How to translate picklist values in salesforce


Salesforce Translate Picklist Values

  • Language – the active languages in your org will display here)
  • Setup Component – this is where we choose the type of metadata we want to translate in our case this will be Picklist Value
  • Object – This is the object on which the picklist we want to translate lives


What language is the picklist values language in Salesforce?

I’m building Integration with Siebel throught Web Services and getting an error with Picklist values language. In Salesforce the Master Value of picklists is in English. User default language is also English.

How to get translated picklist values from a query?

You can use a SOQL function toLabel () to get translated picklist values: A client application can have results from a query returned that are translated into the user’s language, using toLabel () mind adding a documentation reference or explaining how this function works ?

What is the default language to query the picklist?

Then no matter the users’ language setting, in the program, you should use the English value to query the Picklist. Since in default the input of Picklist is in English. Colleages, thank you for reply.

What is the language of picklist values in Siebel?

I’m building Integration with Siebel throught Web Services and getting an error with Picklist values language. In Salesforce the Master Value of picklists is in English. User default language is also English. But in our Siebel the only one Language installed is German.


Can we translate picklist values in Salesforce?

In Salesforce we can translate picklist values using the translation workbench. To be clear this approach will translate the label of the picklist i.e. what is displayed to the user. The API value of the picklist is not translated. Translating a picklist label using translation workbench is very straightforward.

How do you add translation to picklist values in Salesforce?

Once, you have created the Picklist then go to quick search box and now type “Translate”, under “Translation Workbench” option a translate feature will appear. When you click on the translate a window will open which would help you in entering translated values for your Picklist.

How do I translate a field value in Salesforce?

Enable Data Translation for Custom FieldsFrom Setup, in the Quick Find box, enter Data Translation Settings , and then select Data Translation Settings.Select an object to enable data translation for its custom fields. … Select the custom fields that you want to make available for data translation. … Click Save.

How do I translate a global value set in Salesforce?

Login to Salesforce.Open existing outbound change set record. … Click [Clone] button.Modify Name value and Save it.Confirm the below two components are included. … Click [Upload] button.Stay a few minutes.After uploading change set successfully completed, please confirm the Source of Translation component.

How do I use toLabel in SOQL?

Use toLabel(fields) to translate SOQL query results into the user’s language. Use toLabel() on regular, multi-select, division, or currency code picklist fields (any field that has picklist values returned by the relevant describe call), data category group and data category unique name fields or RecordType names.

How does translation workbench work in Salesforce?

Translation Workbench allows you to specify languages for translation, assign translators, and manage your translations through the workbench or bulk translation. Add languages for translation, assign translators for each language, and activate or deactivate a language’s translations.

Can we translate data in Salesforce?

Data translation is now available for the Name and Description fields through the Translation tab within Product. You can also manage your data translations through the Export and Import options within Translation Workbench. Optional: Enable data translation for custom fields.

How do I translate a related list in Salesforce?

Use Translation Workbench to translate custom object related list labels. There are 2 columns, 1 for the master list label and one for its translation. Double click in the ‘translation’ column where the custom field label has the value ‘Account,’ type the translated text and Save.

How do I enable translation in Salesforce?

Enable Translation WorkbenchFrom Setup, enter Translation Language Settings in the Quick Find box, then select Translation Language Settings.On the welcome page, click Enable. Note The Manage Translation permission is enabled by default in the System Administrator profile.

How do you change a picklist to a global value set?

Make Your Custom Picklist Field Values GlobalGo to the fields area of the object you want to create a picklist field for.In the Custom Fields related list, click Edit.Click Promote to Global Value Set.Enter a label for the global value set.Accept the Field Name or edit it.More items…

How do I deploy a picklist value set in Salesforce?

Set up picklist from 1 org to anotherRetrieve the picklist values from the source org via ANT using package. xml.Delete the picklist values from the target org via ANT, by using “destructiveChanges. xml.” This works as package. … Now, use the retrieved ANT from source org to deploy into target org.

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