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Best practice for Salesforce testing. Run tests as real user profiles; Test Data should be prepared for validating the reports functionality; The testing method must include functional testing, UI testing, regression testing, and system integration testing


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What is the process to perform Salesforce testing?

User Acceptance Testing

  • Salesforce Users i.e the end-user who is going to use it in real-time will test the application.
  • The test is carried out in a production-like environment, the user would only see the elements they need to see.
  • The goal of the User Acceptance Testing is to eliminate bugs that impact the user experience.

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What is the role of a Salesforce tester?

What is the Role of a Salesforce Tester?

  • Business Analysts
  • Project Managers/Scrum Masters
  • Quality Analysts/Salesforce Testers
  • Developers
  • Administrators

What is automated testing in Salesforce?

What is Test Automation in Salesforce and Why Does it Matter?

  1. Manual testing takes time. This is a big one for agile, where time is of the essence. …
  2. Manual testing is expensive. If you’re setting two testers on regression testing for a week, that’s 40 hours of human effort. …
  3. Manual testing is not fun. Regression testing is repetitive and formulaic by definition. …
  4. Manual testing is open to mistakes. …

How to test a select option in Salesforce?

where value is the String that is returned to the controller if the option is selected by a user, label is the String that is displayed to the user as the option choice, and isDisabled is a Boolean that, if true, specifies that the user cannot select the option, but can still view it.


How is Salesforce testing?

Salesforce testing is a validation of the configuration and customization performed in vanilla SDFC. The challenge is to ensure that a tester is checking the code which has been customized in place of testing built-in salesforce functionality. SalesForce CRM is built on a platform development language called APEX.

Is Salesforce testing easy?

SalesForce Test Automation Automated functional testing of SalesForce is a challenging one as most of the web pages are dynamic in nature on the SalesForce platform. Hence, SalesForce demands automation testers to build robust automation framework to sustain in the future.

What does a Salesforce tester do?

The major function of a Salesforce Tester includes services like Functional Testing, Unit Testing, Manual Testing, Automated Testing, Load Testing, Deployment Testing, and Security Testing. Testers having experience with AssureClick, Selenium, QTP etc. play a vital role in Salesforce Automated Testing.

How do I write a test case in Salesforce?

Important considerations:Use the @isTest annotation.The test class starts its execution from the “testMethod”.Cover as many lines as possible.At least 75% of your Apex code must be covered by unit tests, and all of those tests must complete successfully.Use System. … Set up test data:More items…•

Does Salesforce have QA?

Salesforce Testing Manual Testing in Salesforce is performed by the QA team which includes happy path testing, functional testing, integration testing, regression testing and system testing.

What is QA in Salesforce?

QA lets you monitor your team and tells you how well your training program is working. With quality assurance for Salesforce, you can keep your sales agents up to the mark and ensure that customers get the service they deserve. You can even drive data to your agents in real time.

How do I practice test classes in Salesforce?

The key points while writing a test class are:You have to start your class with @isTest annotation, then only Salesforce will consider this class as test class.Keep your class as Private, and the best practice is to name your test class as your original Class or trigger Name + ‘Test’.More items…•

What are the types of testing in Salesforce?

Types of Salesforce TestingUnit Testing. Unit testing is the testing of specific, discrete Salesforce functionality. … End-to-End Testing. … Regression Testing. … Visual Testing. … Load and Performance Testing. … User Acceptance Testing. … Integration/API Testing.

What is UAT in Salesforce?

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is process of verifying that a solution works for the user. The solution, in this case, is Salesforce and the processes we’ve built together as a function of your project. UAT is where your users get into the tools and make sure they meet your needs. Stages.

Does Salesforce testing require coding?

Testing in Salesforce is calculated in terms of % of code coverage i.e. your test class should cover your code and minimum 75% of test coverage is required.

How do I write a test script in Salesforce?

Use the isTest class annotation to define classes that only contain code used for testing your application….When you create a test method,Use static.Use testMethod keyword.Use void return type.No any arguments.No data changes performed in a test method.Don’t send emails.

How do I create a test data in Salesforce?

You can create and insert the necessary records.Click. … Select File > New > Apex Class.Name the class DataGeneration_Tests .Replace the contents of the class with the following code. … Click File > Save, then Test > New Run.Select DataGeneration_Tests, then select testBruteForceAccountCreation.Click Run.

Does Salesforce testing require coding?

Testing in Salesforce is calculated in terms of % of code coverage i.e. your test class should cover your code and minimum 75% of test coverage is required.

What are the interview questions for Salesforce testing?

Salesforce Interview Questions For FreshersWhat are the features of Salesforce. … What is an object in Salesforce? … What is meant by an App in Salesforce? … Explain different types of apps we can use in Salesforce. … What is sharing rule? … What is an Audit trail in Salesforce? … What is the difference between role and profile?More items…

How do I practice test classes in Salesforce?

The key points while writing a test class are:You have to start your class with @isTest annotation, then only Salesforce will consider this class as test class.Keep your class as Private, and the best practice is to name your test class as your original Class or trigger Name + ‘Test’.More items…•

How do I become a QA engineer in Salesforce?

5+ years of work experience in Quality Assurance roles with automation testing experience. QA Expert in the platform. Experience with automation testing. Experience in writing clear, concise and comprehensive test plans and test cases.

Why is Salesforce testing so complicated?

That’s because the responsibility for the quality of the customizations is not shared with Salesforce. There’s no vendor army working to make sure that your changes are going to succeed. Here are the key differences from Salesforce major release testing.

Why is testing important in Salesforce?

Getting it right requires a nuanced approach, and context is key in picking the right path. Because Salesforce is a very dynamic platform with change driven both by Salesforce’s expansion of the platform and by your customizations to meet business requirements, you need to get comfortable with the idea that test automation (and quality) is an ongoing journey.

What is full lifecycle testing?

Full lifecycle testing – It’s an article of faith that bugs found earlier in the lifecycle cost less to fix. This is especially true for Salesforce applications because of the damage Salesforce related outages can cause. Testing throughout the lifecycle means you’ll need to include many more kinds of testing than what’s typically considered for major release testing. We’ll get into testing solution options for Salesforce below.

How many releases does Salesforce have per year?

Salesforce testing is what you would expect for any enterprise application, plus dealing with 3 major releases per year, plus the occasional patch from Salesforce.

What is Job 2 in Salesforce?

Job two is fitting Job one into a tri-annual major release cadence from Salesforce – making sure that nothing in a Salesforce update or patch causes any problems with your existing or new functionality.

How to develop testing as a team sport?

Develop testing as a team sport. Share the testing culture across QA , developers and business analysts. Avoid testing siloes. Get the entire team involved at the beginning to foster whole-team ownership.

When developing a test automation plan, pay attention to context?

When developing a test automation plan, pay attention to context. All organizations are not the same. Testing skills, tooling, level of DevOps process and release quality history (successes vs. failures) will all play a part. Understand your organization’s level of testing matur ity and plan accordingly.

What Can Salesforce Testing Reveal?

Salesforce application testing covers all the aspects of the product quality, so companies can improve and strengthen every weak point.

What are the benefits of Salesforce?

Benefits of Test Automation in Salesforce 1 Improved test coverage. Cloud-based applications require sufficient test coverage that includes executing hundreds of tests, validating edge cases, and much more. 2 Increased speed and efficiency. Tests that would take hours to run manually can be performed faster if automated, which means more tests in less time and earlier time-to-market. 3 Error-free test cases. While manual testing is error-prone, automated testing improves the accuracy of tests by removing the human factor. 4 Automatic report generation. Real-time information on the progress and status of tests is available with in-depth reports.

What is Salesforce system architecture?

Salesforce system architecture all starts in the cloud, meaning everything is stored in the trusted, multitenant cloud system. It handles all of the infrastructure and maintenance, while companies can then develop their own applications, customized to meet their needs.

Why is testing important in customer relationship management?

Given how important customer relationship management is, testing is essential to identify functional, integration, and other underlying issues in such software and enhance its capabilities. Buggy features in an application can hurt revenue, while commercial success requires the product to be well-tested and debugged.

What is automatic report generation?

Automatic report generation. Real-time information on the progress and status of tests is available with in-depth reports.

What is Salesforce testing?

SalesForce testing requires the use of complex test methodologies as most of the features in SalesForce are built-in features that are customizable. When an issue is observed, the tester needs to make sure that he is testing the code that has been customized rather than testing the built-in salesforce functionality.

Who does security testing on Salesforce?

Security testing on the Salesforce platform is usually done by SalesForce development team. Before placing a request for a security test, it is best to review the ‘Application and Network Vulnerability Assessment Summaries’ provided by Salesforce.

What is Salesforce testing environment?

Testing of Salesforce applications requires a production like an environment called SandBox. Developers and testers need to use the Sandbox environment for each of their purposes.

What tools can be used to automate salesforce?

Automation testing can also be enforced on SalesForce using tools like HP Unified Functional Testing (UFT ) and Selenium.

What is load testing in Salesforce?

Load testing involves testing the behavior of an application under varying loads. is a highly scalable platform built for handling a large number of users. is tested by the platform developers themselves for performance bottlenecks.

How many companies use Salesforce?

More than 82,000 companies use SalesForce platform worldwide.

Where does load testing need to be carried out?

Load Testing needs to be carried out in the Sandbox environment rather than the actual production environment.

Why do you need to test Salesforce?

Whenever any changes are made in the CRM, using the above-mentioned options, testing is required. Salesforce testing is done to ensure that post configuration and customization, the system is performing as expected.

What are the features of Salesforce CRM?

Some features of Salesforce CRM are contact management, lead management, sales forecasting, email integration, reports, sales collaboration, and partner management.

How does Salesforce make changes to CRM?

Salesforce has two types of options available for making changes in the inbuilt CRM: Configuration – The organization can use the inbuilt features to configure various business requirements of its own. This can be done via the user interface without doing much-customized coding.

What is production testing?

Production Testing – Production testing is performed by the testing team and the end-users once the code has been deployed on the production. This testing helps in making sure that the expected configurations and customizations coded by the development team have been deployed on the production successfully. Production testing should be carried out very carefully as it is done on the live system.

What language is used for Salesforce?

For server-side development, developers use a programming language called Apex, developed by Salesforce. Apex is an object-oriented language with similar syntax as Java.

Why is it important to keep records of tests?

It helps the testing and development teams, the client, and other project stakeholders to get a clear picture of the system bugs and risks.

What is manual testing?

Manual Testing – In manual testing, the system is tested manually with the help of the testing team, without using any tools.

What happens when you test Salesforce?

Without anonymizing sensitive data before sending it over to your sandboxes, your data can be vulnerable to attacks across environments.

What is Salesforce security testing?

This type of Salesforce test identifies possible weaknesses and loopholes within the application in order to create solutions that prevents cyberattacks and unauthorized invasions.

What is UAT testing?

UAT Testing: This type of Salesforce testing encourages intended system users to test Salesforce in order to confirm that the application can support intended business processes. This SFDC testing follows a test script based on business practices where testers verify whether or not Salesforce performs as expected.

What does SFDC mean in Salesforce?

SFDC – meaning Salesforce Dot Com provides a variety of standard features designed to better manage relationships with both prospects and customers.

Why do you need SFDC testing?

Like any software application, SFDC testing must be performed during each development cycle to confirm that your system retains expected functionality for all users. Having a dedicated Salesforce QA team to regularly measure the integrity of your system will contribute to the success of others and allow you to integrate new features as they become available.

How long does Salesforce sandbox refresh take?

An efficient development cycle tops every QA checklist, but this isn’t always possible when testing Salesforce. Sandbox refreshes can take hours or days to complete. Using the data loader tool to move data between Orgs is a time-consuming, manual process, particularly when not using a full sandbox.

What is production testing in Salesforce?

Production Testing: Executing tests within production repeats testing previously performed by the Salesforce QA team in other environments. This type of Salesforce testing confirms whether or not the configurations and code pushed into the production environment deployed successfully.


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