How to sync sales navigator with salesforce


  1. Locate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool in Salesforce. Sign in to your Salesforce account. On the homepage, locate the Quick Find search box and type LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  2. Initiate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration. Now to initiate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration, go to the LinkedIn Sales Navigator AppExchange Package tab and click on …
  3. Set Up the User Access Limit. Now to determine the limit of users that can use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration, you have to choose from the …
  4. Complete and Configure the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Installation. Now, if your screen reads Installation Complete, that marks the end of your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration process.


What is Salesforce Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator will also utilize your Salesforce data and will then show you suggested leads based on that data. Connect Salesforce to LinkedIn Sales Navigator to automatically update records through LinkedIn InMails, messages, calls and notes in Salesforce for a seamless experience.

How does Sales Navigator integrate with my CRM?

Sales Navigator is available both as a viewable embedded profile within your CRM and can also be actively synced with your CRM to move important… When you sync your CRM to Sales Navigator, you’ll receive prompts to authenticate and login to CRM during activity writeback.

What can I do as a Sales Navigator user?

As a Sales Navigator user, you can also edit and… CRM Sync (Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 2016 or 365) and CRM embedded profiles (Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 2016 or 365, and our SDK Program) will compare information in both Sales Navigator and your CRM to ensure that your seat holders see…

Can I sync leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Wiza?

Congratulations, you can now sync thousands of leads directly from Linkedin Sales Navigator to your CRM. Time to get signed up with Wiza. Let us know on our live chat in the bottom right corner if you have any questions!


Can you link sales navigator to Salesforce?

Syncing Salesforce with Sales Navigator saves you time by automatically importing your accounts and contacts, as well as continuously syncing with Salesforce as new accounts and contacts are added. Learn more by clicking a link below: Salesforce Data Synced with Sales Navigator.

How do I add sales navigator to Salesforce?

To install the LinkedIn Sales Navigator app:Type LinkedIn Sales Navigator in the Quick Find search box. … To continue installing the AppExchange Package, select the LinkedIn Sales Navigator AppExchange Package tab and click Install.In the pop-up window that appears, click Get it Now.More items…

How often does Sales Navigator sync with Salesforce?

every 12 hoursSales Navigator imports data once during the initial configuration as well as on a daily basis, pulling updates/changes/new information every 12 hours.

Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration with Salesforce?

Of course, there’s always LinkedIn’s official tool, Sales Navigator for Salesforce. This is the official integration, and is listed on Salesforce’s AppExchange.

How do I enable LinkedIn Sales Navigator in Salesforce?

Step 1: Locate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Tool in Salesforce. Sign in to your Salesforce account. … Step 2: Initiate the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration. … Step 3: Set Up the User Access Limit. … Step 4: Complete and Configure the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Installation.

How do I import leads from sales navigator to Salesforce?

From Sales Navigator Admin Home, select Admin Settings. From the CRM Settings section, click Change. Scroll down to the section called Allow lead creation from Sales Navigator and set the toggle to Yes. Select a Lead Source value to associate to Leads created from Sales Navigator.

How LinkedIn sales Navigator works in Salesforce?

The LinkedIn sales navigator allows sales reps to view detailed information and insights about the prospects and partners and help them to turn those contacts into rich profiles within the Salesforce database that results in closing deals quickly and efficiently.

How do I add a Salesforce profile to LinkedIn?

I just added a badge that i’ve already had in my LinkedIn profile. You can go to your LinkedIn profile and under Add certificate -> Certification Name & Certification Authority (Salesforce Trailhead). That’s it.

Does LinkedIn sales Navigator have an API?

Your enrollment in the SNAP Program and installation of the LinkedIn Sales Navigator APIs (“SNAP APIs”) in your Application (the “Integration”) will allow your Integration Customers (defined below) to target, understand and engage with leads and prospects directly within your Application.

Can you import contacts from LinkedIn to Salesforce?

With LinkPort, you can map LinkedIn contact details similar to Salesforce fields, add your own custom fields and directly import to Salesforce. Just hit save and the details automatically get synced to your Salesforce account.

How do I integrate with LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Profile Card Integration Click on the LinkedIn icon. Your Profile Card will show you possible profile matches. Choose one and click Connect. Continue your integration by clicking Continue to LinkedIn.

How do I add Zoominfo to Salesforce?

ConnectingLog into your name at the top right and select Settings from the drop-down menu.Navigate to the Integrations tab on the left and select Connect under the Salesforce tile.More items…

1. Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator widgets within Salesforce to find connections and personalize outreach

With the AppExchange integration, you can log your LinkedIn Sales Navigator activities directly into Salesforce, syncing the world’s largest professional network to your CRM.

2. Set up LinkedIn Data Validation to flag contacts leaving a company

With LinkedIn Data Validation, you can leverage your network even further, especially once you factor in CRM Sync and its ability to flag out-of-date contacts in Salesforce. It works like this.

3. Create contacts from Sales Navigator to push back to Salesforce

Viewable as a widget within your CRM, Sales Navigator can be synced to exchange important information, including new leads and accounts, and keep data moving forward with Salesforce.


A Salesforce account (Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, or Developer edition).

Introduction to Salesforce

Salesforce is a widely used platform that specializes in Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It uses Cloud technology to provide Data Automation and Customer Management solutions for businesses. Moreover, Salesforce offers a single platform to monitor and manage data related to your Marketing Campaigns and Leads.

Introduction to LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator provides support to businesses for generating Leads on LinkedIn. It is a unique collection of search capabilities and enhanced visibility that help you in connecting with the right target audience. It makes it easy for you to find Leads and connect with your target audience in just a few clicks.

Steps to Set Up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration

Combining the LinkedIn Sales Navigator with your Salesforce Account enables you to explore LinkedIn Leads, Accounts, Opportunities, etc. Moreover, you have access to other LinkedIn features directly through your Salesforce account. The following steps can be used to set up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration:

Benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration

Your Sales Team can experience the following benefits by setting up the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration:


The article introduced Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator applications and described their key features. It also provided a step-by-step guide using which you can set up your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Salesforce Integration.

What is Salesforce integration?

Salesforce and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration lets you stay ahead of the curve by leveraging personalized marketing campaigns. It also lets you utilize your mutual connections so you can get warm introductions to reach out to the leads, expand your customer database and enhance your brand advocacy.

Why is Salesforce important?

Salesforce helps streamline the sales management process, effectively manage your tasks and deliver meaningful customer experiences. However, with the rising competition, it’s more important than ever to engage customers across all channels.

Why use Salesforce dashboard?

Along with this, the customized dashboard for sales also helps to boost team productivity and make better decisions.

LinkedIn Integration with AppExchange

LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator for Salesforce will create a seamless sales prospecting experience for your reps. Now reps can automatically import from Sales Navigator any accounts, contacts, and lead records that your team is actively working on. The AppExchange integration allows your reps to log Sales Navigator activities directly into Salesforce.

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