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WhatID in Salesforce refers to object type things. That would typically be an Account ID or an Opportunity ID. The WhatId represents nonhuman objects such as accounts, opportunities, campaigns, cases, or custom objects. WhatIds are polymorphic.Dec 20, 2018


How do I Find my Salesforce Org ID?

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What is internal ID in Salesforce?

Part 4: Email Log File Format

  • Recipient- It shows the email address of the recipient of the email.
  • Sender- It shows the email address of the sender of the email. …
  • Remote Host- It shows the email address of the mail server that received the email.
  • Bytes Transferred- It shows the size of the email in “bytes” rather than KBs or MBs.

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How to get record type ID in Salesforce?

Salesforce Tip: Simple Ways to Find Record-Type ID

  • Go to Your Name > (appropriate object) Customize > Fields > under custom fields,
  • Click ” New “.
  • Make sure you pick Formula as the type and then Formula Text and click Next.
  • You can label the field ” Record Type “.
  • Finally, enter “RecordTypeid” under Advanced Formula tab.
  • Don’t forget to hit ” Save “.

How do I log into Salesforce?

How do I access Salesforce for the first time?

  • Check your email for your login information.
  • Click the link provided in the email. The link logs you in to the site automatically.
  • The site prompts you to set a password and choose a security question and answer to verify your identity in case you forget your password.

What is ID and ID in Salesforce?

WhoId is used for our “human” objects, Contacts and Leads, and is labelled as “Name” on the Task and Event objects. WhatId is used for multiple other objects that are not human-related and is labelled as “Related To” on the same objects.

What is ID and WhoId in Salesforce?

WhatId is a single relationship to a ACCOUNT or OPPORTUNITY. This activity can only be associated with ONE Account OR Opportunity Record. WhoId is a one to many relationship between this activity to one or more CONTACTS or LEADS.

What is WhatId and WhoId in task?

“WhoID” refers to people things. So that would be typically a Lead ID or a Contact ID. “WhatID” refers to object type things.That would typically be an Account ID or an Opportunity ID.

What is name field on task in Salesforce?

“Name” field in task means WHO which refers to Contact details which is provided by Contact and Lead object only in Salesforce. You can use “related to” field means WHAT to link task to Account or create a custom field in activities or I can tell you another alternative once you share your requirement.

What is external ID in Salesforce?

An external ID is a custom field that has the External ID attribute, meaning that it contains unique record identifiers from a system outside of Salesforce. When you select this option, the Data Import Wizard detects existing records in Salesforce with external IDs that match those values in the import file.

What is a wrapper class in Salesforce?

What is Wrapper Class in Salesforce? A wrapper class is nothing but a collection of different Salesforce data types. In Salesforce, you can combine multiple data types and utilize them for various purposes. For example, there is a wrapper class that can access the account records and displays an in-page block table.

How do I query activity in Salesforce?

Follow these steps to configure a Salesforce Query activity:Step 1: Enter a Name and Select Objects. Provide a name for the activity and select the object(s) to be queried.Step 2: Select Fields and Create Conditions. … Step 3: Review the Data Schemas.

What is owner ID in Salesforce?

OwnerId : ID of the User who has been assigned to work this record.

What is Activity tab in Salesforce?

The one highlighted takes you to a list view of activities. When you click that icon, you go to a activities page that has standard views that Salesforce has created for you. You can see your own activities (tasks and events) and also your delegated activities.

What is lead activity Salesforce?

Use the Lead activity to create or update a lead record in the Sales and Service Cloud for each contact that reaches the activity. This legacy activity may appear in old journeys but is no longer available as an option for new journey activities.

What is a Salesforce ID?

Every record in Salesforce is marked by a unique identifier, or an ID. You can know a record’s ID by going to the record’s detail page, and take a look at its link in the browser.

How do you get an ID of an object that I’m looking for?

When a Salesforce action in Workato asks for an ID, It specifically asks for that. No other IDs from any other application will work.

addError (errorMsg)

Marks a trigger record with a custom error message and prevents any DML operation from occurring.

addError (errorMsg, escape)

Marks a trigger record with a custom error message, specifies if the error message should be escaped, and prevents any DML operation from occurring.

addError (exceptionError)

Marks a trigger record with a custom error message and prevents any DML operation from occurring.

addError (exceptionError, escape)

Marks a trigger record with a custom error message and prevents any DML operation from occurring.

getSObjectType ()

Returns the token for the sObject corresponding to this ID. This method is primarily used with describe information.

to15 (Id)

Converts an 18-character Id value to a 15-character case-sensitive string.

valueOf (str, restoreCasing)

Converts the specified string into an ID and returns the ID. If restoreCasing is true , and the string represents an 18-character ID that has incorrect casing, the method returns an 18-character ID that is correctly aligned with its encoded casing.


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