How to use salesforce lightning


14 Easy Salesforce Lightning Tips And Tricks That Will Please Salespeople

  1. Set every Lightning page to default on Details.
  2. Utilise Einstein Search.
  3. Add Related List Quick Links to Lightning page layouts.
  4. Use Lightning Paths to move Stages.
  5. Update opportunities using the Kanban view.
  6. Make it easier to add products to opportunities.
  7. Customize Dashboard components to highlight vital information.
  8. View report details more easily.

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How do I switch from Salesforce classic to lightning?

Supported Browsers and Devices for Lightning Experience

  • Salesforce doesn’t support nonbrowser applications that embed WebView or similar controls to render content for Salesforce Classic or Lightning Experience. …
  • You can’t access Lightning Experience in a mobile browser. …
  • You can access Lightning Experience on iPad Safari. …
  • Lightning Experience doesn’t support incognito or other private browsing modes.

How to enable Salesforce Lightning knowledge?

How do I enable lightning knowledge in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, enter Knowledge in the Quick Find box and click Knowledge Settings.
  • If you’re new to Knowledge, enable Knowledge by selecting Yes and clicking Enable Salesforce Knowledge.
  • Click OK to continue.
  • On the Knowledge Settings page, click Edit.
  • Select Enable Lightning Knowledge.
  • Click Save.

How to create new user in Salesforce Lightning?

Salesforce Lightning: Create a New User

  1. Click on the Setup menu and select Users within the Administration category.
  2. Click on the New User button.
  3. Enter the first name, last name, alias, email address, username and nickname. …
  4. Choose a role. …
  5. Choose a User License. …
  6. Choose a Profile. …
  7. Set your email encoding language.
  8. Set your locale settings.

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How to be successful with Salesforce?

  • Analyze what the needs of the users are, then design, test, and develop software that meets those needs
  • Design Salesforce solutions and create effective project plans. …
  • Suggest new software upgrades for the customers’ existing apps, programs, and systems

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How do I use lightning in Salesforce?

To switch to the Lightning Experience, click on your name at the top of the Salesforce page and click on “Switch to Lightning Experience”. Click Switch on the confirmation message. You will now be viewing the Lightning version of Salesforce.

Why lightning is used in Salesforce?

Lightning components accelerate development and app performance. Develop custom components that other developers and admins can use as reusable building blocks to customize Lightning Experience and the Salesforce mobile app.

What is the difference between lightning and Salesforce?

What is the difference between Salesforce Classic and Lightning? Salesforce Lightning has a new and improved interface whereas Classic sticks to the tried-and-trusted Salesforce formula. Lightning also comes with improved features such as an activity timeline and workplace page layouts.

How do I set up Salesforce lightning?

Look at the top of any Salesforce page.If you’re using Lightning Experience, click. , then select Setup Home.If you’re using Salesforce Classic and you see Setup in the user interface header, click it.If you’re using Salesforce Classic and you don’t see Setup in the header, click your name, then select Setup.

Is Salesforce lightning a CRM?

What Is Salesforce Lightning? Salesforce Lightning is the next generation of the CRM platform and user experience. With a convenient new design, more productivity tools, AI functionality, Lightning assists in streamlining business processes.

What is Salesforce lightning framework?

The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications engineered for growth. The framework supports partitioned multi-tier component development that bridges the client and server.

Is Salesforce Lightning free?

Salesforce Sales Cloud Costs Sales Essentials costs $25 per user, per month; Lightning Professional is $75 per user, per month; Lightning Enterprise is $150 per user, per month; and Lightning Unlimited is $300 per user, per month.

What is Apex in Salesforce?

Apex enables developers to access the Salesforce platform back-end database and client-server interfaces to create third-party SaaS applications. Apex includes an application programming interface (API) that Salesforce developers can use to access user data on the platform.

How do I switch from classic to lightning in Salesforce?

Change the UI from Salesforce Classic to Lightning ExperienceClick your name.Click Switch to Lightning Experience.

What is lightning integration?

We have some exciting news for Salesforce users: we’ve got a brand new Salesforce Lightning integration! This integration allows users to surface content recommendations and search their organization’s entire Bloomfire knowledge base from within Salesforce.

What is a lightning app?

What Is a Lightning App? An app is a collection of items that work together to serve a particular function. In Lightning Experience, Lightning apps give your users access to sets of objects, tabs, and other items all in one convenient bundle in the navigation bar.

What are platform tools in Salesforce?

Platform Tools: You do most of your customization in Platform Tools. You can view and manage your data model, create apps, modify the user interface, and deploy new features to your users. If you decide to try your hand at programmatic development, Platform Tools is where you manage your code as well.

What is Lightning Notes?

Lightning Notes replaces the Notes part of Notes & Attachments. Files replace Attachments. Therefore you’ll need to migrate your Notes & Attachments into Notes and Files, respectively. Of course, if you’re new to Salesforce and going straight into Lightning, that’s not an issue.

Why is Kanban view important in Lightning?

The Kanban View makes this easier in Lightning because salespeople can drag and drop Opportunities between Stages. Also, there’s a warning flag to highlight opportunities that have no open activities. And the drop-down arrow makes it easy to edit Opportunities directly from the Kanban view.


Lightning Data Service is a Lightning Component which behaves like a VisualForce Standard Controller in VisualForce Page to provide access to Database to display Data on Page.

How to use Lightning Data Service according to the requirements

Lightning Data Service Provides Four kinds of form functions for different functionalities.

What is Salesforce Lightning?

Lightning includes the Lightning Component Framework and some exciting tools for developers. Lightning makes it easier to build responsive applications for any device. Lightning components accelerate development and app performance.

What Is the Lightning Component Framework?

The Lightning Component framework is a UI framework for developing web apps for mobile and desktop devices. It’s a modern framework for building single-page applications with dynamic, responsive user interfaces for Lightning Platform apps. It uses JavaScript on the client-side and Apex on the server-side.

Component Attributes

Component attributes are like member variables on a class in Apex. They are typed fields that are set on a specific instance of a component and can be referenced from within the component’s markup using an expression syntax.


Salesforce lightning Expression allows you to make calculations and access property values and is evaluated and dynamically replaced when the component is evaluated.


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Enable IT and business to create apps together using no-code builders and pro-code tools. With Lightning, you can save up to 25% of the time developers spend building customizations.*

Prepare for even more features in the future

Use this feature roadmap to see which features are coming as you turn on Lightning Experience and evolve your business.

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What is Lightning App Builder?

Use the Lightning App Builder to configure the default record page to match your users’ workflow. Your Lightning page consists ofarticle page layouts and the components you choose for your users.

What is sharing for Lightning Knowledge?

Sharing for Lightning Knowledge lets you take advantage of the features you already know, such as organization-wide defaults,access by owner role hierarchies, and criteria-based rules. When you make the switch to sharing for Lightning Knowledge, you canmanage article access based on fields within the article instead of data categories.

How many versions of Salesforce Knowledge are there?

Every Salesforce Knowledge article can have several versions: one draft, one published, and several archived versions, and each ofthese versions can have multiple translations. Thus, the total number of article versions in an org can be much higher than the numberof articles. When scaling your org, pay attention to both the total number of article versions and edition-specific limits on articles.

What is target in Salesforce?

The target corresponds to the link’s target attribute in the source HTML. This target determineshow links open in Salesforce Classic and outside Salesforce, like in your Salesforce and ExperienceCloud sites.

Can agents share articles in Salesforce?

Agents can insert links to articles from a Salesforce Site or Experience Cloud sites into the case feed .In Lightning Experience, your agents can share article URLs in email, social posts, and chat andmessaging conversations. In Salesforce Classic, your team can send article URLs in the email, social,and Experience Cloud publishers.

Is there a knowledge footer in Lightning?

The Knowledge footer is not in the Lightning Service Console. Instead, add the Knowledge component to any object’s record homepage. You can also create a global action or an object-specific quick action to create a knowledge article from any object. However,suggested articles and related actions are available only with cases.

Can you have multiple languages in Salesforce?

With multiple languages for Salesforce Knowledge, you can lower support costs by translatingarticles into the languages your audience prefers. After selecting your language settings, twotranslation methods are available: translating articles in-house using the editing tool in the knowledgebase, or sending articles to a localization vendor. Different languages can use different methods.For example, you may want to export articles to a vendor for French translations, but assign articlesto an internal Knowledge user for Spanish translations.


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