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You can print Salesforce records from most detail pages. In Salesforce Classic, click the Printable View link located in the upper right corner of most detail pages. In console apps for Salesforce Classic, click the print icon to open a record’s printable view.


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How to take the Salesforce certification exam?

Take the Salesforce Exam – ONSITE: Take exam from a Kryterion-sponsored Testing Center. There are many to choose from worldwide, so you can schedule your exam with a testing center that is closest to you Proctored through cameras set up in testing room

How do I print a record in Salesforce classic?

In Salesforce Classic, click the Printable View link located in the upper right corner of most detail pages. In console apps for Salesforce Classic, click the print icon to open a record’s printable view.

How important is being a certified Salesforce professional?

Being a certified Salesforce professional is, of course, very important. I’ve talked about this in The Importance of Salesforce Certification. Data shows that the majority of companies are requiring at least a base level certification in all of their job postings.

How do I check the validity of a Salesforce certification?

There you’ll find all of the details of the certification program, official Salesforce training being offered in your area, and access the Certification Verification tool which allows you to check the validity of a person’s certifications. On the Salesforce Certification site, you’ll find an up-to-date study guide.


How do I download a certificate in Salesforce?

Available in: both Salesforce Classic (not available in all orgs) and Lightning Experience in All editions. From Setup, enter User Authentication Certificates in the Quick Find box, and then select User Authentication Certificates. Click the user authentication certificate to download. Click Download Certificate.

How do I get my Salesforce certification after exam?

How do I get Salesforce Administrator Certified? You need to pass a 90-minute multiple-choice exam to become certified.

Where can I find my Salesforce certificate?

To verify your active Salesforce certifications:Visit the Trailhead Verification page.Enter your Webassessor email beneath Certification Holders: Check Your Status.Click Request and follow any subsequent prompts.Your credential status will be sent to you in an email.

How do I download a trailhead certificate?

Kindly log a case with trailhead support team ( and include details (certification, mail id, webassessor id, etc ) so that they can check and help to get your certificate details. Certificate verification link.

How do I get a Salesforce certified logo?

Find the email “Your Salesforce Certification Exam Results.” Under the section “Celebrate with your new logo and certificate” there is a URL with login credentials that will take to you the page where you can download the current version of the Certified Admin logo.

Do Salesforce certifications expire?

If you fail to complete your maintenance module by your assigned date, your certification will expire. It’s also worth noting that the expiry of one certification can affect the status of another.

How do I check my certifications?

To view certificates for the local deviceSelect Run from the Start menu, and then enter certlm. msc. The Certificate Manager tool for the local device appears.To view your certificates, under Certificates – Local Computer in the left pane, expand the directory for the type of certificate you want to view.

How do I add my Salesforce certification to LinkedIn?

You can go to your LinkedIn profile and under Add certificate -> Certification Name & Certification Authority (Salesforce Trailhead). That’s it.

Is a Salesforce certification worth it?

Certifications are important for you to display real-time experience in Salesforce. This shows your seriousness with your work and projects. It helps in career growth special if you looking for senior positions. Most importantly, you need to find the best certification for your experience and expertise.

How much does a Salesforce certification cost?

The majority of Salesforce certifications cost $200, with others priced at $400; however, the Certified Technical Architect certification costs $6,000. If you fail, you must pay to retake the exam; retake fees are roughly 50% of the initial certification cost.

What are badges in Salesforce?

Badges are little bits of digital flair that you earn for almost every kind of activity on Salesforce Stack Exchange. The number and type of badges you’ve earned are displayed together with your username and reputation score around the site, as part of your usercard.

How do you get badges in Salesforce Trailhead?

How do I earn badges? When you finish a module, project, or superbadge, you’re awarded badges. A badge, earned from modules and projects, represents general knowledge in a specific topic area, and a superbadge represents real-world proficiency in that discipline.

Salesforce Certified Administrator

For those who focus on administrative functions of an existing Salesforce solution, Salesforce offers two level Salesforce Administrator certificat…

Salesforce Certified Platform App Builder

This certification is suitable for those Salesforce professionals who can design, build and implement Salesforce custom applications. This certific…

Salesforce Certified Architect

This certification of Salesforce comprises of three tiers which are: 1. Architecture Designers 2. Domain Architects 3. Technical ArchitectsBased on…

Salesforce Certified Developer

There are three tiers of this certification, which are Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I, Salesforce Certified Commerce Cloud Digital Devel…

Why is Salesforce admin certification so hard?

The Admin Cert is fairly difficult because of the breadth of content it covers. Salesforce will test your knowledge of the platform, and they will test to see if you know the right approach baed on a situation. Not every approach is the right one. One approach may have downstream circumstances as a result.

Does Salesforce have a training class?

Salesforce offers a great training class for every one of it’s certifications. It should be noted that the intent of these classes is not meant to prepare you 100% for the exam. While the classes do cover a decent amount of the exam competencies, you will still be responsible for filling in the gaps.

Is self study a part of Salesforce?

Regardless of the study method you choose, self-study will be a part of your learning process. Be sure that the information you are using is accurate by sticking with the official Salesforce resources as much as possible. Community Documentation. There is an endless amount of certification study material available.

How long does it take to get Salesforce certification?

You can get the certification in just a few days or months. You can apply for just one or a bunch of certifications. Salesforce Training For Administrators & Developers.

What certifications does Salesforce offer?

Salesforce offers several range certifications including architect, administrator , and developers aiming sales and marketing professionals. Here you can find a brief of every certification offered by Salesforce: 1). Salesforce Certified Administrator.

What is the most advanced level of Salesforce?

The most advanced level exam is Salesforce Technical Architect and has the most extensive pre-requisite. Candidate must have both of the certifications Salesforce Application Architect and Salesforce Certified System Architect. Only then he can apply for this certification.

Is Salesforce a CRM?

Salesforce is one of the most in-demand and fastest-growing skillsets today. It has been fully entrenched as a CRM platform at a number of organizations. Salesforce also offers the certification to Salesforce developers, architects, sales and marketing professionals, project managers and designers.

Administrator Certification Maintenance (Spring ’21)

Review updates to Salesforce to maintain your Administrator certification.

B2C Solution Architect Certification Maintenance (Winter ’22)

Review updates to Salesforce to maintain your B2C Solution Architect Certification.

CPQ Specialist Certification Maintenance (Spring ’21)

Review updates to Salesforce to maintain your CPQ Specialist certification.

Heroku Architect Certification Maintenance (Summer ’21)

Review updates to Heroku to maintain your Heroku Architect certification.

Industries CPQ Developer Certification Maintenance (Summer ’21)

Review updates to maintain your Industries CPQ Developer certification.

JavaScript Developer I Certification Maintenance (Summer ’21)

Review updates to Salesforce to maintain your JavaScript Developer I certification.

Marketing Cloud Administrator Certification Maintenance (Winter ’22)

Review updates to Salesforce to maintain your Marketing Cloud Administrator certification.


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