What are static resources in salesforce


Salesforce – Static Resources

  • Images
  • Javascript Files
  • Flash files
  • CSS files

Static resources allow you to upload content that you can reference in a Visualforce page, including archives (such as . zip and . jar files), images, style sheets, JavaScript, and other files. Static resources can be used only within your Salesforce org, so you can’t host content here for other apps or websites.


How to create Salesforce instance?

Using Windows Command Prompt or Mac OS’ terminal and run nslookup

  • Press and hold ‘Windows’ key on keyboard and press ‘R’ letter key
  • Windows Run Dialog will open. Type ‘cmd’ and hit ‘Enter’
  • Type ‘nslookup’ followed by ‘yourdomain.my.salesforce.com’ and hit ‘Enter’
  • You will see your instance name below in the line which starts with ‘Name:xy1’ where ‘xy1’ will be your instance.

How to do it in Salesforce?

Lead Generation in Salesforce

  • Trailhead. If you’re not already blazing trails on Trailhead, you need to get out on the trail pronto. …
  • Salesforce Documentation. When you set up Web-to-Lead, Salesforce captures prospects who provide contact information. …
  • Trailblazer Community. Trailblazer Community: How Can I Receive a Notification Email When a New Lead Comes In? …

How to create site in Salesforce?

  • Click New. The Creation wizard appears with different template options for you to choose from.
  • Select the Customer Service template. (You can use any Experience Builder template with custom theme layout components, but for this project, stick to Customer Service.)
  • Click Get Started.
  • Enter a site name and URL. …
  • Click Create. …

What is Salesforce sales process?

  • Lead source. Determine how your prospects find out about your business. …
  • Industry. Your product works well among a variety of clients. …
  • Decision makers involved. Always count the number of client-side contacts you need to liaise with. …
  • Deal size. Some buyers are ready to spend $100,000 on your product, while others can budget $5,000. …
  • Probability to close. …

What is a static resource?

Static resources are resources not assigned to a path network and therefore do not visibly move. A static resource may be needed to perform an operation at only one location, such as an inspection operator, and will appear during the entire simulation in the same place it was defined graphically.

What are static resources how can you create them in Salesforce?

To create a static resource:From Setup, enter Static Resources in the Quick Find box, then select Static Resources.Click New.In the Name text box, enter the text that should be used to identify the resource in Visualforce markup. … In the Description text area, specify an optional description of the resource.More items…

Where is static resources in Salesforce?

Right-click on the direct link to download the file, rather than opening it in a browser window. From Setup, enter Static Resources in the Quick Find box, then select Static Resources, and then click New. Enter jQuery for the Name. Click Choose File, and then choose the jQuery JavaScript file you downloaded previously.

What is the difference between static resource and document in Salesforce?

-Documents are for documentation repository for images and word docs etc. Static Resources are used for file repository as well (Not document repository) but to referenced in Visualforce pages. -Static resources are data cached and you can refer them easily in VF (including zip files) which store on Salesforce server.

How do I access static resources?

Required Editions and User Permissions. From Setup, enter Static Resources in the Quick Find box, then select Static Resources. To view the resource details, click the name of a resource. Available details include the MIME type, the size of the resource in bytes, when it was created, and when it was last modified.

How do I query a static resource in salesforce?

If you want to get some file from zipped static resource, you can use getContent(): StaticResource static_resource = [SELECT Id, SystemModStamp FROM StaticResource WHERE Name = ‘My Zip Array’ LIMIT 1]; String url_file_ref = ‘/resource/’ + String. valueOf(((DateTime)static_resource.

How do I use static resources in Salesforce flow?

Upload the image as a static resource.Create a screen flow and include the Display Image flow component. Image Name will be the name of the Static Resource name, Horizontal Alignment will be either left, center, or right. You can include CSS styling, Image Height, and Image Width. Final Screen:

How do you refer static resources in the lightning component?

To reference a specific resource in component markup, use $Resource. resourceName within an expression. resourceName is the Name of the static resource. In a managed package, the resource name must include the package namespace prefix, such as $Resource.

How do I use static resources in visualforce?

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How do I update a static resource in Salesforce?

Click New Static Resource to define a new static resource. Click a resource name to display detailed information about the page, including its MIME type and size. Click Edit next to a resource to modify the resource’s name or to upload a new version of the resource. Click Del to remove a resource.

How do I add an image to a static resource in Salesforce?

Keep the total number of static resources in your org under 1000.Compress one or more product image files into a ZIP file. … Upload the ZIP file to your org’s static resources. … In CC Admin, assign the static resource name in your storefront’s configuration settings. … Build and activate a new configuration cache.More items…

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