How to update api version in salesforce


Update API version

  1. Edit the trigger in my UAT sandbox environment to update the API version.
  2. Test trigger to validate that it functions in the new API version.
  3. Open Eclipse, and, in the project which corresponds to my sandbox, refresh the trigger from SalesForce.
  4. Deploy the trigger to production using the ‘Deploy to SalesForce’ option in the toolkit.

To set the Salesforce API and Apex version for a class or trigger:
  1. Edit either a class or trigger, and click Version Settings.
  2. Select the Version of the Salesforce API. This is also the version of Apex associated with the class or trigger.
  3. Click Save.


What is API versioning in Salesforce?

Let’s look at an example:

  • Mary is an Apex developer. …
  • Bob joins the team – installs Eclipse, installs the IDE and refreshes his environment from a recently released SFDC org which is running Summer 2013. …
  • Mary and Bob are working on the same project and share the same Git Repo. …

How to check your Salesforce version?

Using Windows Command Prompt or Mac OS’ terminal and run nslookup

  • Press and hold ‘Windows’ key on keyboard and press ‘R’ letter key
  • Windows Run Dialog will open. Type ‘cmd’ and hit ‘Enter’
  • Type ‘nslookup’ followed by ‘’ and hit ‘Enter’
  • You will see your instance name below in the line which starts with ‘Name:xy1’ where ‘xy1’ will be your instance.

How to get the Salesforce free version?

To cover the Salesforce basics, go through the following Salesforce ‘trails’ (free training modules:

  • Admin Beginner [ 1]
  • Admin Intermediate [ 2]
  • Developer Beginner [ 3]

How to get Shopify API in Salesforce?

When this happens

  • New Contact Triggers when there is a new Contact
  • New Custom Object Triggers when there is a new Custom Object (of the type selected) is created
  • New Lead Triggers when there is a new Lead
  • New Opportunity Triggers when there is a new Opportunity
  • Updated Opportunity Triggers when an existing Opportunity is updated

More items…


How do I update my API?

Selecting the version via the Developer HubGo to your Developer Hub and choose the relevant app.Then go to the Api Version menu, click on the Change version box and select your new version. Once you have selected the appropriate version for your app all subsequent API requests will use this version.

How do I change the API version of Lightning component?

Please follow below steps :Open Developer Console.In query editor type below query :SELECT Id, DeveloperName, ApiVersion, Description FROM AuraDefinitionBundle WHERE DeveloperName = ““In the result you will be able to see that particular component.Update the API version by editing the row.More items…•

What is API version in Salesforce?

Every time Salesforce releases a new application version, its API version is updated as well. It tells the version of the developed code. API versioning plays an important role while developing a code for an application.

Where do I find API in Salesforce?

0:192:29How to Find Your Salesforce Edition and API Version in LightningYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipClick the gear icon. And click setup. Type company in the quick.MoreClick the gear icon. And click setup. Type company in the quick.

How do I find the bulk API version in Salesforce?

Find versions of the Bulk API 2.0 documentation released prior to Summer ’21. To find a specific version, use the version picker on the left-hand side of this page to select a version between Winter ’18 and Spring ’21.

How do I change the Lightning component in Salesforce?

Custom Lightning components configured for Experience Builder sites behave just like standard template components. Drag the component to the page canvas. To edit its properties, select the component on the page canvas, and then enter changes in the floating component property editor.

How do I find the rest API version in Salesforce?

In the ‘Quick Find’ search box type, Apex Classes. Click Apex Classes in the setup menu options. Click the New button and on the resulting page open the Version Settings tab. The top most value available in the Version column’s drop down is your org’s current API version.

How do I find my Salesforce flow API version?

You can find all flow and process run-time improvements for an API version in the Salesforce Release Notes. The API version for running a flow is specified in the flow version properties. Sometimes, a release update is also available as a versioned update.

What is Metadata API in Salesforce?

The main purpose of Metadata API is to move metadata between Salesforce orgs during the development process. Use Metadata API to deploy, retrieve, create, update, or delete customization information, such as custom object definitions and page layouts. Metadata API doesn’t work directly with business data.

How do I set up API in Salesforce?

You can enable API access on your Salesforce account either by user profile or permission set….Enable API access using profilesClick on Setup.Go to Manage Users and click Profiles.Click Edit on the specific profile you’re updating.Scroll down to Administrative Permissions and check the API Enabled box.Click Save.

How many API are there in Salesforce?

But these four APIs apply broadly across the spectrum of core Salesforce data.

How many types of API are there in Salesforce?

We are going to cover the two elementary APIs – SOAP API and REST API.

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