What are the data types in salesforce


Different Salesforce Field Types Depending on the Data Types and their Transformation Data Types.

Data Type Field Types Transformation Data Types
ID Look up relational, master-detail relati … String
String Auto number, email, phone, multi-select … String
Boolean Checkbox Integer
Double Currency, formula, number, percent, and … Decimal

Jun 2 2022

The five different data types in API: ID. String.

Different DataTypes in Salesforce
  • A list (or array) of primitives, sObjects, user-defined objects, Apex classes created objects or collections.
  • a collection of primitives.
  • A primitive-to-primitive map, sObject, or collection.
Feb 1, 2022


What are the ways to import data into Salesforce?

Using each tool will be slightly different, but generally the steps for importing are:

  • Choose the object you’ll be importing data into.
  • Choose your matching convention to prevent duplicates.
  • Choose your source file.
  • Map your fields.
  • Check your error logs.
  • Spot-check your live data.

What are the different types of Salesforce?

Types of Salesforce Training Courses

  • Instructor-Led Training Courses. Instructor-led courses are most suitable for people who find self-learning difficult. …
  • In-app Guided Training. Reading lengthy guidebooks and complicated theories can be difficult. …
  • Supplemental Resources. Providing your team members with supplemental learning materials will be of great help. …
  • Self-Paced Courses. …

What are the different kinds of reports in Salesforce?

What is a Salesforce Report?

  • Tabular Reports. Tabular Reports are the most simple type of Salesforce Report. …
  • Matrix Reports. Matrix Reports are a step more complicated than Tabular Reports where they can show data in rows and columns.
  • Summary Reports. Summary Reports in Salesforce are the most commonly used reports and are designed to show groups of data.
  • Joined Reports. …

What is the data type of a Salesforce account?

  • A list (or array) of primitives, sObjects, user defined objects, objects created from Apex classes, or collections (see Lists)
  • A set of primitives (see Sets)
  • A map from a primitive to a primitive, sObject, or collection (see Maps)

What are the 4 main data types?

Some are used to store numbers, some are used to store text and some are used for much more complicated types of data ….The data types to know are:String (or str or text). … Character (or char). … Integer (or int). … Float (or Real). … Boolean (or bool).

What are the 5 basic data types?

Common data types include:Integer.Floating-point number.Character.String.Boolean.

How do I find data types in Salesforce?

get(fieldName). getDescribe(). getLabel(); //It provides to get the object fields data type.

What are the 8 types of data?

The 8 Primitive Variable Types byte , short , int , long , float , double , char , boolean .

What are the 7 data types?

7 Primary Data Types for machine learningUseless.Nominal.Binary.Ordinal.Count.Time.Interval.

What are data types?

A data type, in programming, is a classification that specifies which type of value a variable has and what type of mathematical, relational or logical operations can be applied to it without causing an error.

What are record types in Salesforce?

“Record types let you offer different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users. You might create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different picklist values for each.

What are the data types in Apex?

Apex – Data TypesPrimitive (Integer, Double, Long, Date, Datetime, String, ID, or Boolean)Collections (Lists, Sets and Maps) (To be covered in Chapter 6)sObject.Enums.Classes, Objects and Interfaces (To be covered in Chapter 11, 12 and 13)

What is a integer data type in Salesforce?

Integer: It is a 32-bit number without any decimal value . The value range for this data type starts from -2,147,483,648 and the maximum value go up to 2,147,483,647.

What are the basic data types?

Basic Data TypesInteger. An integer number, from -2147483648 to 2147483647.Double or Real. A floating-point value, for instance, 3.14. … String. Any textual data (a single character or an arbitrary string). … Boolean. A value that is either True , or False . … Date/Time. … Object. … Variant.

What are the 2 types of data?

Data types and sources There are two general types of data – quantitative and qualitative and both are equally important. You use both types to demonstrate effectiveness, importance or value.

What are the three types of data?

3 Main Forms of Data | StatisticsQualitative and Quantitative.Continuous and Discrete Data. ADVERTISEMENTS:Primary and Secondary Data.

What is the currency field type?

Currency: Currency field type allows user to enter INR or any other country currency values in the record.

Can we group different fields depending on the data types?

We can group different field types depending on the Data types.

What are the different types of data in Salesforce?

Different Data Types in Salesforce 1 Integer, Double, Long, Date, Datetime, String, ID, or Boolean are examples of primitives 2 A sObject, such as an Account, Contact, or MyCustomObject c, is either general or particular. 3 A collection that includes the following items:#N#A list (or array) of primitives, sObjects, user-defined objects, Apex classes-created objects, or collections#N#a collection of primitives#N#A primitive-to-primitive map, sObject, or collection 4 An enumeration is a typed list of values 5 Objects made from Apex classes defined by the user 6 Objects built with Apex classes provided by the system 7 Null (for the null constant)

How many different types of data are there in API?

There are different kinds of data types depending on conditions. The five different data types in API:

What is Apex in Salesforce?

Apex in Salesforce assigns a data type to all variables and expressions, such as sObject, primitive, or enum.

How many characters can an encrypted text field hold?

An encrypted text field that contains any combination of letters/numbers/symbols stored in an encrypted form; you can set up a maximum length of up to 175 characters; available in API versions 11.0 and later

What is a multi select picklist?

Multi-select picklist includes a set of enumerated values from which multiple values can be selected

What type of data type does Apex support?

Any data type that is supported in Apex. Apex supports primitive data types (such as Integer), user-defined custom classes, the sObject generic type, or an sObject specific type (such as Account). All Apex data types inherit from Object.

What data type does Apex use?

In API version 16 (Summer ’09) and later, Apex uses the higher-precision Decimal data type in certain types such as currency.

What are the comparison operators in Apex?

Comparison Operators: Unlike Java, Apex Strings support using the comparison operators ==, !=, <, <=, >, and >=. Because Apex uses SOQL comparison semantics, results for Strings are collated according to the context user’s locale and are not case-sensitive. For more information, see Expression Operators.

What is anytype in Lightning?

AnyType. The valueOf static method converts an sObject field of type AnyType to a standard primitive. AnyType is used within the Lightning Platform database exclusively for sObject fields in field history tracking tables.

Can non standard primitive data types be used as variable or method types?

In addition, two non-standard primitive data types cannot be used as variable or method types, but do appear in system static methods: AnyType. The valueOf static method converts an sObject field of type AnyType to a standard primitive.

What is a data category group?

A data category group has categories that classify articles in Salesforce Knowledge and questions in the Answers feature. Every article and question object has two fields of type DataCategoryGroupReference which contain the category group and category unique name. You can use the describeDataCategoryGroups () and describeDataCategoryGroupStructures () calls to retrieve the category groups and categories associated to these objects.

What is anytype field type?

The anyType field type is dynamic and returns string, date , number, or boolean data depending on the kind of field involved. For example, the element in a SOAP message has an xsi:type=”xsd:string” attribute if the field is of type string. This field type is used in history objects for the NewValue and OldValue fields. It is also a valid field type for fieldType and soapType.

How long can textarea fields be?

Textarea fields contain text that can be longer than 4000 bytes. Unlike string fields, textarea fields cannot be specified in the WHERE clause of a queryString of a query () call. To filter records on this field, you must do so while processing records in the QueryResult. For fields with this restriction, its filterable field in the Field type (described in the fields property of the DescribeSObjectResult) is false.

How many records can you query in SOQL?

The total number of records you can query for in a single SOQL query, when one of the fields being queried on is of type JunctionIdList, can’t exceed 500. If the number of records returned exceeds 500, EXCEPTION: System.UnexpectedException: Truncated appears.

What is truncated field in API?

In API versions previous to 15.0, if you specify a value for a field, and that value is too large , the value is truncated. For API version 15.0 and later, if a value is specified that is too large, the operation fails and the fault code STRING_TOO_LONG is returned. AllowFieldTruncationHeader allows you to specify that the previous behavior, truncation, be used instead of the new behavior in API versions 15.0 and later. This header has no effect in versions 14.0 and earlier. The affected fields are: anyType, email, encryptedstring, multipicklist, phone, picklist, string, and textarea.

What does adding a junctionidlist field name to the fieldsToNull property do?

Adding a JunctionIdList field name to the fieldsToNull property deletes all related junction records. This action can’t be undone.

When specifying a value for a cross reference ID field in a create () or update () call?

When specifying a value for a cross-reference ID field in a create () or update () call, the value must be a valid value of type ID, and the user must have appropriate access to that object. The exact requirements vary from field to field.


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