How to use google analytics in salesforce


4 steps for integrating Google Analytics data into Salesforce

  1. Add hidden fields to your forms. To get started, you need to add some Hidden Fields to your lead capture forms. …
  2. Attributer automatically completes the hidden fields with Google Analytics data. Attributer monitors where your…
  3. Google Analytics data is passed into Salesforce. Finally, when a…

Link Analytics to your Salesforce Sales Cloud account
  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. In the bottom left, click Admin, and navigate to the property to which you want to link. …
  3. In the PROPERTY column, click Data Import.
  4. Click CREATE.
  5. For Data Set Type, under CRM Data, select Salesforce.


What are the functions of Google Analytics?

What can you do with Google Analytics?

  • Acquisition. Acquisition refers to how you get website traffic / website visitors. …
  • Behavior. The Behavior reports are all about seeing what visitors are actually doing on your website. …
  • Conversions. …
  • Audience. …
  • Real-Time. …
  • Problem Solving with Google Analytics. …

How to enable Salesforce CRM content in Salesforce?

The profile of the user doing the sync should have the following permissions enabled:

  • Manage Salesforce CRM Content
  • Create Libraries
  • Manage Content Permissions
  • Manage Content Properties
  • Manage Content Types and
  • Deliver Uploaded Files and Personal Content

What is the outlook for Salesforce?

Salesforce Outlook Integration

  • Users can now log Outlook emails to Salesforce as actual emails, no longer logging emails as tasks
  • Customized Outlook integration panels can be made for different users. Admins can configure Lightning components to the panel and even download more components from the AppExchange.
  • Users can draft Outlook emails using preconfigured Salesforce templates

How to track your sales using Google Analytics?

  • Checkout view
  • Billing info
  • Proceed to payment

How does Google Analytics work with Salesforce?

Salesforce Sales Cloud + Google Analytics It provides tools for understanding individual customers, recording detailed information about them, and providing your sales team with the required information to drive meaningful interactions with them and ultimately close deals.

How do I use Google Analytics in my Salesforce community?

Configure GA Tracking Code in Salesforce CommunityClick Settings.Click Advanced.Paste GA tracking code.Check “Let Google Analytics access your Salesforce Data for Deeper insights into search activity”Publish Community Builder changes.

How do I connect Google Analytics to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?

Sign in to Google Analytics. Click Admin, and navigate to the property you want to link. In the Property column, under PRODUCT LINKING, click Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Click Create Link, and follow the steps to log in to your Marketing Cloud account, then click Next.

How do I integrate Google Analytics into CRM?

Steps to integrate CRM with Google AnalyticsStep #1 Choose a key. … Step #2 Prepare Google Analytics for integration. … Step #3: Upload CRM data into Google Analytics. … 1- Data Import. … 2- Measurement Protocol.

Is Google Analytics a CRM?

Google Analytics and the CRM have their unique purposes and capture data differently. Analytics tracks anonymous website visits, clicks and goals. The CRM, on the other hand, stores contact information, opportunity and revenue activity.

What is Salesforce Analytics?

Salesforce Wave Analytics, also called Analytics Cloud, is a business intelligence (BI) platform from that is optimized for mobile access and data visualization. The Wave mobile app allows users to work with large data files and create graphs, charts and other pictorial representations of data from them.

What is Salesforce audience builder?

In Marketing Cloud Audience Builder, you can segment your subscribers in multiple ways. Using advanced segmenting, you can better target your sends, and you get a more immediate and deeper understanding of your customer attributes and behavior.

How much does Google Analytics 360 cost?

$150,000 per yearThe cost of Google Analytics 360 starts out at $150,000 per year and billed at $12,500 a month. Costs can increase as well based on the size of the website. The cost also includes the full suite of tools in the Google Marketing Platform.

What is Web Analytics Connector in Marketing Cloud?

The Web Analytics Connector (WAC) is a free Marketing Cloud feature that appends a ‘string’ to every Email Studio email link. Simply put, it adds data to the end of your links for tracking purposes. The string is typically used to add Google Analytics UTM Parameters, but it can really be used for anything you want.

Does Google offer a CRM?

While Google doesn’t offer its own customer relationship management (CRM) software, many professionals need a CRM that integrates flawlessly with Google’s software because they rely on Google apps for many of their business processes.

What is a CRM in Google ads?

If you use Google Ads to drive potential customers to your website and a customer relationship management system (CRM) to track offline sales made through phone calls, emails, or direct sales, it can be difficult for your business to determine how your online campaign investments lead to offline conversion data stored …

What is Google Analytics measurement protocol?

The Measurement Protocol lets you send data to Analytics from any internet-connected device. It’s particularly useful when you want to send data to Analytics from a kiosk, a point of sale system, or anything that is not a website or mobile app.

How to see imported product data?

To see imported product data, use the Conversions > Ecommerce > Sales Performance or Conversions > Ecommerce > Product Performance reports. Adjust the time frame to verify the imported product data. For example, if you started importing data today, make sure your report time frame includes “today.”

What is tracking field setup panel?

The Tracking fields setup panel lets you map your configured Salesforce fields to the corresponding Analytics Tracking IDs. For each Tracking ID in use, select the corresponding Salesforce custom fields.

Can you import data into Salesforce Analytics?

You should only enable Salesforce product data import in Analytics if you’re sure that the product setup in your Salesforce account is correct. There are no configuration options in Salesforce product data import. If product data import fails, please double check your product setup in Salesforce.

What is Attributer?

Essentially, Attributer is a small script that you place on your website.

4 steps for integrating Google Analytics data into Salesforce

Using Attributer to capture UTM parameters in Salesforce is easy. Here’s how to do it in 4 easy steps:

What data gets passed into Salesforce

At Attributer, we believe there are essentially key elements to attribution:

Wrap up

If you’re wanting to get Google Analytics data into Salesforce, then Attributer is a great solution.

How to set up Google Analytics?

To get started with Google Analytics, you set up a Google Analytics account. Then you: 1 Create a tracking ID and add it to your website 2 Define and set your goals 3 Link your Analytics and AdWords accounts

What is Google Analytics behavior?

Behavior refers to the stage of the funnel where users engage with your business. Google Analytics provides the tools for you to analyze users’ behavior on your website so that you can improve user experience. Conversion is when a user becomes a customer and transacts with your business. Google Analytics shows you how successfully your website …

Why do publishers use Google Analytics?

Publishers can use it to create a loyal, highly engaged audience and to better align on-site advertising with user interests. Ecommerce businesses can use Google Analytics to understand their customers’ online purchasing behavior and better market their products and services.

What is conversion in Google Analytics?

Conversion is when a user becomes a customer and transacts with your business. Google Analytics shows you how successfully your website drives the outcomes that are key to the success of your business. For example, an online store might have a goal to sell more T-shirts.

Stage 1 – push Google Analytics CID to Salesforce

Client ID (CID) is a unique user identifier created by Google Analytics and stored in a browser’s cookie for two years, the number could be seen in GA’s user explorer and also could be found in the browsers cookie

Step 1

Before even trying to push CID to Salesforce we need to create a new lead field in Salesforce by going to Salesforce > Set up > Object Manager > Lead > Fields & Relationships > New

Step 2

Now we have the CID field ready in Salesforce, filling that field could be done in different ways, in my case I will be using the Web-to-Lead form which you can access through Salesforce > Setup > Web-to-lead > Create Web-to-Lead Form and generate a source code that you can use on your website

Step 3

Now we need to inject the CID value inside the hidden field, this could be done by reading the GA cookie via JavaScript (not recommended by Google) or by using native Google Analytics calls.

Stage 2 – push a pageview back Google Analytics from Salesforce with the same CID once the lead is closed

For this stage we need to communicate with Salesforce using their API, we need to build a system that can check the leads status every 5-10 minutes and if any new lead is becoming closed we need to push a pageview back to Google analytics using the measurement protocol

Step 4

Create an APP in Salesforce to enable the API connection Salesforce > Set up > > Apps > App Manager > New Connected APP >> Save >> Continue

Step 5

Download the developer SDK for your preferred programming language, in my case I will be coding in PHP so I can use the PHP developer SDK for Salesforce or the simple implementation example here which I ended up using just to keep things simple for this tutorial.


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