What is a salesforce solution engineer


Solution engineers at Salesforce meet with potential customers to understand their business and goals and then they offer exciting technical solutions to that customer. A solution engineer often acts as a translator, taking complex challenges and offering solutions that are easy for anyone to understand!


What is it like to be a solution engineer at Salesforce?

Solution engineers at Salesforce meet with potential customers to understand their business and goals and then they offer exciting technical solutions to that customer. A solution engineer often acts as a translator, taking complex challenges and offering solutions that are easy for anyone to understand! Where we hire.

What is a solution engineer?

A solution engineer often acts as a translator, taking complex challenges and offering solutions that are easy for anyone to understand! Where we hire. The Success Grad Solution Engineering Program is available in United States and Canada, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

What is the salary of a Salesforce engineer?

Salesforce Solutions Engineer Salaries. The typical Salesforce Solutions Engineer salary is $101,675. Solutions Engineer salaries at Salesforce can range from $86,771 – $151,512. This estimate is based upon 28 Salesforce Solutions Engineer salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What is a success graduate solution engineer?

Our Success Graduate, Solution Engineer roles offer grads the inside track to a growing career field at the intersection of both Sales and Technology—Solutions organization. This program aims to enable our future workforce through career development, continuous learning, philanthropy and of course, the support of our Salesforce Ohana.


How much does a Salesforce solution engineer make?

How much does a Solutions Engineer make at Salesforce in the United States? Average Salesforce Solutions Engineer yearly pay in the United States is approximately $123,885, which is 11% above the national average.

What does solution engineer do?

An SE (Solution Engineer) is a person who works alongside a salesperson to discover a customer’s business challenges and creates a unique solution prototype to present back to their decision makers, illustrating value and benefits via an engaging story.

How much does a lead solution engineer make at Salesforce?

Salesforce Salary FAQs The average salary for a Lead Solutions Engineer is $142,711 per year in United States, which is 3% lower than the average Salesforce salary of $147,974 per year for this job.

Is solution engineer a good job?

Yes, solution engineering is a good career. A solution engineer can earn upwards of $150k. To become a software engineer requires, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree and 3 to 5 years of work experience. As technology increases, so does the need for solution engineers, making this a great career option.

What is a solutions engineer salary?

Technical Solutions Engineer salary in India ranges between ₹ 3.0 Lakhs to ₹ 21.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 9.3 Lakhs.

Is solution engineer a technical job?

A Solutions Engineer is generally located within a large company and work alongside other professionals to meet customer’s needs. They usually begin as Technical Architects and as they advance on their career path within the company will become promoted to the role.

How do I become a Salesforce solutions engineer?

1:0617:13How to become a Solution Engineer at Salesforce! – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWhat’s exactly solution engineering. And solution engineers at salesforce meet with potentialMoreWhat’s exactly solution engineering. And solution engineers at salesforce meet with potential customers to understand their business goals.

What is a lead solution engineer?

Job Description The Lead Solution Engineer participates in data acquisition and transformation delivery and may provide oversight and technical checkpoints to enforce standards and quality of BI solutions. Researches new technologies, tools and methodologies as they emerge that may be applicable.

How much do Salesforce solution architects make?

The average Salesforce Solutions Architect earns $222,033 annually, which includes a base salary of $183,333 with a $38,700 bonus. This total compensation is $75,807 more than the US average for a Solutions Architect.

Is a solutions engineer a real engineer?

A solutions engineer provides solutions to network problems. It’s a highly technical position that often involves acting as a software developer to see development lifecycles through. As a solutions engineer, you usually work as part of a team to provide support for both the business and customers.

What skills do solution engineers need?

What are the typical qualifications for Solutions Engineer jobs?Project development and leadership skill are preferred.Experience developing IT and cloud infrastructure.Master’s degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering preferred.Up to date understanding of best practices regarding system security measures.More items…

What is the career path for solution engineer?

A solutions engineer career path mixes computer engineering, software engineering, and business intelligence. This provides a way to contribute to technology for developing solutions for people’s problems on a large scale.

Why do people want to be solution engineers?

Solution engineers are responsible for identifying customer needs and designing specialized solutions for them. Not only should Solution Engineers have good product sense, but also need to have strong business acumen so they can tie product development to business relevance. Most importantly, they must possess good persuasion skills so they can sell products to the end customer.

Why is it important to know the Salesforce product?

It is important to know the SalesForce product that you will demonstrate during the presentation. You will not be able to convince the customer to buy the product unless you know everything about it.

How long is a Salesforce introduction call?

A discussion of the job description may also take place. It will typically be 20-30 minutes long.

Who do you talk to in Salesforce interview?

This is the final round of interviews, wherein you will be talking to someone from the senior management, typically the director, VP, or a senior team member. Here you will likely have discussions about your salary, the role you’ll be fulfilling at Salesforce, their expectations from you, and your career goals.

How long is a Salesforce demo?

For both the demo and presentation, you will be given a timeline to stick to – Introduction, presentation, Q/A. For the first 15-20 minutes, you will give your introduction – why you should be hired, why you chose Salesforce, why now, etc. The next 30-45 minutes would be the case study presentation/demo, following which, there will be a question-answer round with the panel. The panel will consist of executives, including multiple solution engineers, who will simulate different roles in the fictitious company. The HR, Hiring Manager will provide plenty of guidance and resources to assist you through the entire process.

How to do a Salesforce interview?

Our interview process begins with a recruiter screen. This is followed by an interview with the hiring manager and/or a team member. Expect to discuss classwork and previous work/internship experiences. Be sure to brush up on your Salesforce knowledge, as our interviewers love to see if you’ve done your homework (we encourage you to check out our learning platform Trailhead )! The last step is a virtual or onsite presentation. If it’s a mutual fit, an offer will be extended.

Where are participants deployed in Salesforce?

Participants are deployed to their permanent Salesforce hubs where they practice their newly developed skills in the field working 1-on-1 with their teams, supporting the sales organization and learning to work with customers, partners and prospects.

Solutions Engineer Salaries by Gender

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Salesforce Salary FAQs

How does the salary as a Solutions Engineer at Salesforce compare with the base salary range for this job?

Great leadership & culture. Fast paced work environment

In the past five years here, I’ve made several observations: I am surrounded by brilliant and hard working people and it feels great to be supported in various work streams that require cross-departmental teaming. Comp plans encourage better teaming among the SE community.

Amazing company to work for

Salesforce is an amazing company to work for. I’ve worked in the technology industry for 20 years – several companies – large and small, some partners, consulting, and direct for tech company. Salesforce is by far the best company I have worked for.

Large Company, still trying to maintain that start-up feel

Salesforce was well-positioned to sell through the pandemic. Employees were able to transition to home office life with minimal disruption and keep connections with their customers. Salesforce has adopted a very risk-averse return to work policy, which means business travel has also been curtailed, saving the company quite a bit of money.

The best place I have worked thusfar

I work remotely from my home office and travel to customers as needed. It is rare I exceed 20% travel in any given year. My management chain from my direct manager up to Marc Benioff are extremely supportive. We have a very open and collaborative team with zero tolerance for politics and bad attitudes.

Never a dull moment

While I’m on a team that focuses on just one industry, I still get to do new things and learn new stuff every day.

I love my job

Salesforce goes above and beyond to treat their employees well and provide us with the care we need. Marc Benioff leads by example by making decisions to benefit employees, customers and society. The benefits are great here and I highly recommend working here.

Excellent place to work

Work hard and travel quite a bit (pre-covid), but is extremely rewarding. Learn every single day from being surrounded by the smartest people. Also provides a sense of purpose and giving back. Encouraged to take time off to volunteer and even donation matching.


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