What are content bodies in salesforce


ContentBody Represents the body of a file in Salesforce CRM

Content or Salesforce Files For more information, see ContentBody in the Object Reference for the Salesforce Platform.


What is Salesforce CRM content?

Salesforce CRM Content is also integrated with leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, cases, products, and custom objects. If Salesforce CRM Content functionality is enabled on the Opportunity tab, for example, Salesforce CRM Content uses the fields on the opportunity detail page to search for files that may be relevant to that opportunity.

How to export content version of a Salesforce project?

Refer below salesforce help article. 1. Export the ContentVersion object (do not reuse your successfile of the content upload!) 2. Don’t us the ID of the ContentVersion, but use the CONTENTDOCUMENTID (which is the second column in your export file)

What happens when the owner of a contentDocument is changed?

When the owner of a ContentDocument is changed, ContentDocumentLink may be triggered. This action deletes the ContentDocumentLink to the old owner and inserts one to the new owner. The user who is becoming the owner of the document must be a visible user who is active, but the original owner can be inactive.


What are content bodies?

The Content Bodies value encompasses Files and the body of Content Records, so you’ll want to ensure you’re in an “empty” org that is clear of documents before testing.

How do I mass delete content bodies in Salesforce?

To delete Content or Files from your organization:Log into Data Loader.Select ‘Export’Check Show all Salesforce objects” and select Content (ContentDocument) object. … Select Id and any other desired fields and follow the prompts to complete your export. … Review the resulting CSV file to verify the Content to be deleted.More items…

How do I query Contentbody in Salesforce?

If you need to access the file content body, use ContentVersion. To view all the content, query [SELECT Id,Title FROM ContentVersion] to get the Id of the dcoument and copy the Id in the salesforce url. You also can navigate to the Content tab in Salesforce to view all the content.

How do I free up space in Salesforce?

When you need more storage, increase your storage limit or reduce your storage usage.Purchase more storage space, or add user licenses in Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions.Delete outdated leads or contacts.Remove any unnecessary attachments.Delete files in Salesforce CRM Content.

What is mass delete in Salesforce?

You can delete up to 250 items at one time. When you delete a record, any associated records that display on that record’s related lists are also deleted. Only reports in public report folders can be mass-deleted.

Who can use data Loader Salesforce?

Admins, developers, and consultants can use a data loader to insert and mass delete for 50,000+ files in minutes. There are many third-party data loading apps on Salesforce AppExchange, in addition to the de facto Salesforce Data Loader.

What is Contentdocumentlink in Salesforce?

Represents the link between a Salesforce CRM Content document or Salesforce file and where it’s shared. A file can be shared with other users, groups, records, and Salesforce CRM Content libraries.

What is attachment in Salesforce?

An Attachment record in Salesforce is a record of the Attachment Object which is then associated with a parent record. Attachments appear in the Notes & Attachments Related List. Salesforce Files use ContentVersion records which are then associated with a parent record.

What is the File object in Salesforce?

Document Object in Salesforce represents the files that are uploaded by the users. In contrast to Attachment Records, Document Object in Salesforce is not attached to a Parent Object. These are the documents uploaded to a library in Salesforce CRM Content or Salesforce Files.

How many records can a Salesforce object hold?

Required Editions Object rules default to 500 records per object. Salesforce doesn’t limit the number of users per briefcase, but the number of records plus the number of assigned users does affect briefcase performance.

What is Salesforce Optimizer?

Salesforce Optimizer evaluates your Salesforce instance to determine how your company uses Salesforce features, then generates concrete recommendations for how you can optimize feature usage, including ways to simplify customizations and drive user adoption.

Where is Salesforce data stored?

The Salesforce Database Salesforce runs on the Force.com platform, which provides a powerful relational database. In a relational database, data is stored in tables. Each table is made up of any number of columns that represent a particular type of data (like a date or a number).

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