How to view aura component in salesforce


View component details. Click a component name or label. Open an Aura component in the Developer Console.


What is Aura in Salesforce?

  • Lightning Component Framework is not backed by the legacy Visual Force Framework. …
  • Components are simple to use, reusable, and customizable, which offers a robust and fast framework to work with.
  • The lightning framework is very much event-driven, which helps to deliver faster apps to the end-users.

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What are the Salesforce components?

You can use the following for operationName:

  • getVersions – Gets supported Salesforce REST API versions
  • getResources – Gets available Salesforce REST Resource endpoints
  • getGlobalObjects – Gets metadata for all available SObject types
  • getBasicInfo – Gets basic metadata for a specific SObject type
  • getDescription – Gets comprehensive metadata for a specific SObject type

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What is Aura definition bundle in Salesforce?

An AuraDefinitionBundle component is a collection of component definition files, each representing a different resource such as markup code, event documentations, applications and interfaces. Lightning bundles must be under a top-level folder that’s named aura. Each bundle must have its own subfolder under the aura folder.

What is Salesforce Lightning component framework?

Why is the lightning component Framework is used?

  • lightning component Framework provides the components to build applications faster. …
  • Lightning component Framework tacks browser vents when a user click a button, scrolling and many more.
  • Our own components can be published and shared with other Salesforce users.
  • It used JSON to exchange data between the server and the client.

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How do I display Aura components in Salesforce?

Create and Add an Aura Component to the Record PageIn the Developer Console, select File | New | Lightning Component.For the component name, enter MyContactList .Check Lightning Record Page and then click Submit.Add a reference to the Apex controller, controller=”MyContactListController” , on the aura:component tag.More items…

How do I open lightning aura component in Salesforce?

Developer Console => File => Open Lightning Resources => Select the name of your app, expand it and click on the app and click on “open selected” button.

How do I know my aura components?

Retrieve a component by its ID in JavaScript code. Use aura:id to add a local ID of button1 to the lightning:button component. You can find the component by calling cmp. find(“button1”) , where cmp is a reference to the component containing the button.

How do I display records in Aura component?

To display a record using lightning:recordForm , provide the record ID and the object API name. Additionally, provide fields using either the fields or layoutType attribute. You can display a record in two modes using the mode attribute. Loads the form using output fields with inline editing enabled.

How do you preview lightning component?

Module 3: Creating the QuickContacts Lightning ComponentStep 1: Create the Component. In the Developer Console, click File > New > Lightning Component. … Step 2: Create a Tab. In Setup, click Create > Tabs. … Step 3: Add the Tab to Mobile Navigation. … Step 4: Preview the Component in the Salesforce1 Application.

How do you retrieve aura component in VS Code?

To create and deploy an Aura Component to your org:Create a Salesforce DX project. In Visual Studio code, open the Command Palette by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P on Windows or Cmd+Shift+P on macOS. … Create an Aura component. … Authenticate to your org. … Deploy your files.

Where can I find component name in Salesforce?

You can find the component in Setup->Develop->Components and look for your component name in that list.

What are Aura components in Salesforce?

Aura components are the self-contained and reusable units of an app. They represent a reusable section of the UI, and can range in granularity from a single line of text to an entire app. Event-driven programming is used in many languages and frameworks, such as JavaScript and Java Swing.

How do you use Aura component?

Aura Components BasicsBefore You Start. ~10 mins. … Get Started with Aura Components. ~15 mins. … Create and Edit Aura Components. ~25 mins. … Attributes and Expressions. ~25 mins. … Handle Actions with Controllers. ~45 mins. … Input Data Using Forms. … Connect to Salesforce with Server-Side Controllers. … Connect Components with Events.More items…

How do you display a list of records in lightning Web component?

How to show List of Related Records using Search filter in LWCPress shift+ctrl+p.Select SFDX: Create Lightning Web Component Command from the command palette.Now give the file name that you want.Select default folder :- force-app\main\default/lwc.

How do you display contacts in lightning component?

Salesforce Lightning Component to Display Contacts Related to particular Accountpublic with sharing class AjinkyaTestLightningAccController.{@AuraEnabled.public static list getRelatedList(Id recordId){List Conlist = [Select id, name,firstname,lastname from Contact where AccountId=: recordId ];More items…

How do you display related records in lightning component?

First, edit the lightning page layout by clicking on the setup gear in the upper right-hand corner and selecting Edit Page. Add a related record component by dragging it from the component list to the page. Choose which record is displayed by clicking Edit Lookup Fields and choosing contact name and then done.

What is an aura component?

Aura components are the self-contained and reusable units of an app. They represent a reusable section of the UI, and can range in granularity from a single line of text to an entire app. The framework includes a set of prebuilt components.

What is Lightning component?

These components are also known as the base Lightning components. You can assemble and configure components to form new components in an app. Components are rendered to produce HTML DOM elements within the browser. A component can contain other components, as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other Web-enabled code.

What is component in programming?

A component can contain other components, as well as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other Web-enabled code. This enables you to build apps with sophisticated UIs. The details of a component’s implementation are encapsulated.

What is Lightning component?

Lightning components were born out of and used to build the Salesforce platform for mobile apps. Mobile is baked into the core of the Lightning Component framework, and it makes developing apps that work on both mobile and desktop devices far simpler than many other frameworks.

Can you develop mobile apps with Visualforce?

While you can develop mobile apps with Visualforce, none of the built-in components are mobile-savvy. Which means you write more code. Lightning Components, on the other hand, is specifically optimized to perform well on mobile devices. Again, we cover a lot of specifics in the Develop for Lightning Experience module.

Can you run Visualforce on Salesforce?

Your Visualforce code will run on Salesforce for a long time to come. You don’t need to convert existing Visualforce apps, and you don’t need to stop creating apps with Visualforce. However, you might want to, at least in some cases. For example, Visualforce was created before mobile apps on phones became a thing.

What is component in Salesforce?

As a practical matter, a component is a bundle that includes a definition resource, written in markup, and may include additional, optional resources like a controller, stylesheet, and so on. A resource is sort of like a file, but stored in Salesforce rather than on a file system.

Is Salesforce DX a third party tool?

And, Salesforce Extensions for Visual Studio Code is an excellent third-party tool.

Can you add components to Lightning Experience?

You can create components that do do those things, but you’ll need to follow a different process to add them to the right place in Lightning Experience. For example, if your component needs to work with a specific account record, you could add it to the account page layout, or as a quick action on the account object.

Can you preview an Aura component?

There’s no simple way to preview an Aura component during development. You can’t click a button or go to a URL to see individual components. This difference can take some getting used to for Visualforce developers, because Visualforce makes it so easy to create a new page, and to reload it as you make changes.

Is Lightning a good component?

The design and architecture for good Lightning components code looks nothing like most good Visualforce code. You can force a Visualforce design into an Aura component, but that’s smashing a square peg into a round hole. It’s harder, and you’ll eventually throw the work away. It’s better to put your effort into learning The Aura Components Way.


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