How to test platform event in salesforce


How do you test a platform event trigger?

Add Apex tests to test platform event subscribers. Before you can package or deploy Apex code, including triggers, to production, it must have tests and sufficient code coverage….Testing Your Platform Event in ApexEvent and Event Bus Properties in Test Context. … Deliver Test Event Messages. … Test Retried Event Messages.

How do I write a test class for a platform event in Salesforce?

Use Test. startTest() and Test. stopTest() to test your platform event in Apex. Create test event objects, and publish them after the Test….So the fairly standard pattern.Call Test.startTest()Publish the event.Call Test.stopTest()Assert the expected outcome of your trigger.

How do I query a platform event in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Platform Events in the Quick Find box, then select Platform Events. Click your event’s name. On the event’s definition page, the Subscriptions related list shows all the active triggers, processes, and platform event–triggered flows that are subscribed to the platform event.

How do I debug a platform event in Salesforce?

Set Up Debug Logs for Event SubscriptionsAdd a Trace Flag Entry for the Default Automated Process User. To collect logs for an event subscription, add a trace flag entry for the Automated Process entity in Setup.Add a Trace Flag Entry for the Overridden User.

How do you trigger a platform event?

After an event message is published, the after insert trigger is fired. To create a platform event trigger, use the Developer Console. Click the Setup icon, select Developer Console, and click File | New | Apex Trigger. Provide a name and choose your event for the sObject, and click Submit.

How do I publish a platform event in trigger?

Publishing Salesforce platform events via Apex triggers and REST controllersDefine the custom platform event. The Trailhead tutorial shows how platform events are defined. … Create an Apex trigger (and test class) to activate generator based on desired criteria.. … Subscribe to the event messages.

What is platform event in Salesforce example?

Platform events enable developers to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable event notifications within the Salesforce platform or from external sources. Platform events are based on a publish-subscribe architecture.

When platform events are published?

Platform events are scalable and secure messages holding data. The publishers publish the event messages that the subscribers receive in real-time. If one wants to modify the data publishes, he needs to define platform event fields.

Why do we need a platform event in Salesforce?

Platform Events are used to deliver secure, scalable, and customizable notification within Salesforce or external app. Platform Event is based on Event-Driven Architecture. This is built in real time integration patterns in the Salesforce Platform which helps to reduce point-to-point integration.

What is platform event flow in Salesforce?

Platform Events in Salesforce Platform Event is based on Event-Driven Architecture which enable apps to communicate inside and outside of Salesforce. Platform events are based on the publish/subscribe model and work directly with a message bus which handles the queue of incoming events and processes listening for them.

What is a platform status alert event?

Notifies subscribers of alerts that occur during the processing of a user request or service job execution. This object is available in API version 45.0 and later. For example, suppose that a formula is evaluated as part of processing user requests.

Are platform events asynchronous?

Although platform event triggers run asynchronously, they’re short-lived processes that execute in batches rather quickly. Because a platform event trigger runs in a separate transaction from the one that fired it, governor limits are reset, and the trigger gets its own set of limits.

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