certification.

What is Salesforce Application Architect?

The Salesforce Application Architect has a deep understanding of native Salesforce features and functionality, as well as the ability to model a role hierarchy, data model, and appropriate sharing mechanisms.

What is technical architecture?

Technical Architects possess broad knowledge across multiple development platforms and draw on their skills and experience to assess customer requirements and architecture to design secure, high-performance technical solutions.

What is the difference between a technical architect and a solution architect?

Technical Architects usually go a lot deeper into the architecture of the solution and understand the implementation from a technical level, whilst a Solution Architect sits at a higher level , but still with an understanding of the solution. Ultimately the size of the implementation usually decides which level of architecture role you would need.

What is a solution architect?

As I mentioned, you are ultimately responsible for whether that project succeeds or fails based upon your decisions and solution. You must be able to lead your team but allow them the freedom to do their jobs and grow in their own careers.

What is the pressure of being a solution architect?

There is a lot of pressure on Solution Architects to deliver quality work. Your client, your team, your company, they are all looking at you. There will be times where it can be overwhelming but leading by example is key. If everyone else sees you stressing, they are likely to start getting stressed themselves.

What makes a great team player and great architect?

But what makes a great team player and great architect in my opinion, is someone who mentors and brings their whole team up with them. Sharing your wealth of knowledge with more junior people in your team is not only rewarding for you, but also greatly beneficial for the people you are mentoring.

Is it rewarding to be a solution architect?

Stepping into a Solution Architect role has its challenges, but it is a very rewarding position. If this is your career path choice, then here are some challenges which I personally have faced moving from a Consultant role into a Solution Architect.

Do you love Salesforce?

Love Salesforce. First up, you must love Salesforce. You are designing and responsible for delivering the best possible solution for your clients. You must be certain that what you are proposing is bulletproof and to do that, you need to know exactly what Salesforce is capable of and what it is not capable of.

Is being a solution architect a 9-5 job?

Being a Solution Architect is not a 9-5 role. If you do not enjoy it, you’re going to be demotivated and it’s going to impact you delivering to the best of your ability. Be ready for overtime, be ready for the challenges, be ready for the blame if something goes wrong! but it is all a part of the job description.

What is Salesforce architect?

Salesforce Architects are big-picture thinkers and in-depth problem solvers. They design systems for the long-term that stand up to high volumes and won’t fail at critical points. Learn more about being a Salesforce Architect .

What is Salesforce Application Architect?

The Salesforce Application Architect has a deep understanding of native Salesforce features and functionality, as well as the ability to model a role hierarchy, data model, and appropriate sharing mechanisms.

What is Salesforce B2C?

The Salesforce B2C Solution Architect designs multi-cloud solutions on the Salesforce Platform that power personalized, frictionless customer experiences.

What is Heroku Architecture Designer?

The Heroku Architecture Designer credential is designed for those who have the knowledge, skills, and extensive experience with architecting scalable solutions, deploying and managing apps, and managing teams and build-workflows on Heroku. Certification.

What is Salesforce credentials?

Salesforce credentials grow your resume and highlight your skills. Prove your hands-on experience with Salesforce and get a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.

What is Salesforce certification?

Salesforce certifications highlight an overall mastery of a specific role and are a great way to identify candidates for defined jobs and projects. Verify a credential to confirm skills and experience.

Does Salesforce have a path?

No matter your role, Salesforce has a path just for you.

What is Salesforce architect?

Salesforce Architects are some of the most in demand professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem. As an expert resource, they use their skills to map the structure and function of your Salesforce solution. An architect will create the overall shape, but the design of a system is about more than structure. Your Salesforce must be functional, safe, …

What is Salesforce responsible for?

Responsible for everything inside Salesforce. That means designing quality, scalable and performant solutions inside Salesforce, making sure it all fits together into a coherent and attractive solution. They also prepare data for sending to other systems, and process data when it’s received from other systems.

Why do Salesforce and Salesforce work together?

The two roles work closely together because they have common interests. Below you’ll find the main differences highlighted, in terms of where they focus with Salesforce (the multi-component solutions inside Salesforce), data going between systems, and user experience.

What is a Data Architect?

Where a Data Architect is involved, they will own the data model, data migration, data quality, governance and backup strategy. They are concerned with the availability, reliability, integrity, security, structure and storage of data in complex environments. Digital transformations often involve pulling data from a variety of external sources and these databases may integrate with Salesforce directly, be managed via Apex jobs, or involve middleware, such as Mulesoft. While the TA concerns themselves with how data flows in and out of systems, the DA is interested in optimising the data as a whole, and how people interact with it.

What is transformation architect?

The Transformation Architect controls the target operating model, roadmap, workstream planning, resources, skill sets, project governance and stakeholders.

How many types of architect roles are there?

Most importantly, it has to be designed with your customer in mind. There are 5 possible types of architect roles. These aren’t defined by job titles, but by responsibilities within a project. A certified Architect will take up one of these remits per project but will be capable enough to be assigned to any role.

What is an Enterprise Architect?

The Enterprise Architect oversees the whole design project, making sure that it is functional, safe, economical and suits the specific needs of the people who use it.


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