How to test approval process in salesforce


Test Your Approval Process
  1. Using the App Launcher, navigate to the Travel App and click the Travel Approvals tab..
  2. Select a record from the list. …
  3. Click the down arrow next to the New Opportunity button and select Submit for Approval..
  4. Enter a comment and click Submit.

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How many types of approval processes are there in Salesforce?

Salesforce approval process. Salesforce approval process is an automated process and your organization can use to approve records in Salesforce, An approval process is combination of steps for a record to be approved and person has to approve it each step.A step can apply to all the records to that object or just record that meets the certain criteria.

How to implement Salesforce successfully?

  • Prioritize data hygiene. Your business may need to clean up and standardize existing data to improve its quality and resolve or prevent duplicate data. …
  • Integrate your data. Next, your organization will need to connect all existing Salesforce apps to Customer 360. …
  • Get a 360-degree view of your customers. …

How to be successful with Salesforce?

  • Analyze what the needs of the users are, then design, test, and develop software that meets those needs
  • Design Salesforce solutions and create effective project plans. …
  • Suggest new software upgrades for the customers’ existing apps, programs, and systems

More items…

What is the best Salesforce implementation process?

  2. Recommendations
  3. Feeds

How do I run a approval process in Salesforce?

Here is list of steps for approval process in salesforce :Setup -> Create -> Workflow and Approval -> Approval Process.Select object for approval process to be written.Click on Create New Approval Process.Select Standard Setup Wizard from drop down.Enter the Process name, Unique Name and description for your process.More items…•

Can we query approval process in Salesforce?

We can describe, query and retrieve the approval processes Instance. All ProcessInstance fields are automatically populated once the record is submitted for approval, with two exceptions fields: CompletedDate and LastActorId that are populated only after the approval process instance is complete.

How do I debug approval process in Salesforce?

Best way of Process Builder Debugging in SalesforceSet Workflow to Finer in the Trace Flag in the Debug Log.Look for Flow Elements(Flow_Element) in the Debug Log.Version Id in the Error Message is the Id of the Flow(Process Builder).Process Builder developer receives the detail email.More items…•

How do I automate for approval process in Salesforce?

In the Process Builder actions, select ‘Submit for Approval’ and select the approval process. The option ‘Skip the entry criteria for this process’ appears once you have selected your process: Save and Activate. Now with a certain record change, you can launch a specific approval process by skipping the entry criteria!

How do you find approval history in Salesforce?

If you create a custom report type with Process Instance as the primary object and Process Instance Node as the related object, you can create approval history reports with various combinations of fields that enable you to view a detailed history of executed and in-progress approval processes and their individual steps …

What are approval processes in Salesforce?

An approval process automates how records are approved in Salesforce. An approval process specifies each step of approval, including from whom to request approval and what to do at each point of the process. Your org has a three-tier process for approving expenses.

How do I check debugging in Salesforce?

To view a debug log, from Setup, enter Debug Logs in the Quick Find box, then select Debug Logs. Then click View next to the debug log that you want to examine. Click Download to download the log as an XML file.

How do I debug a process in Salesforce?

To navigate to Debug Logs or Debug Levels: Setup [Symbol] Logs [Symbol] Debug Logs or Debug Levels. After creating the process, set up the Debug Logs and Debug Levels filter in “Finer” level for Workflows. Then, go to Debug Logs.

Why my approval process is not working in Salesforce?

One way to address this is to make sure that the checkbox “Allow Process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction” is UNCHECKED, … and the “Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record” is CHECKED.

How do you call approval process from screen flow in Salesforce?

3:0711:22Call Salesforce Approval process from Flow Builder | #FlowBuilderYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSo here we are going to trigger an approval process which is a kind of action whenever there is anMoreSo here we are going to trigger an approval process which is a kind of action whenever there is an action we usually use after trigger. So we will go ahead in the quick search box search for flows.

How do you call approval process from flows?

Tip Before you begin, store the ID for the record that you want to submit for approval in a variable. In Flow Builder, add an Action element to your flow. In the Action field, enter Submit , and select Submit for Approval.

What is two step approval process in Salesforce?

On the second approval step “Automatically assign using the user field selected earlier. (Manager)” is selected. The problem is that the approval goes to the person’s manager who approved in the first step. Not the Manager of the person who submitted the record to be approved.

What Is the Approval Process in Salesforce Needed for?

Dwelling on the reasons why such approvals are beneficial, it is more than safe to state that when using automation tools wisely, companies (including nonprofit organizations using Salesforce) can optimize their work processes and save both time and money. Having well-working Salesforce approval procedures based on outlined rules can help to:

Salesforce Approval Process Use Cases

One of the top ways you can make use of the approval process in Salesforce is for offering discounts. While salespeople are used to giving out generous, rounded up discounts, qualifying each of such offers through the approval cycle will set specific boundaries and eliminate excessive spending.

Before You Start Your Setup

When certified Salesforce admins set up the approval process, they should take into account many factors. Thus, it makes sense to roll out a “blueprint” of your expectations prior to starting your setup process and to use the best practices of other companies. Often, this can be carried out in a Salesforce Scratch Org that’s used as a playground.

Salesforce Approval Process Guide: Approval Process Case Description

GBN Motors is a car dealership with a team of 15 sales representatives. Using Salesforce, they’ve decided to set up an approval process that would help to coordinate and organize the procedure of client giveaways.

2. Create and Manage the Salesforce Approval Process

Now that all the preparation work is finalized, it’s time to proceed to the actual setup.


So, to summarize, we’ve learned that the opportunities for applying Salesforce approval processes are boundless. With clearly set up rules, roles, and workflows, problems such as overlaps in employees’ paid time off requests become history.

What is Salesforce approval process?

An approval process also specifies the actions to take when a record is approved, rejected, recalled, or first submitted for approval. For example, when an employee creates a time-off request, have Salesforce automatically sends an approval request to the employee’s manager.

What words are used in the first line of an approval request?

While responding to an approval request, some words can be used in the first line with periods or exclamatory marks. The words like Approved, Approve, Yes used for approval while Reject, Rejected, No used for rejection.

What is the preplanning process in salesforce?

Preplanning includes of: Final Approval Actions like unlock record or change the status of the record.

When is the initial submission action executed?

Initial Submission Actions – It will be executed when the user clicks on ‘Submit for Approval’ on the object record. Final Approval Actions – It will be executed after all the approval process steps have been approved.

What is Salesforce approval process?

An approval process automates how Salesforce records are approved in your org. In an approval process, you specify: The steps necessary for a record to be approved and who approves it at each step. For example, when an employee creates a time-off request, have Salesforce automatically send an approval request to the employee’s manager.

What is a submit for approval?

One of the available process actions is Submit for Approval, which means you can build a process that automatically submits records for approval. And that means your users don’t have to remember to submit opportunities for approval. For example, in a process that runs when opportunities are created or edited:

What happens when the CEO approves a position?

If the CEO approves the position, final approval actions are executed. They set the approval status to Approved, unlock the record for future updates, and notify the employee who requested the new position. Final approval actions occur only when a record is approved and there are no further approval steps.


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