Is salesforce pci compliant


Salesforce Billing became PCI Level 1 compliant in 2012 and has retained its compliance every year afterward.

What is PCI Compliance and why is it important?

Payment card industry (PCI) compliance helps ensure the security of each one of your business’s credit card transactions. Whether you are a startup or a global enterprise, your business must be compliant with 12 operational and technical requirements to protect your customers’ cardholder data and your reputation as a reliable company.

What compliance certifications does Salesforce offer?

Salesforce maintains a comprehensive set of compliance certifications and attestations to validate our #1 value of Trust. PCI DSS.

What is PCI DSS and why does it matter?

The standards originally applied to merchant processing, but were later expanded to encrypted internet transactions. Those requirements, known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), are the core component of any credit card company’s security protocol.

What is Salesforce’s Compliance Policy?

Trust and success of our customers are the highest priorities for Compliance plays a key role in achieving these goals. We are committed to not only abide by the laws and regulations that apply to us as we conduct business around the world, but to be a leader in the areas of compliance and ethics.


The Cost of Data Breaches

  • A data breach is not only costly, but could also be fatal to your company. Whether your customer base is 100% virtual or point of sale, PCI compliance is critical. Chargent for Salesforce can help reduce your PCI scope, making the task of maintaining PCI compliance easier. The US average cost of a data breach in 2020 was $8.64M according to an IBM …

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Top 5 Questions Asked by Business Leaders

  • Question 1: Why does my organization need to be PCI compliant?
    Your organization needs to be PCI compliant to ensure that your customer’s data security is not at risk. You absolutely need to protect your brand from getting tarnished by an intrusion that exposes your customers’ data. The fact is, a cardholder data breach would cost you and your business a ton of money! The famous 2013 Targe…
  • Question 2: Is Salesforce PCI compliant?
    Yes. As of January 2021, Salesforce is PCI certified. Salesforce keeps an updated list of which of their clouds have what certifications on their Trustsite. You can always check back there for the latest on PCI compliance. As of this article’s publication, all of these Clouds are listed on Salesforce’s PCI certified list. 1. B2B Commerce 2. Ei…

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Chargent Tools For Secure Payments

  • Using Chargent to process Salesforce payments gives your teams the tools to maintain compliance while giving a better experience for your customers. Customers can self-serve through payment request links sent by your team, keeping card information private. Cardholder data is not stored on your servers, but is processed securely by your payment gateway and payment processor. Many of these tasks can be automatedthrough Chargent, letting your …

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Top Security Standards

  • Today, your company’s security standards are more important than ever. Securing your customer’s credit card data protects them and your company from potential disaster. Chargent for Salesforce helps reduce your PCI scope with 30+ direct payment gateways. Take online payments, send Payment Requests, or manage recurring billing knowing that your customer’s data is more secure. Keep all point of sale payment transactions in Salesfor…

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