What are salesforce trailblazers


Trailblazers are truly the heart and soul of Salesforce. And we’ve made it our mission to pave pathways for anyone to unlock career opportunities and provide them with the tools needed to succeed. Trailblazer /treyl-bley-zer/noun A pioneer; an innovator; a lifelong learner; a mover and shaker.

This growth is powered by Trailblazers — the learners and innovators who use Salesforce to build successful careers, companies, and communities around the world.May 11, 2022


What is the main purpose of Salesforce?

Salesforce.com, inc. is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. It provides customer relationship management (CRM) service and also sells a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

What is so unique about Salesforce?

  • If you have the budget to pay for the subscription, you are ready to use Salesforce. Why? …
  • You can use Salesforce with 1, 10, 100 or 10,000 Employees. It’s completely up to you! Salesforce certainly does not impose any minimum user count.
  • Salesforce integrates with some amazing software such as Yesware (The implementation took us around 5 minutes).

What is trailhead for Salesforce?

Trailhead is a series of online tutorials that coach beginner and intermediate developers who need to learn how to code for the Salesforce platform. Trailhead education, which was launched in 2014, comes in three levels: trails, modules and units.

What is the job of Salesforce?

  • Salesforce administrators work with people at all levels in the organization, from CEO to the end users, so must command exceptional communication skills. …
  • The job role of a salesforce administrator is “Customer Facing”. …
  • The beauty of Salesforce as a CRM tool is that there is no specific way of doing anything in Salesforce. …

What is Salesforce Trails?

Salesforce Trailhead is an interactive way to learn how to use the Salesforce.com platform. You learn through “Trails” or collections of modules that each teach you about a specific Salesforce feature.

How many Salesforce Trailblazers are there?

The Trailblazer Community is where Trailhead learners connect with Salesforce customers, partners, product specialists, and employees to learn together, find mentors, and connect to career opportunities. There are currently 1,300 Trailblazer Community Groups across 90 countries.

What is Trailhead and trailblazer?

Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community are part of one unified platform. The Trailblazer Community helps you learn relevant skills, connect with other Trailblazers, and give back. Together, Trailhead and the Trailblazer Community are your one-stop shop to learn, earn, and connect from anywhere.

What does it mean to be called a trailblazer?

pioneerDefinition of trailblazer 1 : pioneer sense 2 a trailblazer in astrophysics. 2 : one that blazes a trail to guide others : pathfinder.

How do you become a Salesforce trailblazer?

You have to complete Trails and earn badges then you can also become the trailblazer.

Is Trailblazer and Trailhead the same?

Trailhead Is the Fun Way to Learn Join the global Trailblazer Community to learn relevant skills, connect to Trailblazers, and give back.

Who is Salesforce Trailhead for?

Trailhead is a series of online tutorials that coach beginner and intermediate developers who need to learn how to code for the Salesforce platform. Trailhead education, which was launched in 2014, comes in three levels: trails, modules and units.

Who was a famous trailblazer?

Pioneers in science. Leonardo Da Vinci (1452–1519) Italian artist, scientist and polymath. Da Vinci invented a huge range of machines and drew models that proved workable 3-500 years later. Da Vinci was the embodiment of Renaissance ideas, innovation and creativity.

What are synonyms for trailblazer?

synonyms for trailblazeravant-garde.creator.discoverer.groundbreaker.pioneer.vanguard.prequel.trendsetter.

What is trailblazer community?

Module: Trailhead and Trailblazer Community Provide answers to product questions, and volunteer to help new Trailblazers skill up and find jobs through Trailblazer Mentorship and Trailblazer Workforce Partners.

Meet the Trailblazers

Tap into an incredible source of inspiration to be your best.
Dive into these stories of Trailblazers from all walks of life.

Every Trailblazer has blazed their own trail through Salesforce

If you’re curious, check out Trailhead and the Build Great APIs and Integrations with MuleSoft trail—there’s literally nothing to lose!

See inspiring Trailblazer stories

Salesforce Trailblazers deliver success in their careers, companies, and communities, fueling the entire Salesforce ecosystem. And their inspiring stories show everyone what’s possible.

Connect with Trailblazers like you

Join the conversation with Trailblazers who share your professional and product interests.

Trailblazers Around the World

The Trailblazer Community spans the globe with millions of members, so you can connect wherever you go.

Mentor a future Trailblazer

Help a fellow Trailblazer pursue their next career opportunity by becoming a mentor in our four-week mentorship program for job seekers.

Be a Multiplier

Spread the word about Salesforce and Trailhead with shareable assets and learning event resources.


Ask questions, get tips, and share knowledge with the rest of the Trailblazer Community.

Answer Leaders

Meet the Trailblazers who go above and beyond to help community members succeed with Salesforce.


There’s always a conversation happening in the Trailblazer Community. Jump in to add your voice and meet fellow trailblazers.


Gather around the campfire with kindred spirits. Join the groups that match your experience and interests.

Harnessing the power of customer- and partner-led innovation

IdeaExchange is where we solicit ideas from Trailblazers on what improvements they’d like to see in our products. It’s also where other Trailblazers can support an idea and add their use cases and workarounds, all in an effort to provide Salesforce with signals indicating where we should build additional depth into our products.

A reshaped roadmap

These improvements are the latest in a multi-year journey to reimagine the IdeaExchange. They complement the innovation we launched at Dreamforce 2019 with IdeaExchange Prioritization, where customers and partners become an extended member of our product team — they get a virtual budget that they can then allocate to top product ideas.

A community of continued influence

Our journey doesn’t stop here. Balance is something that is maintained, not achieved. We will continue to look to our customers and partners to guide our product roadmaps, including how we evolve the IdeaExchange itself.

What are Trailblazer Ranks?

Motivate yourself to go even further with Trailblazer Ranks. Unlock new ranks for your profile by challenging yourself to earn more points and badges.


When you finish a module, project, or superbadge, you’re awarded badges. A badge, earned from modules and projects, represents general knowledge in a specific topic area, and a superbadge represents real-world proficiency in that discipline.


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