How many field updates can you have on workflow salesforce

What is field update in Salesforce workflow? Field update is one of the workflow actions available in Salesforce. Workflow is used to automate tasks, emails we regularly send and other record updates according to the organization requirement. Field update actions let you automatically update field values. These field updates are used in approval process and … Read more

How many favorites can you have in salesforce

200 favorites What are favorites in Salesforce? A Favorite is similar to a bookmark, it allows you to quickly access important records, lists, groups, and other frequently used pages in Salesforce by making them a Favorite. What can you use favorites to do in Salesforce? Favorites allow you quick access to important records, lists, dashboards, … Read more

How many external id on object salesforce

You can designate up to 25 External ID fields per object. External ID fields must be Custom text, number or email fields. External ID fields contain record IDs from systems outside Salesforce. You can use the upsert call to match against External ID fields during import or integration. Full Answer What are external ID fields … Read more