How to write soql queries in salesforce


Write SOQL Queries

  • Learning Objectives. Write SOQL queries in Apex. Execute SOQL queries by using the Query Editor in the Developer Console.
  • Get Started with SOQL. To read a record from Salesforce, you must write a query. Salesforce provides the Salesforce…
  • Basic SOQL Syntax. The WHERE clause is optional. Let’s start with a very simple query. For example, the following…

To include SOQL queries within your Apex code, wrap the SOQL statement within square brackets and assign the return value to an array of sObjects. For example, the following retrieves all account records with two fields, Name and Phone, and returns an array of Account sObjects.


How do I query my data in Salesforce?

Query Operation. Drag and drop Salesforce Query Connector to get the details of the salesforce object and configure the listener to trigger the request. Configure the connection details for Salesforce and use the Basic Username and Password connection (Username, Password, Securitytoken), you can also use other connections as well to do the …

What is the difference between soql and SOSL in Salesforce?

SOSL can search multiple object types, which requires multiple separate queries in SOQL, in addition, all the relevant fields are already text indexed for SOSL, but the same fields don’t have DB indexes, so SOQL queries against them will be slower. If you have a lot of data, these differences will be much more apparent. Thanks.

How to query the number of used license in Salesforce?

  1. Active Users: to count all active users, the formula: RowCount
  2. License Remain: this is by calculating Total License – Active Users, the formula: User.Profile.UserLicense.TotalLicenses:SUM – RowCount You can add Conditional Highlighting to get user attention when remaining licenses reach …
  3. The Moment of Truth

How to fetch data from Salesforce custom object using soql?

Retrieve data of Cross-object (Lookup/Master-Detail) from child to parent for custom objects and navigate to record detail page in lightning component Salesforce. Write a Batch Apex to Update all the Industry and Type Field of Account and re-call batch class from batch Using Database.executeBatch in finish method.


How to execute SOQL query?

To execute SOQL you can simply select the text and run the command SFDX: Execute SOQL Query with Currently Selected Text. You can choose to execute your query against the REST or Tooling APIs. After the query is executed the results display in the output pane.

Where are the results of a query displayed?

After the query is executed the results display in the output pane.

Is SOQL in beta?

NOTICE: SOQL Language support is currently in beta. If you find any bugs or have feedback, open a GitHub issue. See our Roadmap for more information.

Does VS Code support SOQL?

VS Code supports code completions for SOQL embedded in Apex files and .soql files. To use this feature, you must refresh the SObject definitions so that the SOQL language server can provide code completion suggestions. Run SFDX: Refresh SObject Definitions from the Command Palette.

How to use SOQL?

When to Use SOQL 1 Retrieve data from a single object or from multiple objects that are related to one another. 2 Count the number of records that meet specified criteria. 3 Sort results as part of the query. 4 Retrieve data from number, date, or checkbox fields.

What is SOQL in SQL?

Similar to the SELECT command in Structured Query Language (SQL), SOQL allows you to specify the source object (such as Account), a list of fields to retrieve, and conditions for selecting rows in the source object.

Can SOQL be used with archived data?

With archived data and big objects, you can use only some SOQL features. For more information, see SOQL with Big Objects.

Can SOQL be used to perform arbitrary join operations?

For example, you can’t use SOQL to perform arbitrary join operations, use wildcards in field lists, or use calculation expressions. SOQL uses the SELECT statement combined with filtering statements to return sets of data, which can optionally be ordered: SELECT one or more fields. FROM an object.

What is SOQL in Salesforce?

SOQL is a language that gets record data from a Salesforce database. In Object-Oriented Programming for Admins you learned that you can use Data Manipulation Language (DML) statements to insert, update, and delete records.

What is this query doing?

What’s this query doing? It’s retrieving (getting) specific information about contact records in the database. Let’s examine how these pieces fit together and practice writing some queries. First, we look at the required parts of a SOQL query.

What are the two clauses in SOQL?

At the foundation of any SOQL query are two clauses: the SELECT clause and the FROM clause. Think of a clause as a piece of a puzzle. It’s one part of a complete query.

What is limit in SOQL?

The LIMIT keyword sets the maximum number of records to return. LIMIT is helpful when you’re testing and don’t want to wait for a query to process a large set of data. As you learn more about SOQL, you’ll discover more relevant ways to avoid returning too many records, but until then, LIMIT is an easy solution. Let’s try adding a limit to our query.

What happens after a query is executed?

After the query is executed, the results show exactly what’s requested. Plus, when you use the Query Editor, the Id is returned as a bonus. Pretty cool!

Can SOQL retrieve data?

With this introduction to the power of SOQL, you can now retrieve huge sets of data, set limits to get very specific results, and organize returned data to suit your needs. Pretty sweet.

Do you use field API names in SOQL?

But in code, developers use API names instead. So in your SOQL queries, always use field API names, not field labels. If you aren’t sure what a field’s API name is, don’t worry, there are ways to figure it out. More on that later in this module.


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