How to track user activity in salesforce


Create a User Activity Report based on Salesforce Log in times

  1. Click Reports > New Report.
  2. Type ‘Users’ in the search bar and select it from the results and then click Continue.
  3. Click the Filters tab in the left hand menu.
  4. Change the ‘Last Login’ filter to ‘Login Date/Time’ using the dropdown menu and select a date range to report on and click Apply.
  5. Click the Outline tab.

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View Your User Activity in Salesforce Datorama
  1. To the right of the navigation bar, click the dropdown arrow, and click the Account Settings gear icon.
  2. In the account menu, select Account Analytics.
  3. Click the User Activity tab. …
  4. Apply filters to change the data displayed on the page.


What can user activity monitoring insights tell us about Salesforce users?

User activity monitoring insights can also reveal how users interact with Salesforce. Usage and adoption are critical for users to leverage Salesforce to its fullest and monitoring certain actions can reveal if your team is fully utilizing the CRM.

What can you learn from your Salesforce user activity?

If you’ve examined this data, you’ve monitored user activity. By looking at login history, you can tell which users log in regularly and make use of their Salesforce license. You can also identify who isn’t logging in; these users may need more training on how to use Salesforce or may not need a license at all.

How to track user activities in an Org?

You would need to use Audit trail or Event monitoring to track user activities in your org. We do not have any customize solution for same. Check below references. Hope above information was helpful.

How do you measure the impact of Salesforce on operations?

Evaluating performance – the end-user experience – is essential when measuring Salesforce’s impact on operations. Measuring performance through user activity monitoring is an impactful way to know if you’re using the CRM efficiently.


How do I track user activity?

Some of the most common ways to track user activity include:Tools like Google Analytics and Search Console.Click tracking (recording which elements on a page users click)Scroll tracking (recording where users scroll on a page)Viewing session recordings of users as they use their site.

How do I track activity in Salesforce?

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How do I report a user activity in Salesforce?

Create a User Call Activity Report in SalesforceClick Reports > New Report.Select Activities > Tasks and Events and then click Continue.Click the Filters tab in the left hand menu.Change the Show Me filter to All Activities and click Done.Click the Date filter and select a date range to report on and click Apply.More items…

How do I create an Activity History report in Salesforce?

You can also create custom reports for activities by clicking the Reports tab, New Report, and choosing Activities as the type of data on which to report. Note Click Show Hierarchy to see your org’s role hierarchy above the report results.

How do I create a tracker in Salesforce?

From the object management settings for cases, go to Page Layouts. In the Case Page Layouts section, click Edit, and then click Feed View in the page layout editor. In the Other Tools and Components section, select the Milestone Tracker and specify where on the page you want it to appear. Click Save.

How do I get activities in Salesforce?

You can access the list views by clicking the Activity List View button below your calendar on the Home tab, or by going directly to the following URLs: Activities: Tasks:

How do I view recent activity in Salesforce?

To view your Recent Activity page, go to the Ideas tab and click your Nickname link on the right side of the page. To view the Recent Activity page of another member of the zone, click the member’s name below any idea or comment that they posted.

How do I monitor Salesforce?

17 Free Ways to Monitor Your Salesforce OrgApplication Logging Framework. … Tooling API. … REST API – Limits. … Setup Audit Trail. … Health Check. … Salesforce Optimizer. … System Overview. … Apex Exception Emails.More items…•

What is event monitoring Salesforce?

Event Monitoring is one of many tools that Salesforce provides to help keep your data secure. It lets you see the granular details of user activity in your organization. We refer to these user activities as events.

What is activity report in Salesforce?

Activity reports are useful for gathering information about open activities, completed activities, multi-person events, or pending approval requests for which you’re a delegated approver. Standard activity reports allow you to select the date range and status of the activities you want included.

How do I make an activity report?

Click on the Reports tab.Click on the New Report button.Click on the Activities folder.Click on Tasks and Events.Click the Create or Continue button on the far right. From here you can change the many features in the Report including the displayed fields or the filters.

What is activity object Salesforce?

Activities include tasks, events, and calendars. With Salesforce, track tasks and meetings together in lists and reports to easily prioritize your time and keep up with your accounts, campaigns, contacts, leads, and opportunities.


This is a brief guide to creating a basic report for 8×8 user call activity in Salesforce, from data stored by the 8×8 Work and Contact Center for Salesforce integrations.


These instructions will show you how to create a report in Salesforce Lightning that will both separate user Task activity into individual assigned user sections, and provide a sum total of each user’s call times for the day.


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