What does the follow button do in salesforce


The Follow Button component lets users follow topics, articles, and other users. This component lets users follow other users, articles, or topics. When a user views their own profile, the button isn’t visible because users can’t follow themselves. Hereof, what do I follow in Salesforce? Follow People and Records. Follow people and records to see their updates

The ‘Follow’ button lets users see activity such as field changes, posts, tasks, and comments on records directly in their Chatter feed. To display it on record pages or list views (available in Salesforce Classic), enable Feed Tracking for the desired object.


How to hide/unhide the follow button in Salesforce community?

At present, There is no feature provided by Salesforce to hide/unhide the follow button in communities if chatter feed is enabled (as mentioned in earlier answers). However you can make use of global CSS override in the community.

How do I follow an account in Salesforce?

There is a green plus and Follow is written next to it (“Follow this account to receive updates in your feed”) and this is visible in accounts and leads on the top right side under the account or lead Name. I was working on someone elses salesforce and the green plus with follow next to it to click to follow is not visible.

How do I follow reports and dashboards in Salesforce?

One of the key benefits of reports and dashboards in Salesforce is the integration with Chatter, allowing you to have collaboration in context with your data. You can follow any report or dashboard by clicking on the Follow icon in the feed. If you don’t see the option to follow a report or dashboard, you may need to enable Feed Tracking.

How do I stop following a record in Salesforce?

To stop following a record on the record page, mouse over the Following label. In Salesforce Classic, click . In Lightning Experience, what you see depends on whether streams are enabled. If streams are enabled, click Following and deselect What I Follow. If streams aren’t enabled, when you mouse over Following, you see Unfollow. Click Unfollow.


How does follow button work?

The Follow Button component lets users follow topics, articles, and other users. In the Page Editor, you can configure the follow button component on the User Profile, Article Detail, and Topic Detail pages. This component lets users follow other users, articles, or topics.

How do I follow someone in Salesforce?

Follow a PersonClick the Chatter tab.Click the People heading. A list of other Salesforce users appears.Click the Follow link for the person you want to follow.

What happens when I follow someone on Salesforce?

Follow people and records to see their updates in your feed. When you follow people, you can see their posts, comments, and likes on the feeds that you also have access to. If a person you follow posts to a group you don’t have access to, you can’t see that post.

What do I follow feed?

Users will see FTCs in their ‘What I Follow’ feed for the people and entities that they follow but not for the changes that they make themselves. Users can review the FTCs that result from their own actions in their Profile feed.

How do I turn on Einstein search?

How To Switch On Einstein SearchClick on your profile icon in the top right-hand corner, go to setup.Type Einstein search in the setup menu search bar on the left-hand side.Click the checkbox to enable Einstein Search personalization, then hit save.Go to Permission Sets.

How do I enable CDP in Salesforce?

Steps to Provision Salesforce CDPLog in to your Salesforce CDP instance with the link provided in your admin email and use the credentials provided.Click then CDP Setup. Note If you don’t see this option, either refresh your page or log out and back in with your admin user credentials.Click Get Started.

How do I add a trusted IP address in Salesforce?

Set Trusted IP Ranges for Your OrganizationFrom Setup, enter Network Access in the Quick Find box, then select Network Access.Click New.Enter a valid IP address in the Start IP Address field and a higher IP address in the End IP Address field. … Optionally, enter a description for the range. … Click Save.

How do I set up an audit trail in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User Permissions To view the audit history, from Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter View Setup Audit Trail , then select View Setup Audit Trail. To download your org’s complete setup history for the past 180 days, click Download. After 180 days, setup entity records are deleted.

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