How to use vlocity in salesforce


What is the use of Vlocity in Salesforce?

Vlocity was known to build industry-specific CRM solutions, for Cloud and mobile use, on top of Salesforce; these industries being communications, media and entertainment, insurance and financial services, health, energy and utilities, and government and nonprofits specifically.

What is difference between Vlocity and Salesforce?

Vlocity CPQ uses Salesforce standard objects like Opportunity, Quote, Order, and Asset while Salesforce CPQ comes with its own custom Quote object. This is just a design perspective. It does not indicate a rating of one over other as both have quite different use cases.

How do I learn Vlocity in Salesforce?

Salesforce Vlocity Training ModulesLesson 1 – Introduction. – 1.1 Salesforce Industries Overview. … Lesson 2 – Introduction to Lightning Web Components. + 2.1 Introduction to Lightning Web Components.Lesson 3 – OmniStudio FlexCards. + … Lesson 4 – OmniScripts. + … Lesson 5 – OmniStudio Data Tools. + … Lesson 6 – Advanced Concepts. +

What is Salesforce lightning and Vlocity?

Vlocity OmniScript for Lightning Flow enables you to craft code-free dynamic and responsive forms in Lightning Flow. Easily publish user interface components that span Salesforce objects and external web services to speed Lightning Flow development. • Create rich, interactive processes and forms without coding.

Is CPQ and Vlocity same?

Industries CPQ (formerly Vlocity) is a module included in Industry Clouds* (Communications, Media, Utilities). Both products support: Design-Time Product and Pricing Definition. Configuring Products.

Does Vlocity need code?

There are no specific requirements to learn Vlocity (Interesting, ideal!). Anyone without a prior understanding of any coding can understand Salesforce Vlocity without many hindrances as there is a no-code/common code platform.

What is Vlocity CPQ?

Vlocity’s CPQ engine enables CSP to quickly define and launch new bundles and offers, and ensure the accurate capture of new, move, add, change and disconnect orders through any channel or device. • Capture and validate new and MACD orders for consumer and. enterprise services.

What are Vlocity cards?

Vlocity Cards are visual components that work in the larger Vlocity framework. They can display data and actions. The interface can be customized with HTML, CSS and Javascript (AngularJS).

How do I get Vlocity certified?

The certification is available at the official site of vlocity Certification itself, and one cannot access or acquire the certification anywhere apart from the vlocity website.

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