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Topics are words or phrases that you can associate with Salesforce records to organize them around common themes. Tags are words or short phrases that you can associate with most Salesforce records to describe and organize their data in a personalized way.


What is a topic in Salesforce?

Topics in Salesforce are an excellent way for discussing a specific issue, theme, or subject that isn’t restricted to a particular group of people. Users can also use topics to search for chatter posts.

How do I assign content topics to Salesforce CMS?

Assign content topics to CMS Content when reviewing it in the Content Management workspace of your site. Review and manage your topics from the Topics page. Note For a topic to be available for use in Salesforce CMS, it must be Enabled for Content.

How do I use topics to organize content?

Use topics to organize your content in the same way they help you manage your Experience Cloud site’s feeds. Assign content topics to CMS Content when reviewing it in the Content Management workspace of your site. Review and manage your topics from the Topics page.


How do I create a topic in Salesforce?

Open Experience Workspaces. … Access topics by clicking Content Management | Topics.Select All Topics | All Content Topics.To create a content topic, click New.Enter a name and description. … Repeat steps 4 and 5 to create several content topics for your Experience Cloud site, up to a maximum of 5,000.

What is topic for objects in Salesforce?

Topics for objects offers a powerful way to crowdsource your company’s key themes and issues. Users can add topics to records to organize them by common themes.

Where can I find topics in Salesforce?

In the topics list, you can:To see a topic’s detail page, click the topic name.To see updates in your Chatter feed, click. Follow.To narrow what you’re looking for, filter the list of topics.Search for topics by name. … Only users with the View All Data permission can filter by record name.

How many topics can be created in Salesforce?

Records can have up to 100 topics. When you’re done adding topics, click Done or press Enter.

How do I use topics in Salesforce lightning?

To configure topics for objects, including custom objects, from Setup, enter Topics for Objects in the Quick Find box, then select Topics for Objects.Create a record page for Lightning Experience. … In the Lightning App Builder, configure the Topics component and add it to the page’s layout.Save your page.

How do I create a topic in Salesforce lightning?

In the topic editor, start typing your text. As you type, you can pick a topic from the list of suggestions or keep typing to create your own unique topic. Press Enter to add the topic to the record.

What are the important topics in Salesforce admin?


How do I report a topic in Salesforce?

To add topics into a record object:Do not need to start with #, just type the topic and hit enter when done.Need to type in the Topics component in lightning, see post below for Topics component.You need to have edit permission on the record to be able to add topics to that record.More items…•

How do I add a trending topic in Salesforce?

Trending TopicsSelect the Trending Topics component.In the property editor, configure properties for the component: Property. Details. Title. Enter a title for the list of trending topics. The default text is Trending Topics . Number of Topics. Enter the number of trending topics to display.

How many records we can store in list in Salesforce?

A list can hold 1000 elements, however if you use readOnly annotation on page than it can store records upto 2000.

How many records a list can hold in Salesforce?

There’s not a defined limit for size of a list. I think the limit you’d eventually hit is heap size, which is currently 12 MB for a batch job. However, you need to be mindful of the number of records you can process via DML, which is currently 10,000.

How many records can a Salesforce object hold?

Required Editions Object rules default to 500 records per object. Salesforce doesn’t limit the number of users per briefcase, but the number of records plus the number of assigned users does affect briefcase performance.

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Customize a Salesforce Object

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Viewing a List of Topics

All the topics featured in the Trending Topics section are viewable – except those intended for private record feeds and groups. Among up to 5 topics that are viewable, the most recent addition will appear on top.

Adding as Favorite

Apart from viewing topics in the Trending Topics section, you can also categorize and monitor a topic. Particularly, you can add it as your favorite. This lets you see the latest happenings on the topics you’re most interested in.

Configuring Trending Topics

You can configure the Trending Topics section, too. The instructions (after navigating to the Page Editor) are:

Your Salesforce Records, Your Way

At their core, Tags and Topics are tools that allow users to create labels for records in the system, and then view records based on those labels later.

Salesforce Topics

Salesforce topics offer a few new and welcome changes to the functionality that once was granted by Salesforce tags. The biggest standout feature is that you can now reference topics when creating list views.

Things to Consider

Even with the improvements that are coming with Topics, there’s still one bit of functionality I wish was present. Neither Salesforce tags nor Salesforce topics are visible in reports. There’s no way to run data analysis or simple export on records that are grouped by Tags or Topics.

Final Thoughts

After reviewing these features, I can see the case for private Tags; if a user just wants to organize their things in their way, then private Tags let them do that without having to worry about what other users think of it. And in sufficiently small numbers, Topics make sense as well.


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