How to share salesforce dashboard


  1. Navigate to the Dashboards tab.
  2. Select All Folders listed on the left-hand side. …
  3. Click the carrot on the far right of the row with your Dashboard Folder name.
  4. Select Share from the dropdown.
  5. In the new popup window, Share with Public Groups or Users, View Access.
  6. Click Share, and then Done.
Nov 5, 2019


How to share a Google Analytics dashboard?

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How to create sharing rules in Salesforce?

  • From Setup, enter Sharing Settings in the Quick Find box and select Sharing Settings.
  • Choose Position from the Manage sharing settings for: dropdown.
  • In the Position Sharing Rules section, click New, and then complete the rule details. …
  • Click Save, and then click OK on the confirmation message.

How to list all dynamic dashboard in Salesforce?

based on the edition purchased:

  • Performance and Unlimited Edition: up to 10 per organization.
  • Enterprise Edition: up to 5 per organization.
  • Developer Edition: up to 3 per organization

How to customize a Salesforce dashboard table?

The Perfect Sales Dashboard Should Have These 12 Sales Metrics

  • Determine what you need to see on your sales dashboard. To get a contract signed, some sales require multiple long phone calls. …
  • Build your sales dashboard. …
  • Include these sales metrics in your dashboard. …
  • Your metrics dashboard helps manage your sales. …

How do I give someone access to my Salesforce dashboard?

On the Reports tab, hover over a report folder in the left pane, click. , and then select Share.Select Internal Users.Find the user you want, click Share, and choose an access level.Click Done, review your changes, and click Close.

How do I give someone access to my dashboard?

Grant Users Access to Reports and DashboardsClick. … In the Quick Find box, enter Profiles , then select Profiles.Click the Program Management Standard User profile.In the System section, click System Permissions.Click Edit.Select View Dashboards in Public Folders and View Reports in Public Folders.Click Save.

How do I share a link in Salesforce dashboard?

Share a dashboard, widget, or lens with your colleagues by posting it to Chatter or copying its unique URL….Required EditionsClick Share.Click the tab for the sharing method that you want. Post to Feed posts an image and link in Chatter. … If applicable, click Give Access to set the level of sharing access.Click Done.

How do I create a public dashboard folder in Salesforce?

To save to a public or custom folder, select the folder in the Save dialog box. To open a report or dashboard, you need: Access to the folder in which the report or dashboard is saved. The necessary user permission.

Who can view a dashboard in Salesforce?

With the “View My Team’s Dashboards” user permission, the reader can view the dashboard as themself or as anyone beneath them in the role hierarchy. With the “View All Data” user permission, the reader can view the dashboard as anyone.

How do I give permission in Salesforce?

From Setup, enter Users in the Quick Find box, then select Users.Select a user.In the Permission Set Assignments related list, click Edit Assignments.To assign a permission set, select it under Available Permission Sets and click Add. … Click Save.

How do I link my website to my dashboard?

Embedding a Dashboard Into Your Website Within TolaData, navigate to the dashboard that you want to embed. Click on the sharing symbol (three dots) In the modal that opens up, activate “Allow access via link” Click on “Copy link” Click on “Save share options”More items…•

How do I send a report link in Salesforce?

Run the report and copy the report’s URL from the browser. Begin creating your custom link. Set the Content Source field to URL. In the large formula text area, paste the report URL you copied.

How does sharing rules work in Salesforce?

Use sharing rules to extend sharing access to users in public groups, roles, or territories. Sharing rules give particular users greater access by making automatic exceptions to your org-wide sharing settings.

Can you share a private dashboard in Salesforce?

Required Editions and User Permissions You can share a report or dashboard folder with up to 25 users, groups, roles, or territories from the UI. To share a folder with up to 500 users, groups, roles, or territories, use the folder sharing REST API. next to the New Folder button, and select Share.

How do I create a shared folder in Salesforce?

0:010:44SFDC107 How to Create a New Folder for Reports … – YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipSF DC 107 how to create a new folder for reports. Click on reports. Click on new folder enter a nameMoreSF DC 107 how to create a new folder for reports. Click on reports. Click on new folder enter a name click on save. The folder was created you can also play this guide in amp for a step-by-step

Where are dashboard stored in Salesforce?

The dashboard is stored in someone Private folder. The difference here, we can see dashboard Title and no other info. For this case, we cannot delete the report. For the case of reports used as the source of dashboards that stored in someone private dashboard, you need to query from Private folder.

How to show snapshot in dashboard?

Choose where you want your snapshot to appear. To show it in a dashboard, click Post Snapshot to Dashboard Feed. To show it to a user or group, click Post Snapshot to User or Group Feed. Write a comment in the text box and click OK.

What is folder sharing in Salesforce?

Folder Sharing in Salesforce allows you to restrict access to reports and dashboards by users, roles, roles and their subordinates, territories, territories and their subordinates, and public and private groups.

How to enable feed tracking in dashboard?

Repeat the same steps to enable Feed Tracking for dashboards. From Setup, enter Feed Tracking in the Quick Find box and click Feed Tracking and then select Dashboard. Select Enable Feed Tracking, and select any fields you want to track.

What happens if you create a folder before analytics?

If a folder existed before analytics folder sharing was enabled, its properties and sharing settings are rolled back to their previous state. If a folder was created while enhanced analytics folder sharing was in effect, it is hidden from the folder list and all its sharing settings are removed.

What is a good report?

A good report is like a trusted advisor: You won’t make a big decision without checking in for guidance, and you like to check in on a regular basis. For example, our Account Executive may look at a report of her closed opportunities on a weekly, monthly, or even daily basis, so she can stay on top of her monthly and quarterly quotas. She needs that report to determine if she’s on track, and she may take action or change what she’s doing based on the data she sees. When she’s accessing this important report, she can view it directly in Salesforce, or she can have it sent to her on a schedule.

Can you post snapshots on chatter?

In addition, you can post a snapshot of a dashboard component at a specific point in time to the Chatter feed, and everyone following the dashboard will get an update in their feed. For example, post a snapshot of a regional sales chart to let your team know that sales are down in the Midwest.

What is aggregate in math?

Aggregate is the metric that’s the basis of your condition. It can be Record Count, Average Amount, Smallest Amount, Largest Amount, or Sum of Amount. Operator is the basis of comparison, such as Equal, Not Equal, Greater Than, and so on. Value is the number that you want the aggregate compared to.

What permissions are assigned to Salesforce campaigns?

Salesforce Campaign permissions are assigned at the individual campaign level. If you or your user cannot access a Report, Dashboard, or Campaign, check permissions at the campaign or report/dashboard folder level.

How to share dashboard in Outlook?

Sharing a Dashboard. Navigate to the Dashboards tab. Select All Folders listed on the left-hand side. Find your Dashboard Folder by scrolling or “Search all folders” in the top. Click the carrot on the far right of the row with your Dashboard Folder name. Select Share from the dropdown.

How to share a report in Access?

Sharing Content with Other Users 1 Navigate to the Reports tab 2 Select All Folders listed on the left-hand side#N#Find your Report Folder by scrolling or “Search all folders” in the top 3 Click the carrot on the far right of the row with your Report Folder name 4 Select Share from the dropdown 5 In the new popup window, Share with Public Groups or Users , View Access 6 Click Share, and then Done

Does Salesforce have visibility?

Luckily, Salesforce has built-in visibility and sharing rules that control who can access certain content and how certain content can be shared.

What is a Salesforce Dashboard?

A Salesforce dashboard is an abstraction over reports. To clarify, it needs at least a report to pull its data from. Salesforce dashboard can be also based on multiple reports too. In addition, Salesforce provides granular control over who has access to viewing specific dashboards and reports. Then, sharing is accomplished through folders.

How to create a Salesforce dashboard

So you have your plan, you know your audience, the data they need to see, and roughly how you want your dashboard to look. Now it’s time to put it all together.

Salesforce Dashboard Unique Tips

As with all things Salesforce, there are tips, tricks as well as features to take it to the next level. Here’s a quick collection of some.

The best Salesforce Dashboard list

The primary purpose of this dashboard is to motivate your sales employees by adding a competitive spirit to their day to day work. The dashboards display the current top salesman by revenue. Above all, the main focus of this dashboard is sales performance and in helping, sales managers keep close control over their teams.


Dashboards are incredibly flexible and powerful. They can also be incredibly time consuming and at times a bit difficult to understand exactly how to get the right source reports to provide the data you want to display. I recommend that you go into your dashboard projects with your eyes wide open.


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