How to use custom metadata in test class salesforce


Salesforce Developers put out the blog post Testing Custom Metadata Types that includes the section Testing Global Custom Metadata. …add an extra field to your custom metadata type to indicate what sort of tests the type is active for. For example, you could add a Text field called TestCase__c to your type.


How to test custom meta data in Salesforce?

You can use getter and setter for custom meta data. Inside the test method, you have to assign values to that property. It will not check the record exists in the custom metadata.

Is there a way to test custom metadata?

At time of writing, it is not possible to insert test custom metadata, unlessyou use the Metadata API which would also present a challenge in a test scenario. That said, you should not need to. Custom Metadata is Metadata and as such is not affected by the SeeAllData annotation. See this articlededicated to testing custom metadata. Share

Which metadata fields are uneditable in Salesforce?

Audit fields (CreatedDate, CreatedBy, LastModifiedDate, LastModifiedBy, SystemModStamp) and calculated fields remain uneditable. DML operations aren’t allowed on custom metadata in Apex or the Partner or Enterprise APIs. You can perform DML operations with the Apex Metadata API.

Can you create/update custom metadata records using Salesforce apex?

However, the limitation is you can’t create/update the Custom Metadata records using Apex. It’s metadata of course. How can you? Challenge The issue with Custom Metadata, is unlike List Custom Settings, Salesforce does not allow you to create test data for Custom Metadata.


Is custom metadata available in test classes?

Your Apex test classes can see custom metadata types and access their fields and records.

Can we create metadata in Test class Salesforce?

However, the limitation is you can’t create/update the Custom Metadata records using Apex. It’s metadata of course.

Can we access custom setting in Test class Salesforce?

All you need in Test Class is instantiate the custom settings object and create the records of the custom settings and insert it in Test class itself.

How do I add custom metadata records in Salesforce?

Setup> Quick find> search ‘custom metadata’ and click on “New Custom Metadata Type”. Create the Custom Metadata Type and fields. Authorize your org: Now fetch the Custom Metadata Type definition from your Salesforce org to your local machine.

Can we perform DML on custom metadata?

Since DML Operations cannot be performed on Custom Metadata Type.

How do I create a test class for a custom object in Salesforce?

Creating an Apex Test Class for a Custom Object as a StepIn your sandbox environment, select the Settings Cog icon (in Lightning) or your name (in Classic) in the upper right corner of Salesforce.Select Developer Console.Select File.Hover over New and choose Apex Class.Give your class a descriptive name. … Select OK.More items…

How do I fetch data from a custom metadata in Apex?

Use the Apex getAll(), getInstance(recordId), getInstance(qualifiedApiName), and getInstance(developerName) methods to retrieve information from custom metadata type records faster.

What’s the main difference between a custom metadata type and a custom setting?

Main difference between custom metadata and custom setting is that custom metadata records are deployable and packagable. But we can not deploy custom setting data. Custom settings enable you to create custom sets of data, as well as create and associate custom data for an organization, profile, or specific user.

How do I use custom metadata in Apex?

How to Create/Update Custom Metadata Using Apex?Complete Code. … Step 1 – Create Custom Metadata. … Step 2 – Create a class and implement Metadata.DeployCallback interface. … Step 3 – implement handleResult method in the class. … Step 4 – Prepare the Custom Metadata. … Step 5 – Add field values to the Metadata Record.More items…•

Can we insert custom metadata?

From Setup we can Read, Create, Update & Delete records of Custom Metadata Type but DML operations on custom metadata are not permitted in Apex. But we can perform DML operations with the Apex Metadata API. To Insert/Update Custom metadata records from the Apex class we need to use the DeployCallback interface.

How do I query custom metadata?

Use field from custom metadata type as parameter in SOQL Querywhile injecting parameter values into variables to be injected in the WHERE clause, use “:” colon before any WHERE clause in custom metadata type query as appropriate.Apex has visibility to custom metadata type.

How do I use custom metadata in Formula field Salesforce?

Reference a Custom Metadata Type Field in a FormulaFrom Setup, go the Object Manager tab, then click Account.Click Fields & Relationships, then click New.Select Formula, then click Next.For the Field Label, type Amount Until Next Tier .For the Formula Return Type, select Currency.More items…

Can you edit records in Apex?

You can edit records in memory but not upsert or delete them. Apex code can deploy custom metadata records, but not by using a data manipulation language (DML) operation. Use Metadata.DeployContainerto manage custom metadata components for deployment.

Can Apex see metadata?

Your Apex test classes can see custom metadata types and access their fields and records. Ultimately, your test cases for custom metadata types look more or less like most other Apex test cases. By the way, Apex code can create, read, and update (but not delete) custom metadata records, as long as the metadata is subscriber-controlled …

Do Apex tests check for specific records?

Typically, Apex tests don’t check for the existence of particular records. Because your org’s functionality doesn’t rely on specific accounts or opportunities, you don’t need to write tests for them. But when you deal with records that affect the way an org behaves, such is the case with custom metadata types, you do want to test those records.


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