Is salesforce mfa mandatory

Yes, the MFA requirement applies to all users who access a Salesforce product’s user interface, whether by logging in directly or via SSO. If your Salesforce products are integrated with SSO, ensure that MFA is enabled for all your Salesforce users.

Is MFA mandatory?

MFA is mandatory for the service account owner (the person who creates the tenant). MFA is optional during a Qlik Sense Business trial period. When a trial completes and turned into a paid subscription, service account owners and tenant admins are asked to setup MFA at the next log in.

What is Salesforce MFA requirement?

What is MFA and why is Salesforce requiring it? MFA is a secure authentication method that requires users to prove their identity by supplying two or more pieces of evidence (or “factors”) when they log in. One factor is something the user knows, such as their username and password.

How do I bypass MFA in Salesforce?

Make sure your SSO login is in the “High Assurance” column instead of the “Standard” column. This should prevent Salesforce from prompting for MFA when users log in via SSO. Welcome to the Customer Success Ohana!

Do you need MFA with SSO?

With SSO, that one passphrase is all a user has to remember. But of course, SSO means fewer potential entry points for hackers—and once they’ve cracked the code, the doors have opened to all the user’s other accounts and applications. This is why requiring an additional authentication layer with MFA is so important.

Does SSO replace MFA?

No. If MFA is enabled for your SSO identity provider, you don’t need to enable Salesforce’s MFA for users who log in via SSO. But if you have admins or other privileged users who log in to your Salesforce products directly, you do need to set up Salesforce’s MFA for these users.

Can you turn off MFA in Salesforce?

For Marketing Cloud tenants created after the August 2020 Marketing Cloud release, MFA is automatically enabled for their accounts, and Marketing Cloud admins cannot disable the feature.

Can MFA be automated?

Before the Salesforce MFA enforcement, automated tests that required a login to Salesforce could typically use a username and password. More complicated login scenarios that required an email verification code could be automated by grabbing the code from the email and passing it to the login field.

Does MFA affect API integrations Salesforce?

No, multi-factor authentication (MFA) only affects authentication for users who log in to Marketing Cloud via their browser or the Marketing Cloud mobile app. MFA does not affect REST or SOAP API requests.

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