What is a salesforce platinum partner


Salesforce partnership program has four tiers – Base, Crest, Ridge, Summit. These tiers are assigned under a strict evaluation bar for quality. To become a ‘Summit (Platinum) Consulting Partner’ a company must collect enough points under a complex, algorithm-based point system called the ‘Partner Value Score.


How do I become a Salesforce partner?

Registration costs $6000 (yes, thousand) and you only get 2 attempts to pass

  • Administrator – there are 2 exams, Administrator and Advanced Administrator. …
  • Implementation Experts – there are 2 exams, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, and both are highly coveted among the SI Partners and within the Salesforce.com Partner channel though, among the …
  • Developers – there are 2 exams, Developer and Advanced Developer. …

More items…

How to find top Salesforce partners?

You can find Salesforce certified consultants that specialize in serving the higher education community. Check out tools to help you find and work with a partner in your implementation of Salesforce. If you need some help choosing a consultant, review our “ How to Choose a Salesforce Consulting Partner ” blog.

How to become a Salesforce partner?

PMC Includes:

  • Marketing How-to’s: Best practices to plan and execute a variety of marketing campaigns and events
  • Ready-made email campaigns: Generate new leads with emails and matching landing pages.
  • Industry & product content: Incorporate into your existing marketing and go-to-market activities

How to find a Salesforce partner?

  • To open new markets for them – ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! …
  • To run joint marketing programs – this is different than marketing to their customer base; this is co-marketing to potential prospects for both of you. …
  • To resell or OEM their product – unless the company has a reseller program, it is going to be difficult to make this happen. …

What does it mean to be a Salesforce Platinum partner?

Being named a Platinum Partner by Salesforce recognizes that AdVic has a highly skilled staff and an exceptional operational structure, which has allowed us to scale. To attain Platinum Partner status, Salesforce evaluates its partners based on a Partner Value Score, or PVS.

What are the different levels of Salesforce partners?

The Salesforce Consulting Partner Program has four levels and partners are placed into levels based on points as follows: BASE Partners (up to 249 points), CREST Partners (over 250 points), RIDGE Partners (over 500 points), SUMMIT Partners (750 points).

What does it mean to be a Salesforce partner?

Partners are an elite community of certified Salesforce professionals who work with you across products, industries, and everything in between. Salesforce and AppExchange deliver collaboration, efficiency, and freedom. And that means we can continue to deliver for our customers.”

How much does it cost to become a Salesforce partner?

As for the new annual program fee, entry-level partners will be charged $1,000 per year. The cost jumps to $5,000 for Silver partners, $15,000 for Gold and $20,000 for Platinum.

How many Salesforce partners are there?

There are over 150,000 registered Salesforce partners in the ecosystem and that number is getting bigger every day.

Who are the key partners of Salesforce?

The top Salesforce cloud consulting, implementation & deployment partners are Accenture, IBM, Deloitte & these other companies, Forrester Research says.

Why you need a Salesforce partner?

Salesforce support partners can help with Salesforce administration roles such as manipulating data to achieve a better result from the platform and allow your company to take full advantage of what it has to offer.

What are the benefits of partnering with Salesforce?

The Benefits of SalesforceGrowth. Global network fabric and Virtual Private Clouds facilitating massive scalability, flexibility and uptime.Security. Federated identity and security context to ensure premium-grade protection of data.Fast. … Intuitive. … Maintenance. … Automated. … Integration. … Access.More items…

Who are Salesforce Gold partners?

The Gold Salesforce Partners are usually medium-sized consultancies that have grown in terms of partner points based on project delivery and certifications. Their consultancy can be niche, and their approach is usually agile, making them attractive for many SMBs and customers from mid-market.

What do I need to become a Salesforce partner?

How it worksSubmit an Application. Sign up for the Salesforce Partner Community to begin the application process.Prospect Completes DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaire) … Partner Operations Review. … Legal Review. … Partnership Activation.

What is a Salesforce summit partner?

Summit is the highest tier a Salesforce implementation partner can achieve. Each year, Salesforce evaluates partners within the program based on four pillars of partner excellence: Customer Success, Innovation, Growth, and Leadership in Equality and Sustainable Development.

What is a Salesforce Crest partner?

As a certified Salesforce Crest partner (formerly known as Gold), our purpose is to create greater alignment for our client partners between their strategic goals and their marketing technology investment.

124K Experts

With product certifications, industry specialization, and customer reviews.

Find more partner resources

Learn how to find the best consulting partner for your next Salesforce project.


Our solutions are selected for their capacity to resolve the challenge they are designed for. We review, the quality of the solution, it’s stability but also its ability and flexibility to address a large range of challenges and further support your customer expansion. Finally, we also assess on the ease of use for the end-user.


We put a detailed attention to the pricing of our solution partners. All solution need to be reasonably priced. The pricing should also remain easy to understand and to apply. Finally, we review the stability of their pricing to ensure a smooth experience for all customers.


We all love feeling the dynamic of a good team working well together. As a customer we appreciate the attention to our needs and responsiveness to our requests. If quality and pricing is important the third value assessed for all our partners is the ease of business. It is all about customer experience isn’t it!

What is the alliance between Salesforce and IBM?

IBM and Salesforce have a strategic alliance connecting customer-focused clouds and products from Salesforce with IBM’s industry-focused approach and solutions allowing for partnership with clients on every step of their digital transformation journey.

What is persistent Salesforce?

A Salesforce Partner for 18+ years, Persistent is trusted to deliver world-class CX fueled by Salesforce’s platforms & solutions. Our Salesforce experience includes over 1,400 joint engagements, 30,000+ Trailhead badges and 2,700 certifications.

What is HCL in Salesforce?

HCL accelerates business transformation on Cloud by offering an integrated approach towards business processes, technology, application and data. HCL delivers end to end services across the Salesforce product suite and several industry verticals.

How many Salesforce specialists are there?

With a Salesforce practice of over 500 specialists spread across 38 global locations, we are multi-cloud strategists, consultants, implementation experts and winners of the Bolty Award for Best Digital Experience and the Partner Innovation Award in 2019.

When did Salesforce and DXC come together?

Aligned in our mission to transform how companies interact and engage with their stakeholders, DXC and Salesforce have been delivering innovative, customer-centric solutions together since 2008.

What is dentsu partnership?

At dentsu, we partner with brands to achieve meaningful progress as a force for growth and good. Our teams of optimists, entrepreneurs, and first-movers coalesce around the needs of our clients, unlocking unique possibilities for sustainable value.

Does LTI work with Salesforce?

LTI has forged a strong partnership with Salesforce.com and other eco-system partners such as Apttus, PROS, which enables us to stay on top of the latest innovations and ensure that LTI delivers cutting-edge, resilient Cloud-based services and solutions.

Provisional partner

When a company decides to become a Salesforce partner, they get assigned a provisional partner status. It means that the company is still in the process of becoming a full-fledged partner. Provisional partners have to meet 100 points, and they can work on their score with time by performing all listed activities above.

Base Consulting partner (former Registered partner)

Just as I mentioned above, Base Consulting partners are the first in the list of partner tiers. Every new partner gets this tier once he complies with minimum requirements.

Ridge Consulting partner (former Silver partner)

Ridge consulting partner status is assigned once a company gains a minimum of 250 points and stays in this tier until they exceed 499 points. If you see Ridge Consulting partner next to the company name, it means this is a small or medium company with a proven track record.

Crest Consulting partner (former Gold partner)

Salesforce gold consulting partners Crest consulting partners are top-end Salesforce consultancy partners. To become a Crest consultancy partner, a company must get 750 points and meet $500k in annual contract value. For this tier, benefits include:

Summit Consulting partner (former Platinum partner)

This is the top tier of Salesforce consultancy partners. To become Summit consulting partners, a company has to get 750 points and more than $500k in annual contract value AND meet 100% on all requirements from Ridge level (so this includes getting at least 750 points and more than $500k in annual contract value).


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