What are the salesforce products

Salesforce Products: Sales Cloud. Sales Cloud, one of the most popular Salesforce products refers to the “sales” module in salesforce.com. … Service Cloud. Service Cloud is a Salesforce application to support every customer, anytime, anywhere. … Marketing Cloud. … Community Cloud. … Analytics Cloud. … App Cloud. … IoT Cloud. Dec 29, 2021 What are … Read more

What are the lightning components in salesforce

Lightning web components are custom HTML elements built using HTML and modern JavaScript. Lightning web components and Aura components can coexist and interoperate on a page. To create Lightning web components, use the code editor of your choice and the Salesforce CLI. What are the standard lightning components in Salesforce? Lightning Page ComponentsField Update Button. … Read more

What are the four key user engagement scenarios in salesforce

Four scenarios illustrate the most common user engagement experiences: Onboarding. Feature discovery and adoption. Introduction. Throughout the Salesforce product ecosystem, we use engagement patterns to onboard, guide, assist, and educate users. Full Answer What are the components of user engagement in Salesforce? Explain the Salesforce components that you can use to engage users. User engagement … Read more

What are the different clouds in salesforce

Salesforce offers six major types of clouds: Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Experience Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.Jan 13, 2022 What are the Salesforce Clouds? Salesforce Service Cloud Service Cloud is the customer service management SaaS platform from Salesforce. Service Cloud works as a help desk and a cloud customer service platform, helping … Read more

What are records in salesforce

Record types in Salesforce allow you to have different business processes, picklist values, and page layouts to different users based on profile. You might create record types to differentiate your regular sales deals from your professional services engagements, offering different picklist values for each. Record types in Salesforce allow you to have different business processes, … Read more

What are quotes in salesforce

Quotes in salesforce explained A quote is a specific combination of Products, Quantities and Pricing. It’s the specific group of products and their associated prices that you’ve quoted to a customer. Full Answer How do I create a quote in Salesforce? Radhakrishna Member March 6, 2017 at 5:53 am Click New Quote on the Quotes … Read more

What are public groups in salesforce

Group Types Public groups are visible and open to all employees. Anyone in the company can join a public group, and then post, comment, and add files to it. Private groups are members-only. … Unlisted groups are invitation-only and don’t appear in list views or search results. … Broadcast Only groups are for making announcements. … Read more

What are products in salesforce

What is a product, price book and Quotes in salesforce ? Products are the actual items that you sell on your opportunities and quotes. Products are associated to have one or more price books to create price book entries. Products can exist in multiple price books with many different prices. Products in Salesforce is a … Read more

What are outbound messages in salesforce

What is Outbound Message in Salesforce Outbound Message in Salesforce. Outbound message in salesforce is a kind of action that sends the information to an end-point (External Service) in the form of XML (Extensible Markup Language). Let’s Understand the flow of Outbound Message in Salesforce from the below: In the above figure, we can see … Read more

What are lightning components in salesforce

Lightning components include .cmp extensions. And are relied on the thought of web components. There will be the use of JavaScript, Apex, HTML, and CSS to develop the Salesforce lighting app. They are the building blocks that form together as Salesforce. They also form the tools that are built with these blocks. The lighting components … Read more