What can reps do in gmail and salesforce


With the Outlook or Gmail integration, reps can work with Salesforce records and get context into what’s happening with the people they sell to without leaving their email or calendar applications. And they can keep teammates up to date by logging email conversations to relevant Salesforce records.

When you integrate Gmail and Google Calendar with Salesforce, you help your reps spend less time entering data and switching between applications. You also help sales teams track important email conversations relevant to Salesforce records.


Is your Rep entering data in both Google and Salesforce?

When your reps enter data in both Google applications and Salesforce, the possibility of getting something wrong increases. We can see that when Erin enters a contact in Google Contacts and then again in Salesforce, she inadvertently introduces an error. Not good.

What is Gmail used for in Salesforce?

The Gmail is common in use to send email message quickly and get relationships going. Also, it helps to manage contacts and scheduling meeting or appointments for the important events. Why Salesforce?

Do reps need to leave Gmail to use enhanced email?

There’s no need to leave Gmail when reps want to create Salesforce records, such as contacts and leads Enhanced Email lets your reps: a. Convert plain text email messages into HTML b. Separate email spam from real business

How can I encourage my sales reps to work on deals?

a. Give all sales reps the exact same home page b. Encourage reps to work the first deal they see c. Give each rep a list view of their five-star opportunities d. Have reps take time off to save their strength for the end of the quarter c. Give each rep a list view of their five-star opportunities


How does Salesforce integrate with Gmail?

From Salesforce Setup, enter Gmail in the Quick Find box, then select Gmail Integration and Sync. Enable and expand Let users access Salesforce records from Gmail. To let reps relate emails to relevant Salesforce records, enable Enhanced Email with Gmail.

What can sales reps do with inbox?

With Inbox Features, Reps Can: Schedule meetings with customers and prospects, oftentimes going back and forth trying to get something scheduled. Insert open time slots from their calendar directly in their email message. Recipients select which time works best for them, and the integration schedules the meeting.

Does salesforce Inbox work with Gmail?

Add Salesforce Inbox features to your integration with Microsoft® Outlook® or with Gmail™ to give your reps access to more tools to increase their productivity. You already have the integration enabled.

Does Salesforce integrate with Google?

Salesforce Connector for G Suite – Google Workspace Marketplace. Integrate your Gmail, Google Calendar and Salesforce.com CRM in one easy step with virtually nothing to install. Now with full mobile support for the Gmail app on iOS and Android!

How does Salesforce integrate with Outlook?

Steps to Integrate Outlook and SalesforceOpen your Salesforce Org.Click on Setup.Search Outlook in quick find box and Select Outlook Integration and Sync. … Enable Use Enhanced Email with Outlook and Click Active and Notify Reps.Click on Edit button.More items…•

What can you automate in Salesforce to save reps time?

The most logical thing then is to connect their email to Salesforce to automatically capture that crucial deal information. By linking Office365, Exchange, or Gmail to Salesforce, you save your reps a ton of time. Salesforce syncs everything from contacts and events to tasks and even the emails themselves.

What are two capabilities of Outlook and Gmail integration tools Salesforce?

View and Work with Salesforce Data in Outlook and Gmail With the integration, you can access Salesforce data from an email and create Salesforce records without leaving your email application. Staying in the email application saves you time and helps ensure that Salesforce is up to date with the latest communications.

How do I save emails from Gmail to Salesforce?

Set Up the Gmail IntegrationClick. … From Setup, enter Gmail in the Quick Find box, then select Gmail Integration and Sync.Turn on the Gmail integration.Ensure that Use Enable Enhanced Email with Gmail is on to log emails as standard message objects and activate Email to Salesforce.More items…

How do I forward Gmail to Salesforce?

Open up a browser and log in to your Gmail. Click the gear icon in the upper right and select Settings. Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab. On that page, in the Forwarding section, select Add a forwarding address.

How do I connect Gsuite to Salesforce?

2:053:09G Suite Integrations with Salesforce – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipFrom Gmail open up the calendar add-on. Then the customer meeting itself and you’ll see that theMoreFrom Gmail open up the calendar add-on. Then the customer meeting itself and you’ll see that the lightning for gmail extension appears.

How to sync Salesforce with Gmail?

Click , and select Setup. Enter Gmail in the Quick Find box, and then select Gmail Integration and Sync. To see the Gmail integration settings , expand Let users access Salesforce records from Gmail. In the Inbox in the Gmail Integration section, select Edit Settings .

Why do reps schedule emails?

Because timing is everything, reps can schedule when their customers receive the email, so that it makes the greatest impact for a potential sale. Those features can increase the efficiency of Ursa Major’s reps when they communicate with customers and prospects.

Gmail Integration Options in Lightning Experience

In Lightning Experience, the following options are available to log emails and use Gmail:

Gmail Integration Options in Salesforce Classic

In Salesforce Classic, you can integrate Gmail to Salesforce in the following ways:

How to Integrate Gmail with Salesforce (Use Case Example Included)

Ask any sales rep what the biggest time drain is in their workday and the answer will be the same. Surprise, it’s emails! OK, it’s not that surprising, but the actual extent of it might catch you off guard. It’s estimated that 28 percent of their day is spent between emails and Salesforce.

Business Use Case Example

Josh is emailing a group of prospective clients and wants to add everyone in the thread to Salesforce. Below, you can see that the extension picks up the addresses.

Troubleshooting and potential problems that can arise

The most common problem usually arises while logging in. Let’s suppose we have to log in to Salesforce via Sandbox. By default, the extension only allows you to log in to production. To fix this, go to the options page of the Salesforce extension by right-clicking on the Salesforce icon.

How to set up Lightning for Gmail?

Step 1: Login to your Salesforce Lightning account and it will take you to the home screen as shown below –. Step 2: At the home page from upper right corner click on Setup icon as shown below –. Step 3: As soon as you click on Setup option, there is one Quick find box in the upper left corner.

Is Salesforce adoption encouraged?

Salesforce adoption is encouraged among team member and important content can be synchronized that is relevant to your business. Secondly, when Salesforce features are accessed within Gmail, you don’t have to switch among tab and it makes your team more productive than earlier.

Can you track emails in Salesforce?

Also, email tracking is possible that is highly relevant to the Salesforce records .

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Why do you need buy-in from sales reps?

You could have the most beautifully baked-out processes and tools in your customer relationship management platform (CRM), but if reps aren’t using them, you’ve invested in something with zero return. Building trust is crucial, especially at the beginning, because no rollout of any new tool or process is ever perfect.

How do you get sales reps to use new tools and processes, like a CRM?

Recruit a pit crew. They’re a mix of sales reps from across different levels and verticals, a representation of people with more tenure and those who are quick to adopt technology. This group should be the first to know about upcoming changes and act as your litmus test.

How do we ensure adoption is successful?

Once you have buy-in, focus on developing training. I structure my sessions similar to a college course. We start off at the 100 level, a light introduction that gives them enough knowledge to complete what they need to do. Then we build up to the 200 and 300 level, sharing more detailed content and training materials to support each stage.


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