How to view tasks in salesforce


1. From your Home page, click any Task to pull up the Task details. 2. Click the List View icon. 3. Copy the URL from your browser (it’s going to be something like: 4. Navigate to Setup | Customize | Home | Home Page Components.


What is a task in Salesforce?

A Task in Salesforce is an activity helps keep ups the to-do list and assign, track, and filter tasks lists and notifications of an organization that needs to be worked on. A task may not have any specific time period or time duration for completion.

How do I view tasks and events in Salesforce classic?

By default, Salesforce Classic does not offer a Tasks, Events, or Activities tab. You can access the list views by clicking the Activity List View button below your calendar on the Home tab, or by going directly to the following URLs: Note: On the URL above, “orgdomain” would have to be replaced by the organization’s instance or domain.

How do I Mark a task as complete in Salesforce?

Or, click Mark Complete to mark the task complete. You can also mark tasks complete from any list view. Of course, tasks are also shown in the activity timeline for the record you are looking at, and you can edit them there too. Salesforce Classic includes a calendar to help remind you about appointments.

How do I view tasks and events in the app?

As a best practice, Tasks and Events are available through several locations: View the Activities related lists on the associated records. View the Activity Timeline on the associated records. Click the Calendar tab from the app menu. View the Today’s Tasks and Today’s Events components on the Home tab.


Where can tasks be viewed in Salesforce?

Click the App Launcher menu, and enter Tasks in the search box that appears in the popup modal.Click on Tasks.You will be taken to a list of Tasks. On the right of the currently selected list view, you will see a link Create New View.Now your new view displays in Lightning Experience UI.

How do I use tasks in Salesforce?

0:094:27Use Tasks to Boost Sales Productivity (Lightning Experience) | SalesforceYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipIn a split view you can see the whole list and the details of the tasks you have selected with tableMoreIn a split view you can see the whole list and the details of the tasks you have selected with table view each task is a row. In Kanban view each task is an item in a status column.

How do I see activity in Salesforce?

In the account menu, select Account Analytics. Click the User Activity tab. Note If you don’t see the User Activity tab, in Account settings, uncheck Hide Account Analytics User Level Data. View the total number of unique active users [1] based on the time period.

How do I enable tasks in Salesforce?

In the Sidebar in Salesforce, in the Create New drop-down list, select Task. *. On the Open Activities related list, click New Task.

What is difference between task and activity?

Most people think these two words to be similar as they appear to have similar meanings. However, these are two words that come with different meanings. While the term “task” means “a piece of work to be undertaken or done” or simply “work,” “activity” means “some event or some happening.”

What are tasks in Salesforce lightning?

Tasks tab—Shows task list views, including tasks due today, all your open tasks, overdue tasks, and tasks recently completed. Home page—A filterable compact view of up to five tasks. Records—To view and edit tasks, use the activity timeline in Lightning Experience or the activity related lists in Salesforce Classic.

How do I find activity reports in Salesforce?

Create a User Call Activity Report in SalesforceClick Reports > New Report.Select Activities > Tasks and Events and then click Continue.Click the Filters tab in the left hand menu.Change the Show Me filter to All Activities and click Done.Click the Date filter and select a date range to report on and click Apply.More items…

Can we track user activity in Salesforce?

With Event Monitoring, you can track user activity and prevent data loss. Event Monitoring provides the audit log files from Salesforce. These logs contain information about nearly 50 unique, user-generated events.

How do I create an Activity History report in Salesforce?

You can also create custom reports for activities by clicking the Reports tab, New Report, and choosing Activities as the type of data on which to report. Note Click Show Hierarchy to see your org’s role hierarchy above the report results.

What functionality is available for tasks in Salesforce?

Easily relate every task to records for leads, contacts, campaigns, contracts, and other information that you need. Salesforce gives you different tools to maximize productivity—quick ways to create and update tasks, prefiltered task lists, and task notification options.

What is task management in Salesforce?

Salesforce task management software is the place where all the information you need in one single place where one can easily pull data to see what’s working and what isn’t. This broad knowledge helps you manage your resources better and target more profitable clients.

What is the difference between task and event in Salesforce?

Tasks are a “point in time” (no duration) record of an activity, such as a logged call, a reminder, an email, etc… It can be in the future and they also have due dates and statuses (not started, completed, etc…). Events have a start and end time, which tasks do not.

Tasks and events in Salesforce

Tasks and events in Salesforce combined are known as Activities in Salesforce. Though they don’t have a separate tab as they are dependent on other objects.

How to create new tasks and events in Salesforce?

Let us look into the detailed video tutorial to create a task and event in salesforce as related to the objects created.

Activity Timeline

When you look at a record in Salesforce Classic, such as a contact or opportunity, you use the Open Activity and Activity History related lists to stay on top of activities.

Recap the Latest Activities

Your colleague is out of the office, and you’re handling their accounts until they get back. When a client calls, how do you get up to speed on what’s been happening?

Find the Activities That Matter Most

If you’ve been working with an account, opportunity, or other record for any length of time, you probably have a mix of activities in the activity timeline. How do you find the details you’re looking for?

Tasks and Task Lists

There’s no Tasks tab in Salesforce Classic beyond the My Tasks list on the Home page.

Keep Your To-Dos Up to Date

Another great aspect of the task list is that while you see the list on the left, expanded details appear to the right for whichever task you have selected.


Salesforce Classic includes a calendar to help remind you about appointments.

View Other Calendars

What’s especially helpful in Lightning Experience is how you can share your calendar and view your colleagues’ calendars from your calendar. Plus, you can add multiple calendars at the same time with user lists. If you don’t see user lists as a search category in the Add Calendars dialog box, ask your admin about setting up user list calendars.


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